The Lovegarden

The Lovegarden

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A femdom erotic trance by Anu Morrigan-english

Brainfuck at it's Best! Fall in Love with my voice - an unusual trance, that makes you addicted to me.

Today you are listening to me because of a very special reason . You are going to experience high emotional moments in this recording. the trance leads you to a place of pure love, of affection, and of good feelings . The journey to this place is an event in itself - a trip into universe, that fills up your chakras and fulfills you with great arousal.
We meet in my garden and you will indulge in these feelings , that I am going to give you , Furthermore I 'm going to give you an arousal there, that comes deep within your heart and you have not experienced before . This trance , you can almost call it tantric , lets you ride on waves of bliss and opens your heart widely to me . But beware , as beautyful as it is , it does more , it makes you addicted to me , my voice, my love and the arousal that only I can give you. are you ready for this little game with the fire? yes, now that should be rewarded. at the end of the trance I will leave you with a trancetic orgasm .

80 Minuten

Background Music, Binaural Beats, Subliminals, Additional Audio Layer (Whispers)

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