Time Out

Time Out

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

I think everyone's seen a pocket watch before, being dangled before sleepy subject's captive eyes...they watch it sway back and forth until it fills their vision and their sleepy eyes slam shut as they drift down into a sensual dream, ready to follow instructions implicitly...this session is built upon the elegant and simplistic beauty of the classic pocket watch session...with that in mind, I kept multi-tracking to a minimum...once I've lured you into deep subspace with My most mesmeric timepiece, you learn another new mantra to chant each day as you carry out a profound, albeit subtle and brief, ritual for Me...this ritual will occur at the same time each day and/or night, and not to worry, obedient one...it'll be O/our little secret which makes it all the more enjoyable...this ritual will deepen your submission to Me and My dominant control will dictate to you yet again.....in essence, I provide you the opportunity to discover yet another way to feel connected to Me on a daily basis...let yourself be drawn in by the timeless allure of My pocket watch...time to learn that the time to obey Mistress Joanne is always NOW!

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