Tranceformation - Puppy

Tranceformation - Puppy

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 16 minutes

It's time for a little puppy play. Get naked and prepare for an arousal that will overwhelm your mind and body. After placing you into a deep SUBMISSIVE trance, I'll trance-form you into My horny little slave puppy. you will love playing, My puppy...go ahead and listen and already know how much you love losing all control. Be a goodboy and listen for your Domina NOW! Can you say woof woof!

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I am simply in awe of Domina Shelle that in a mere 16 minutes she has me horny, totally under her control, and willing to do anything she commands. If you ever need proof of the power of progressive conditioning this file is one that may do that if you have listened to a number of Domina Shelle's brainwashing files. With barely any induction I found myself compliant and transformed into a very horny puppy in just a few minutes. My thoughts and cares were all gone and all I wanted to do, all I could focus on, was doing whatever my Owner requested - just to please her and hear her give praise!

That's how powerful Domina Shelle's trance becomes if you listen to it on a frequent basis. I'm lost for words just how willing and eager I was to please her and how obedient I was to her commands - in my puppy mind it just seemed like what I should do since I was utterly incapable of questioning what i was being asked to do.

I highly recommend this file to all of you that have listened to a number of Domina's files already, repetitively, and want to see how much you have been conditioned. I suspect you will be surprised just how strong the compulsion is to obey.