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Send some Tribute to your favorite Hypnotist and show her your devotion and how much you adore her and her work.

Tribute Mistress Samba Alex

Tribute Mistress Love

Tribute Mistress Surrender

Tribute Mistress Poison Ivy

Tribute Shelle Rivers

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be my lil sissy
be a lil sissy girl for mistress ebony.
ill dress you in girly clothes and you will look so pretty.

and domination

just my voice and background music
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Blackmail Therapy Hyp-Session by The Only Theodora

Are you ready for your blackmail therapy session? It is time for you to truly acknowledge your fetish and the needs that come with it... Time to find your limits... Will I cure you? Or will I make it worse? Buy this clip to find out...

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Brattypnosis by The Only Theodora

You hate me. You really do. Because I don't care about you... Only about your hard earned ca$h, which, let's be honest, I will soon have forgotten about, the minute someone else tributes me a bigger amount. You should choose a nicer domme, a cheaper one, or simply someone who will actually care about you... Someone less dangerous than me. There are plenty to choose from... I'm bad for you, and you know it. Don't buy this clip, it's bad for you... Me, hyp-notizing you? Not in the least...

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Delicious Addiction - Addicted to My Voice
Complete addiction starts here!

If you are new to hypnosis or new to my files you will need to listen to this erotic, relaxing audio.

***Go ahead and let your eyes close because it is the voice that is the most important part of this file.

If you are currently one of my hipppno pets, you should listen to this once per week to reinforce that addiction.

Once you are addicted to my control, you will move on to my “fucktoy” series.

This file introduces you to an induction that will relax and drop you deep. Once addicted to my control, you will become my cock stroking puppet and your orgasms will be amazing and owned by Me, your Mistress.
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Finsub Trigger - Orgasmic Activation by The Only Theodora

This is the follow up to my clip Finsub Trigger, in which we have implanted an anchor into your submissive brain... Now it's time to activate it for the first time! Ready to experience your first triggered financial orgasm?

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Finsub Trigger by The Only Theodora

I like my financial slaves wrapped around my little finger, and ready to obey my commands at the snap of my fingers. Which is why I will be implanting a finger snap trigger in your little submissive brain with this very clip!

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FRACTAL ECSTASY - Femdom JOI Fractionation
Fractal Ecstacy

A long, slow induction with fractionation, TOTAL ESCAPE, layers of commanding voice, ambient textures, countdowns, progressive relaxation, joi, crystal and spiral images, intoxicating edit.

Relax and prepare to go deep into trance as I drop you into fractal ecstasy. Floating free, your mind and body will separate as you remain attached to My virtual leash.

you will float as you follow My words and your body becomes weightless.

Your body will tingle with desire as you relax and drop with ease under My gifted control.

Wake, drop, wake, drop…… so deeply confused, your mind completely detaches from your body, making you a mindless, programmable slave to My suggestions.

Free of gravity and frictions, you drop, spiraling into that ecstatic fractal.
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Masturbation TITillation - Femdom Control
Trigger to be addicted to my sexy breasts. File includes an induction for trance, fractionation, subliminals, multitrack voice, deep erotic control. Focus on my sexy breast and the subliminal flashes as you go deep for me. Femdom control, mindless and obedient, addicted to my voice and breast. enjoy...
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Oral Trigger - Serving Madame - *JOI
Are you ready to become My oral slave?

In your left ear…. you will be relaxed, induced and instructed on how to masturbate…. follow my commands…for intoxicating JOI.

In your right ear…. you will be dropped into trance as you focus on My strapon cock. (you might want to have a toy to suck on).. I will relax you with an induction, drop you into trance and trigger you to have an oral fixation…
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Pay and Obey Locked and Loaded Erotic Hypnosis mp3 by Hypnotic Haylee
Goddess is everything. I own you completely. You are a weak, inferior man, and I reign supreme over your entire existence. Yess you are sooo weak for Me. So aroused, so weak, so obedient. Paying makes you feel so good. Drip drip drip
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Sensual Submission by The Only Theodora

What's more sensual than willingly surrender to a perfect Goddess like me? My effortless seduction, my flawless physique, my sensuous voice give your life meaning...

A genuine Ericksonian hypnosis clip, including expert NLP seduction technique, sure to leave you totally love-addicted and yearning for more. Can be looped or watch along with my other Love Addiction clips for heightened, blissful arousal...

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Tribute Hypnotic Haylee
Tribute Hypnotic Haylee
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