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A femdom erotic trance by Penelope Silke

Experience delirium. The best alarm clock you could ever have, a powerful experience waking you to Me. As vivid as a lucid dream, and more. Your subconscious mind permeated by powerful feelings of desire and devotion…images…sounds…scents…fragrances…and you will swear you could feel Me touching you. Drawing from your depths a level of submission you have never before imagined. A blissful melting-together of arousal, pleasure, surrender, and sensory experience…culminating in your waking at the end of this alarm clock file confused, aroused, and desperate for Me. It’s very easy, and instructions for the perfect experience are included with this file.

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"Wake up to my feet - trancetic Alarm" is another masterpiece in the large number of masterpieces of Lady Penelope. In this case, She finds a new and wonderful way to increase the control over Her army of slaves. You will not find anything like this anywhere else. Just like Herself, this file is unique. She uses Her amazing skills to
penetrate your mind completely, while you are still sleeping with your guard down. You will wake with Her beautiful voice, so it will be the closest thing on earth to awakening on heaven! I don’t wont to spoil you anything from this wonderful file... I think it will be better if you discover it by yourself. All I can say is that I’ve never woke so aroused in my whole life... I experienced and sensed a lot of things in a so vivid way... When I realized what was happening, I was already totally helpless, aroused, eager to obey Her every command... I was ready to jump at Her every whim! There is no better way to woke in the mornings! In fact, I want the mornings to come so much now!! I’ll never use a regular alarm clock again! This is powerful and magical experience, highly erotic and trancetic, that definitively will increase your devotion to Lady Penelope even more! You need to try this by yourself without doubts!