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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

When I first stepped onto the path as your tranceDomme, I was gifted this amazing script. I filed this script away until I was ready to do his written words recording justice. That time is now!

This is a trancetically alluring recording that will pull you in, with the constant beating of the drum, and then I bombard your mind and senses with layers of voice, whispers, breath sounds and Esmeraldaisms to add my personal spin and touch.  You don’t need to dress up for me this time. Just wrap yourself in the shifting layers of my seductive voice and cum for me, My little bitch!

This is a jerk off file, but not just for the guys! The girls may enjoy the tantalizing seduction, and give into My powerfully trancetic words. This is a perfect file to listen to while drifting off to sleep.

Cum .. Climax ..  Play and Obey!

Contains: JOI, Voice, Whispers, Breath sounds, Background drum, Fingersnap with Trigger, Count Up at end

**You will find Testimonials at the bottom of this page!

Length: 26 minutes

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Customer Reviews


Thank You Enchantress for the perfect JOI. As Your long-time sub I love Your longer files, but sometimes when I am really tired I need something short and sweet . “Whisper Seduction” is a beautiful trance with no purpose but to get me off and leave me wanting more. As I do the walk of life, Your whispers walk with me.


The rythm, Your voice, relentless on and on..of course You make me do what You want me to do..until now I could freely choose the occasion to listen..what will happen when You order to listen to it each day, 7 days long..I'll wait and see