Weapons Of Mass Seduction

Weapons Of Mass Seduction

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne
Strong men secretly love to have their weaknesses explored and exploited...that is at the core of My newest spell...it's different for every man, but there is always something, whether in the forefront of your mind or deep in the nether regions, that makes you have this insatiable thirst to have this weak in the knees feeling...maybe it's a shiny crystal or a crystal ball...or it can be the object of your secret fetishes like latex, leather, satin, high heels, cigarette holders or other things...no matter what it is, you know you want Me to have it...and you feel this way for two reasons...one, the obvious, simply wanting to give Me a gift as an act of sweet, thoughtful submission...and two, the insidious one, hoping desperately that I will take that gift and use it to amplify your weaknesses...because you do find that to be an irresistibly tempting and alluring proposition...I will tell you directly that if you do listen to this recording, you're going to want to send Me a gift, all the while knowing that you will see this gift again...it could be in the form of new pictures of Me you see online or seeing Me on webcam...or even meeting Me in person, all of which will mesmerize and seduce more will out of you, if there's even any left...once again, you are taught a lesson in the joys of truly giving...if this scenario hits a erotic nerve in you, then read no more and listen to Weapons of Mass Seduction immediately.

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