Worship - Kneel at My Feet

Worship - Kneel at My Feet

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 37 minutes

This file includes EXTREME trance-Enslavement, mind and body FUCKERY.

I am going to trancetize you...you are going to kneel and serve Me...you will be hard and horny. your cock will be engorged and dripping. Take off your clothes and prepare for a MIND FUCK, one you have dreamed of for a long time now.

Accept your place on your hands and knees at the feet of your Goddess. Serving Me. Naked, HORNY and mindless as you find yourself where you have always wanted to be...kneeling, hard...so swollen, and waiting for your next command. A slave's place is at the feet of his Domina. Imagine what it would be like, your kneeling, My sexy legs open...your cock hard and dripping.

Feel the power of My voice as you submit to your powerful DOMINANT Woman. Accept your place, feed your hunger to serve your Domina. Listen now in complete OBEDIENCE!

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If you are a real submissive or have aspirations of being truly subservient to powerful women, I highly recommend this file. Domina Shelle is a self-confessed soft-domme who is sensual and very caring towards her thralls. But do not view this as a sign of weakness - far from it. By being approachable Domina Shelle develops very personal connections with her submissives and in turn this leads to implicit trust. Trust is the foundation that makes trance really work and Domina Shelle uses this expertly to progressively condition her submissives - just read the reviews on her website to get a better appreciation of how powerful she is. If you follow this path it will inevitably lead you to this file and a number of Domina Shelle's other recent releases - e.g. A Deeper Servitude. These files have a common aim, to push your submissiveness to new levels (and I really mean pushing your limits). This session introduces you to be fascinated and fixated on Domina's feet, shoes and boots. This session is not about being aroused as Domina vividly sets the scene, this is much more powerful than that. This session introduces Domina Shelle's feet, shoes and boots as a new fetish for you. As we all know fetishes have a very significant impact on a person's psyche and after listening to this session Domina Shelle will have a significant impact on your life. If you are new to erotic trance I recommend you listen to some of Domina's starter files like Dopamine, I had You at Hello, etc. since these will better condition you for what lies ahead. If you are familiar with Domina Shelle's style and want to push yourself further down the rabbit hole, this session is for you!