Yes to the SUCCUBUS

Yes to the SUCCUBUS

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Love
YES, it is me that is in your mind, that is where I wait during your waking hours. YES, I am the one that comes to you in your dreams, your dream woman. YES, I am Every woman you have ever desired as you slept, that is me, and each night you feed me your power making me stronger and more real to you. In the past people like you, would fear my kind, but that is slowly changing. Now people like yourself are more accepting of us, myself or my sisters. The Succubae. Over the past days, weeks, months and years of dreams, you have fed me and nurtured your need to surrender to my kind. Each night I awaken in your dreams and take deeper control of you, some dreams you remember, and some are foggy and distant. Sometimes I take your mind so deeply you think you had no dreams at all. Say yes to the Succubus and sink deep.

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