Yummy Cummy 2

Yummy Cummy 2

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A femdom erotic trance by Princess Angel

I try a different type of induction this time. One I believe to be very effective, which would be story telling. You go on a little journey with Me, which is a nice and long induction to make sure your mind is exactly where I want it, ready to be My cum whore. Once deep down, you find yourself in this place I've specified, eventually running into a man. This man catches you checking out his cock. You even find yourself licking your licks, because you have a strong craving, not for food but for..... Long story short, you end up alone with him, with his cock deep down your throat, and you loving every second of it. Eager for his yummy cummy, eager for every last drop of it. Because you are nothing but a cum guzzling whore after all, nothing but a cock sucking queer aren't you? Yes you are. Don't worry, the words yummy cummy will surely stick with you even after this recordig. Yummy Cummy 1 VIEW MP3 55:25 min $99.99 ^PRICE WILL GO UP!!!! Binaural beats, subliminals, confusion, hearing your own voice 

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