A Different Kind of Heaven
Nervous about a recent move to a large city, you yearn for connection. After a few lonely months, you pursue a couple options to remedy the cold empty of your bed. You match on a dating app with a redhead woman who you immediately feel an intense interest in and set up to have a date with her. Feeling the urge to impress, you book a table at a local, but expensive and special, high-end restaurant. In person, she is 10 times as beautiful than the photos and every word she speaks renders you just a little more speechless. Surprisingly, you don’t mind. You listen, a lmost saturated with all those yummy chemicals that make you feel seen, wanted, just by basking in her eloquent yet casual, lunch-date conversation. As the date comes to a close, you find yourself paying for the bill without a second thought and follow her closely, almost like an obedient, life-long pet. Through confusion, and the rain, her charisma guides you on, into a night that might be the defining split in your life : before you met Angel, and after. [ This audio is made without any use of gendered words. Males, females, trans folks, and non-binary folks can enjoy this mindmelting file ] [30 minutes ]

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A femdom erotic trance by Angel Au Lait
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