All erotic hypnosis

All erotic hypnosis

In this category you can find all erotic hypnosis files listed in alphabetical order or by date. enjoy the bliss and pleasure of erotic trance. Let your favorite Hypnodomme seduce you into their realm of erotic fantasy, sissyfication, feminization or just deep erotic trances.

You will find all kind of erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, sissyfication hypnosis, cuckold hypnosis, or just JOI or CEI hypnosis on


Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video



I'm the most powerful witch on the world.. you are gere becouse you know i jave big powers.. i am able to read your mind.. i read your little secret.. are you scared?
Don't worry only me and you know your secret.. you want to be a woman.. you want to feel like a woman.. you want to be as beautiful as a woman.. so i have a powerful spell .. this spell could turn you into a woman.. and to start the life like a woman..

16 min
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Listen to my honeyed voice dripping golden sound waves into your brain, into your veins, just drifting along with my voice, carried away. My voice holding you fascinated, filling your mind, twining it's tendrils around your brain. As you begin to become more and more aroused, give in to my control as I guide you into the burning flame of desire, culminating in an intense orgasm.

an mp3 audio by Mistress Chadford -
19 minutes of mesmerizing orgasmic ecstasy
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Chastised Latex Fuckdoll-Deep Throat

This file is to train you to deep throat dildo’s and eventually real cocks. You need to either were some feminine clothes or latex. The more latex the better.

You will also need a hood. Latex will be best but any open eye and mouth hood will do.

You should also be wearing a butt plug. Fuck dolls always want their asses full. And if you want, you can use a penis gag and a suction cup dildo. You may also wish to wear nipple clamps.

Once you are dressed for this. You can continue the file.

This file can be used while relaxing and listing to the file and you can also listen to the file while practicing sucking a dildo.

You will need to practice on the dildo daily. I want you to be my faceless, nameless, feminized, chastity slave. I want you to be my latex fuckdoll.

Duration 46:39, including brainwaves, feminization, latex, deep throat, chastity and background music.

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Chastised by your Mistress

I am going to give you what you really really want to be the perfect sissy that you long to be!  
I am going to chastise you in my very own custom made titanium cage, to create a perfect little clitty and cute little ovaries.

You will no longer be able to get hard as you will remain limp and shrink, making you the perfect sissy.

You will no longer be able to have sissygasm, unless I permit it.

You will be the perfect cock worshipper by giving pleasure to huge cocks and balls,of manly male slaves that I order to fuck your sissy pussy and your sissy mouth.

This is the beginning of your chastity training, to become forever limp. I own you and your sissy clitty, along with the key to your cage

35:54 min, sissy hypno, chastity, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.

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We don't get many visitors, and an archeologist! Interesting.

I know why you've come. You want to investigate the caves, don't you?

You've heard the legends, tales of the mysterious creatures who feast on the very energy of your thoughts.

There seems to be a substance in the air here that has hallucinogenic effects. Yes. Don't fight it. Just relax and enjoy.
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Arousal Controlled Trance

As always you're so deperate to cum. Orgasm denial file won't last forever. You are allowed to cum. When I say so. And you will cum like you never did before.
But let's make it a challenge, it's like a curse, it will stick for a certain amount of time. That will be the time you're not allowed to cum. And it will be cruel.
Trance, denial, curse, timer, countdown, layers, effects.
12 minutes
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You know how much powerful mistress is.. could you image how much strong could be my power if near me there is the devil? Could you image how stron could be my hypnosis if y power is more and more stronger thanks to the devil.. I and the devil brainwash your mind.. take control of your life and do a spell to be devoted to the devil..

15 min
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You know how much powerful is my voice.. you know that as soon as you listen to my voice yo can't resist to fall down into a deep trance.. today i will be sensual and hypnotic as i never been before.. I enchante you with my power and try to bring you into my world.. this time you have to try to resist to my power.. you have to try to resist not to sleep.. not to go into trance.. Will you be able to win Mistress? Or will you be a loser as usual? I think you will be a slave as usual unable to resit to my power..

13 min
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