All erotic trance

All erotic trance

In this category you can find all erotic trance files listed in alphabetical order or by date. enjoy the bliss and pleasure of erotic trance. Let your favorite Trancedomme seduce you into their realm of erotic fantasy, sissyfication, feminization or just deep erotic trances.

You will find all kind of erotic trance, femdom trance, sissyfication, cuckold trance, or just JOI or CEI trance on


Erotic audio books

Young 18 Shemale Experiments


She is brand new at being a Shemale

She wants to Domme Males

You are willing to help her out

So you play along and do whatever she tells you to do


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Learn to suck cock and rim butt holes


Are struggling giving a good blowjob?
Are your skills lacking?
Want to learn more???
Today I will guide you along. You can practice on your dildo or a real cock or your fingers
Wear headphones and follow along
Cock sucking is a skill that needs to be learned and Today I will get you started
Lets get started
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Are you straight or bi-sexual


Today you are going to find out if you are straight or bisexual
Seems you like looking at pretty girls
You like watching them together
But do you also like watching them suck cock
Do you like seeing the dick go in and out of their mouths
What do you look at more?
The girls face
or the big juicy cock
Play the rest of the game and see if you are straight as an arrow or if you are bisexual
Originally made for commenting on the video and it suggests leaving comments. Just skip that part and do the rest
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Blackmail CEI for the perverted loser


Get into position
Follow every word I say
You are going to self suck
You are going to blow your load in your mouth or I tell your friends on Facebook/Social Media that you are a loser
You will swallow it or I ruin your life

Wear headphones while you suck yourself off its ok if it cant reach just make sure to shoot the jizz in your mouth
Follow every word or I ruin your life | CEI for losers!!!
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This file will make you feel hollow, like a doll... completely empty inside...nothing but a shell. Hollow, empty and obedient.

As a trance slave...there's not much that you have to simply listen to My voice and follow My instructions.

Before I can make you completely hollow... there are some things I must do...and some things I must take away...

An empty void... a blank space.

As I hollow out your body, you become lighter and your mind empties.
It feels almost as if you are nothing but a shell...without any thoughts...simply experiencing something that is happening in some way that we can not quite define...

It doesn't matter if there was a past...or if there is a future...
you are like a hollow doll... a slave to trance...

Enjoy being positioned by your Goddess...being used to some degree...treasured...kept..
being dressed and undressed... moved ... placed... and of course, seen.

I will mold your body into the shape that is desired by Me...

you are a trance slave... I know how much you enjoy and need to be dropped into trance...that feeling of slowly losing control to the sound of My voice...

As you lie there hollow and mindless for your Goddess...

I know how much you crave to drop deep for are hungry for My control...

you are hungry for My need to feel that emptiness take over...that wonderful feeling of drifting and dropping and slowing down, is arousing in itself...
as if that feeling of slipping away into that state is a beautiful, delicious depravity you just can't deny yourself....

you are My hollow fucktoy...My empty trance slave...

you keep coming back for more....and less...
more depth...more trance...
less thoughts...less control...

hollow and blank.... etc.

This This file includes: a doll in My likeness, a main track featuring My perfect voice, a second subliminal fucktoy track, mesmerizing music,
panty shots, corset, high heel pvc boots, the color purple, dazzling spirals, pocket watch, crystal.
You will love relaxing to this...
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Cum WITH me

So peaceful, so quiet, so sensual, so intense.
You are allowed to cum. Not alone, but with me. I'll get you to the point of no return. Forget about your surroundings. It's all about US.
Effects, Countdown, Background effects, binaural Beats. (21:42)
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I'm your therapy.. i am the only one who is able to turn you into the weakest man ever.. In this new trip into madness, you will worship me.. You're always divided between the need to be a slave and the will to a man.. After listening this audio there will be no doubts about it. You perfectly know what's the right choice..

11 min
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Steal your Mind

Length: 50 minutes

My puppy, imagine what it would be like if I took complete control of all of you, trancetized and dominated, compelled to obey all of My suggestions without thought or question. Would that be the ultimate form of submission, your enslaved mind kidnapped and indoctrinated until My words become your only truths?

Yes, I know you've fantasized about this. The merest thought of being totally MINE leaves you HARD and HORNY because - deep down - you know I have the power to make this a reality, to Steal your Mind and usurp your will leaving a devoted thrall to do My bidding. The prospect of seeing you like this, so vulnerable and compliant, makes Me hot and wet too, My own personal toy to mold and play with as I wish. (hmmmmm)

The truth is I'm so irresistible to your eager obedient mind that you desperately crave to fall for Me. My words become your words, My thoughts become your thoughts, and this all triggered by My sweet seductive voice, a sexy addiction that compels you to surrender more of yourself to My Absolute Authority. Thanks to repetitive brainwashing I am the personification of your erotic yearning to submit, allowing Me, your Domina, to penetrate and f*ck your mind with impunity. (giggles)

It's true, My puppy, like a well trained pet, just hearing My voice, reading My words, or thinking of Me triggers a conditioned response, an overwhelming desire to obey and please Me. In this session, you'll learn just how literal this affirmation is and how susceptible you are to My trancetic allure. This is true submission, My pet, behavioral modification designed to bind you to Me forever since I ALWAYS play for keeps!

So prepare to be seduced, enthralled and overpowered. I know what's best for you so fall for Me and I'll take you so deep into trance you'll return as a devoted obedient servant, enslaved to My will.

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