BBC Bassline

BBC Bassline

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella

Let the thumping bass envelop your mind as your black cock
addiction goes wild. In this strictly-for-sluts BBC trance loop,
I take you deep into a black cock trance where you’ll suck, fuck,
and swallow to your heart’s content. Your lips will part, your legs
will spread, and you’ll soon realize that this is for real. Once you
go black, you’ll never go back.

Big… black… cock. Those three words melt your mind
completely, don’t they sissy? Big. Black. Cock. You can’t stop
thinking about it. Fantasizing about it. Dreaming about sucking
and fucking massive black dicks. It’s perfectly natural,
sweetheart. It’s okay to fall head over heels in love with black

Feel your body change as I drop you into my transformation
spell. Your titties grow, lips pout, and ass jiggles until it’s thick
enough to sandwich a 12 inch monster black dick between
the cheeks. I’m turning you into a perfect BBC bimbo, born and
bred for black mens’ pleasure. Giggle and jiggle, slut.

The thumping bass in this mp3 will work away at your helpless
mind, creating a deep BBC obsession within you. Whenever you
hear music with a deep resounding bassline, you’ll immediately
think of sucking black cock. It’s an instant and powerful trigger.

You can’t help but let your mind slip into naughty fantasies.
Imagine being surrounded by black men at the club, looking down
at you squatting low to the floor, twerking your jiggling ass for them.
See their bulges grow… bigger.. longer.. thicker.. oh my…

This file is meant to be looped over and over, until you’re left
quivering, horny, and absolutely obsessed with BBC.

  • Black cock addiction
  • Cock-lust and cum-lust
  • Bimbo body transformation
  • Black male superiority
  • Twerking-desire
  • moaning and sucking sound effects
  • Deep bass background music, fading in and out.
  • Trigger - music with a deep thumping bassline causes black
    cock obsession

29 Minutes

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Customer Reviews

Bill Miller

There are quite a few highly-talented artists producing aural porn these days, but Mistress Stella's works consistently stand out for their originality and super-high production quality. Absolutely nothing that she releases is sloppy or half-assed. With BBC Bassline, Mistress Stella has outdone herself with her latest top-shelf brainwashing. Powerful hypotic narrative set to a beat. For aficionados of this particular genre, BBC Bassline is a must-have.

Bill Miller
MONTEB (8inschlong)

I love love love Mistress Stella! Her voice and story telling is amazing! She gets my mind right when I'm fantasizing about BBC and all the love that goes along with BBC! Thank you MS Stella! Your the absolute BEST!

MONTEB (8inschlong)