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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

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 So there you are. Curled up in a ball, whimpering, nursing the wounds of your abused ass, your mind swirling with sounds of laughter, taunts, and your own screams. Were they screams of pain or screams of pleasure? You remember what happened last night, don't you? The whips? The spreaders? The dildos? Well let Me refresh your memory, My submissive, broken little bitch.

We had a party. Just a few of My girlfriends and Me. We got a little drunk and had a lot of fun, and you were the main attraction. You got to live the fantasy you have had all your life, and now that fantasy has come to life. Now, what is your new reality? No more worries. No more fears. Your secret is out. You are Broken. You are my helpless plaything, my submissive little fuck toy.

You remember what I did to you last time, don’t you?

My girlfriends are all still laughing at you.

I will now push you beyond your breaking point, by forcing you to relive last night’s events.

Do you remember the strap on? Do you remember the sucking? Do you remember the fucking? Do you remember My huge dildo? Do you remember being passed around like a cheap hooker, to each of my girlfriends? Do you remember the utter humiliation? You can’t tell anyone about this, can you? This is our little secret. You know, this was for your own good, don’t you? You came to me and begged me to make you my little fuck toy, remember? Now .. you are all .. broken. My broken, submissive, little bitch. Awwww … Are you going to cry again?

It is the next day and you are feeling the effects of our little ‘show n tell’ gathering, but you have no memory of what happened and you beg me to fill in the horrific specifics. So, I begin to enlighten you, not sparing any of the gory details. I am having so much fun watching you relive the events, over and over again!

In this recording, I take a different approach to My story telling style. While My approach is different, the effects are very long lasting! While I tell this story in the past tense, I also anchor you to the present, by keeping you in the present, as I force you to relive the memories, the memories of which, I have trancetically suggested that you forget. I also include 2 post trancetic suggestions. Will your subconscious mind allow you to remember what I suggest that you remember, and forget what I command you to forget? Are you brave enough, to be .. Broken by Esmeralda .. and her friends?

What can be more humiliating, than to be reminded, over and over again, how you were used, and passed around, while you were so helpless?

LENGTH: 58 Minutes

CONTAINS: Full Mini Count Down Induction, Mind Control, Brain Washing, Humiliation, Feminization, Dildo Anal Penetration, Whipping, Binaural, Background Music, Finger Snaps, Whispers, Multi-Layer Tracks, and Count Up.

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Customer Reviews

Daniel Z

It has to be Your best recording ever. You wouldn't believe how i felt when i listened. So emotional. At some point i couldnt stop crying of joy. Enveloped by Your almighty voice.
I couldn't understand the subliminals as i'm in a deep trance as i listened.
The music choice is outstanding. Everything is.
It makes me feel humilliated, so weak. i cried many times.

Daniel Z