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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 60+ minutes

If you LOVE losing all control as you fall, this NAUGHTY session is perfect for you. EVERY SNAP of My fingers will DEMAND your complete attention....

Isn't it so deliciously cruel that you won’t remember much about My calibrations in this sexually tormenting masterpiece. My pet, it is time to experience over 60 minutes of unadulterated erotic trancetic pleasure as My words brand your desires and cravings...Find yourself BOUND and HELPLESS at Her mercy as this journey leads Her into your most private places...Beyond a door that is posted "KEEP OUT". But not Her, there is NO place that She won't go inside you, She is deep enough to do as She pleases...Her wicked and SEXY words being pushed into the very center of your brain as you soak up every word.

This strong trance and brainwashing session will touch on so many of your DESIRES....your submission, your need to be bound and helpless to a Dominant Woman...naked and staring at your DEFENSELESS self. So sexy...Deep hard thrust that impregnates you.

Find your quiet place, get naked, put on your collar and listen, My pet and slave, so that your horny little head might be aligned and correctly calibrated to your future and life. Give in...accept, and get Calibrated now.

With this session your mind will experience CONFUSION, EXTREME TRANCE and possible AMNESIA.

NOTE: Towel not included.

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Calibration is a remarkable session of progressive relaxation culminating in intense trancetic brainwashing to reinforce the role of Domina Shelle in your life. This session is really targeted for more experienced listeners, those that are willing to suspend their beliefs and open themselves to the possibility of trancetic mental enslavement on a level that is peerless today. What awaits you is a cerebral overload, being bombarded by so many suggestions that your subconscious mind literally shuts down and enters a passive state of bliss, submission and acceptance. It took me many listens to even write this review since i struggled to recall portions simply due to the depth of trance and the overall intensity of the session. i believe this session eclipses many of those released by Domina in its intensity and if you enjoy being powerless by being overwhelmed and overloaded with suggestions this is definitely the session for you!