Chastity by Hypnosis

Chastity by Hypnosis

Learn to control your instincts with chastity hypnosis

Are you looking for a way to satisfy your mistress or master and extend the pleasure for both of you? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you become stronger and get control over your body and mind by providing you with precise guidelines on chastity training. Our mistresses will wisely lead you through the challenges of restraining your lust. They will generously bestow the power to master your instincts upon you. By experiencing our erotic chastity hypnosis, you will learn to:


  • Hold up your orgasm. This skill will pleasantly surprise your domme and allow you to stay in the game as long as he or she will wish.


  • Refrain from masturbation. Save all your sexual energy for your mistress or master to serve them with full commitment and passion.


  • Be obedient. Nothing can please a domme more than a dedicated slave that strictly follows his or her commands without hesitation. This is an essential skill for any sub.


  • Satisfy your partner. Our chastity hypno session will teach you to guess your top’s wishes before he or she even says them out loud.


Can you imagine how your sexual practices will improve when you enrich it with these techniques? And all you have to do to start learning is to buy an mp3 file with a hypnosis session recorded by one of our mistresses. Not much for a life-changing experience.

How does male chastity hypnosis work?

The procedure is quite simple. Our mistresses, proficient in making various suggestions, record an audio file with a live hypnosis session tailored to your needs. Their alluring voices will be accompanied by low-frequency pure tone music that will take you deeper into the trance. While the chastity hypno session will unfold, you will become more and more relaxed and compliant with our mistresses’ commands. Listening to the record several times will increase your suggestibility and, thus, allow you to follow the orders with exceptional accuracy. 

We can provide you with a straight or gay chastity hypnosis session that will unveil your strength and teach you to use it for your domme’s satisfaction. You will become a more experienced and sophisticated sub after learning how to give your master or mistress control over your sexual behavior. With our chastity hypnosis, you will be able to extend the pleasure and play your role as long your top will decide.

Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video



You won't pleasure yourself anymore. I will put a virtual Chastitybelt on you. But I give you the freedom to choose your own keyholder. Deltawaves, triggers, effects,Trance, Countdown (8:29)
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Sink, Drop, Sleep

My seductive, authoritative voice will make you  sink you like a rock.

Sink, Drop, Sleep, three simple words that influence the subconscious automatically.

So powerless against My influence….the more you stroke the more powerless you become.


In this erotic hypnosis audio I’m going to fractionate the fuck out you. If you didn’t know, pulling you up and down out of trance takes you deeper each time. It’s a devious method to shape you into My mindless pet but I know you crave that kind of control


All you want is My control, all you want to is to fall deeper, you want Me to make you a mindless drone who doesn’t think. You simply want to please Me and I’m going to tell you exactly how to do just that.


I get off on consensual manipulation and I know you do too. As usual if it gets to be too much you always have your safe word, Red. Of course you won’t need it, you’ll be enraptured as I use use cunning ways to mind fuck you.


you’re powerless to stop yourself from falling into My hypnotic hands and become a simple, suggestible, hypnoslave, always aroused and always aiming to please Me.


I bring erotic hypnosis and my persuasive dominance to a level you become powerless to stop.



Ms Lisa


File contains:

Trigger phrase for trance

Pleasing Ms Lisa

Female Domination

Safe word Red


Orgasm Denial


Post hypnotic suggestion to listen and obey

Backtrack of ways to please Me


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Chastity is what you really need to IMPROVE your life and your sex life. I am here to HELP you achieve what you truly need. You will find this file will change your life and deepen the TRIGGERS in your MIND. You may even find a DESIRE to be in a Chastity device more.
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Pimping out Hubby to other men

Have you ever fantasized about your wife or girlfriend pimping you out while she goes on dates and gets fucked by a handsome man? You will stay home and be pimped out to other men. Alpha strong men that will dominate you sexually. You will be filmed while your wife is out and when she gets home you will eat out her well fucked pussy while she watches what has been done to you. She will humiliate you the whole time you are eating the other mans semen out of her well fucked pussy.

Runtime 46:54
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Get comfortable and make sure your chastitiy device is on…if you have one.
Otherwise You will have to use your imagination…and that is fine too.

It’s as if I’m right there by your side… locking that device and securing it tightly…
Taking the key and putting it in My cleavage for safe keeping…

The thought of you there…with your cock in a tight cage…makes Me desire to tease
You and make it grow…

But first…I need drop you into a deep state of trance…

The world will melt away as I relax you and drop you deep under My Goddess control.

The sound of My voice will slow down your breathing and erase all thoughts…

As I clear your mind and control your locked cock…you drop deeper and deeper for your Goddess and your cock
disappears as it is locked away…your body cannot help but follow…

I envision you in a slave position with a chrome device on… your cock locked very tight with a padlock
…and you know who has the key.

My voice and My words….a guiding light into the darkness…

You are LOCKED…

The power of My voice penetrates deep into your mind. Every breath punctuates another “DROP”!

CONTROLLED, OWNED, MINDLESS, and sooooo Deep. What ever happens onward is not your choice…it
Is Mine.

A simple command…My words will make you obey completely….

This is no longer a choice, but a truth…

Obeying your Goddess Madame Jade

You are LOCKED…

**This Hyppn0tik MindFuck contains: Multi-layered sound tracks include three FemDomme tracks including
a subliminal message track, brain wash ing, mental domination, finger snap, ASMR whisper programming,
mesmerizing crystal, Spiral, subliminal hypn0t1c suggestions, seductive mind manipulation, My sexy erotic breasts,
lips, gloves, sparkling blue eyes,
and amazing voice.
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Cuck Bundle Vol. 1




Have you ever fantasized about your wife or girlfriend cheating behind your back? Going out late at night in her sluttiest outfit and highest heels, with the intent of getting fucked... Surrender and submit as your wife gets claimed by bigger, stronger males with huge cocks.

Five separate cuckold mp3s (Each has two versions: wife and girlfriend). 41 minutes combined.

She's Going Out Tonight
Your wife’s going out tonight. She’s all dolled up in a slutty dress and perfect makeup… but not for you. You have no idea where she’s going, but you can fantasize about it. Perhaps she’s simply meeting with her girlfriends. There’s no way she would be meeting another man....

Cucked by a Size Queen
You’ve heard people say size doesn’t matter, but is that really true? You’re about to be slapped with a harsh reality as your faithful wife deliberately cheats on you with men double your size down there. Your pretty little wife is a nasty size queen, and she’ll stop at nothing until she gets what she deserves.

Unfaithful Blowjob
What’s that noise, sweetie? Press your ear to the closed door of your bedroom and hear your wife sucking on something… but what could it be? She would never cheat on you, I’m sure it’s nothing. But the door’s unlocked, so why don’t you just check to ease your mind? Crack the door open just a little bit and take a look… Oh dear….

Cuckold Training Loop - Not Cheating
Is she cheating on you? Not possible, she’s just fulfilling her basic sexual needs. The fact of the matter is your wife’s a stunning woman, and other men are simply more powerful than you. It’s not cheating, it’s simply nature.

Know Your Place, Cuck
Your wife’s home.. and she’s brought her girlfriends from the nightclub. Kneel before the three goddesses and learn your place as a weak cuckold slut. They’ll allow you to worship their perfect legs as you stroke your throbbing dick, imagining every naughty thing they did that night. If you’re a good boy, maybe you’ll be allowed to cum on their heels.



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Cuckold Audio Chapter 4

I want to find out how far I can push you
Oh by the way I threw your porn collection away

I will pull you by your leash
and lead you into our new playroom
Our Bedroom is now our play space

You will see the monitors
Naked real men for you to look at

As soon as you cum
You will have to wipe the cun on the fake cock
You will lick it off and suck it off while looking at the real men on the screens

This is all training for you to start sucking real mens cocks

Runtime 22:02

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The chastity Files - Sexually Submissive

You are aware of how much you desire to wear your chastity device, to have a key holder, a keyholder who controls your sexuality.

You are aware of the increased intensity of sexual arousal and release when allowed to experience sexual encounters, and you find that you are beginning to develop an obsession to wear your device, and to find a key holder to control its use. 
I will provide you a trigger, a chastity trigger phrase, that will trigger you  immediately to put on your chastity device.
In order for this trigger to work for you, you will need to share it with someone you trust.

Your new chastity device trigger will grow stronger and stronger in your mind, until someone triggers you with it.
 You will automatically, and immediately, slip into a sexually submissive state of mind.
The excitement of being locked in a chastity device, at the mercy of your key holder, will make you crave to wear such a device.

Experience someone else's control over your sexual release.Experience them having the key to lock, or unlock your ability to have sex.

Wearing a chastity device causes you to feel sexually submissive, devoted to pleasing your key holder.
When triggered to chastity, your need to lock on your chastity device will grow.

The need to please your key holder, by allowing the chastity device to lock your sexuality, will become a strong part of your sexual submission.
While wearing it, you will be unable to feel any sexual orgasm, unless unlocked from chastity, or triggered to orgasm, and your biggest  fear is becoming unbelievably horny, and cumming without your key holders permission.
You love the idea of being locked in your chastity cage, unable to cum without your key holders permission.

Whenever you are unlocked from your  device by your key holder, your sexual desires will increase, and be focused on the pleasure, and desires of your key holder.
As soon as your key holder's pleasures and desires are achieved, your submission and desires, will instantly focus on once again locking on your chastity device.

Duration 40:24, including brainwaves, and background music.

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