Chastity by Hypnosis

Chastity by Hypnosis

Learn to control your instincts with chastity hypnosis

Are you looking for a way to satisfy your mistress or master and extend the pleasure for both of you? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you become stronger and get control over your body and mind by providing you with precise guidelines on chastity training. Our mistresses will wisely lead you through the challenges of restraining your lust. They will generously bestow the power to master your instincts upon you. By experiencing our erotic chastity hypnosis, you will learn to:


  • Hold up your orgasm. This skill will pleasantly surprise your domme and allow you to stay in the game as long as he or she will wish.


  • Refrain from masturbation. Save all your sexual energy for your mistress or master to serve them with full commitment and passion.


  • Be obedient. Nothing can please a domme more than a dedicated slave that strictly follows his or her commands without hesitation. This is an essential skill for any sub.


  • Satisfy your partner. Our chastity hypno session will teach you to guess your top’s wishes before he or she even says them out loud.


Can you imagine how your sexual practices will improve when you enrich it with these techniques? And all you have to do to start learning is to buy an mp3 file with a hypnosis session recorded by one of our mistresses. Not much for a life-changing experience.

How does male chastity hypnosis work?

The procedure is quite simple. Our mistresses, proficient in making various suggestions, record an audio file with a live hypnosis session tailored to your needs. Their alluring voices will be accompanied by low-frequency pure tone music that will take you deeper into the trance. While the chastity hypno session will unfold, you will become more and more relaxed and compliant with our mistresses’ commands. Listening to the record several times will increase your suggestibility and, thus, allow you to follow the orders with exceptional accuracy. 

We can provide you with a straight or gay chastity hypnosis session that will unveil your strength and teach you to use it for your domme’s satisfaction. You will become a more experienced and sophisticated sub after learning how to give your master or mistress control over your sexual behavior. With our chastity hypnosis, you will be able to extend the pleasure and play your role as long your top will decide.

Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video


Chastised Latex Fuckdoll-Deep Throat

This file is to train you to deep throat dildo’s and eventually real cocks. You need to either were some feminine clothes or latex. The more latex the better.

You will also need a hood. Latex will be best but any open eye and mouth hood will do.

You should also be wearing a butt plug. Fuck dolls always want their asses full. And if you want, you can use a penis gag and a suction cup dildo. You may also wish to wear nipple clamps.

Once you are dressed for this. You can continue the file.

This file can be used while relaxing and listing to the file and you can also listen to the file while practicing sucking a dildo.

You will need to practice on the dildo daily. I want you to be my faceless, nameless, feminized, chastity slave. I want you to be my latex fuckdoll.

Duration 46:39, including brainwaves, feminization, latex, deep throat, chastity and background music.

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Chastised by your Mistress

I am going to give you what you really really want to be the perfect sissy that you long to be!  
I am going to chastise you in my very own custom made titanium cage, to create a perfect little clitty and cute little ovaries.

You will no longer be able to get hard as you will remain limp and shrink, making you the perfect sissy.

You will no longer be able to have sissygasm, unless I permit it.

You will be the perfect cock worshipper by giving pleasure to huge cocks and balls,of manly male slaves that I order to fuck your sissy pussy and your sissy mouth.

This is the beginning of your chastity training, to become forever limp. I own you and your sissy clitty, along with the key to your cage

35:54 min, sissy hypno, chastity, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.

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Welcome to Locktober My good boy! 

Thirty one gloriously difficult days of voluntary chastity to prove your worthiness and obedience to Me. 

No matter if you are in metal or mental chastity makes no difference to Me, I have control of your orgasms.

That cock will be locked and loaded but unable to shoot until November 1st.

I am going to introduce you to your submissive self in this erotic hypnosis file. The true submissive I want you to deeply get acquainted with.

All you submissive side wants to do is listen and obey….a mindless fuck toy for Ms Lisa to play with. I make the rules all you need to do is follow them, My pet.

Listen to this file often if not every day to use a guide and support to get through this daunting challenge. 

I expect you to periodically check in with Me for updates and advice.

While you are Locked and Loaded for Me let Me list some files without a cum command you can listen to without blowing it. 











Good Luck!



Ms Lisa


*Orgasm Denial




*Trance trigger


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Chastised Latex Fuckdoll-beg for more

You are my Latex fuck doll, my chastised Latex fuck doll who loves his device, and one of your deepest desires is to turn you into a feminized latex fuck doll, to be used and abused. 

I want you to feel how amazing it is to have your cock hold captive and to be dressed in Latex, to submit completely, to be a dominated sex slave. So submissive and obedient.

But your Mistress wants you to beg for it, so you must learn to beg for what you want. If you want to suffer, to be my pain slut, you need to beg for it. If you want to be a mindless fuck doll, you need to beg for it.

If you want my golden nectar, you need to beg for it. If you want to be a toilet slave, you need to beg for it.

Begging to please me is your favorite thing to do, and from now on you will beg me for your needs and desires. 

This file is designed for owners of a real chastity belt.

Duration 42:02, including brainwaves, chastity, latex, feminization, golden nectar, pleasure and pain, and background music.

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Black Widow Mistress

In this can either just used your imagination, or you may do self bondage (with or without a chastity device) and prepare before starting the audio.

Are you ready to be caught in My web?

You may be wondering where you is definitely your bed you are in...but the surroundings are unfamiliar...the room is dimly lit, slightly don't need to think about it....I have simply transported you into My private dungeon....your bed and all...

You are here nude...unbound and untied....for now..

You see Me attaching ropes to all four of your bed posters...then magically you feel and see ropes swirling around your ankles and wrists ...(sound effects)

With each and every rope, you sink deeper and deeper as they tighten and secure you firmly for your Mistress..

And then you DROP! down into the middle of what appears to be a spiders web...bound by your black widow Mistress....

You hear chains...and you realize they are wrapping around your body and your mind...light chains, cool on your skin...trace a pathway along your body...very strong and unbreakable...

As you squirm the chains jingle (sound effects) ... You are in My hot erotic you hear a padlock see your cock is now locked with a silver cock cage....and you are now unable to move or squirm...

Falling deeper...Madame's helpless slave

Warm wax on your stomach...get hard deep in feel a soft silky fabric wrap around your are My helpless pet....all of your senses are heightened..

You are in My spiders the center...and I will sensually feast on you continue to trance ...helpless in that tight cage....

Tantalizing your caged cock through the steel .....promising the impossible...poor slutty are at My sensual erotic mercy ....edge for Me pet...imaging cumming for Me without your I tease you with My fur and feathers....

You are completely controlled by you mentally struggle to get hard within the cage... After I wake you, I command you to lie there for quite a while as you breath and listen to the sound textures...and then at some point I tell you to take your cage off as the ropes and chains magically float away...


Madame Jade Paris

This audio includes: My mesmerizing voice, two layers of voice, haunting and dramatic but relaxing sound textures, bass sub, rope effects, padlock effects, chains effect, cum countdown, extended playtime, and directives, finger snaps, mind programming to be mindless and obedient. Keywords: ropes, chines, mindless, obedient, cock caged, spider web, sensual, magically, striating out your body, drop deeper and deeper.
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The chastity Files-begging for Chastity

You are my chastised slave, and you need to worship your Mistress. She is who controls your cock, and you need to please her in every way.

You love chastity, and you need to have your  pathetic cock locked in chastity permanently. But your Mistress wants you to beg for it, so you must learn to beg for what you want.

If you want your penis locked up permanently, to be a cuckold sissy. If you want to be fucked up the ass, you need to beg for it.

You do understand that sissies do not have a penis, they have a clit, so you need to be trained  to be a sissy slut, so beg me to train you, to be the best sissy slut you can be. Begging to please me is your favorite thing to do. You will beg me for your needs and desires. 

This file is designed for owners of a real chastity belt.

Duration 39:53, including brainwaves, chastity, feminization, femdom, sissy hypno and background music.

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The chastity Files - feminized Slave

You are getting closer and closer to achieve your goal, and your goal is to become my chastised, feminized slave who needs to be used over and over again, unable to raise the mast and prepared to please whom you want to please.

You are a chastised, feminized slave, and as a good slave you need to get fucked and played with. A good chastised slave is unable to put the device off. And when you attempt to remove it, you discover that it is very hard  to do so.

The chastity device feels as if it is a natural part of you, and the more you try to remove it, the more guilty you feel.

I want you to recognize that the way to happiness and peace is to be in chastity, to dress like a good girl, and to know that you want to feel and behave like a good girl.

Duration 41:00, including brainwaves, chastity, feminization and background music.

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You won't pleasure yourself anymore. I will put a virtual Chastitybelt on you. But I give you the freedom to choose your own keyholder. Deltawaves, triggers, effects,Trance, Countdown (8:29)
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