Chastity by trance

Chastity by trance

Learn to control your instincts with chastity trance

Are you looking for a way to satisfy your mistress or master and extend the pleasure for both of you? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We can help you become stronger and get control over your body and mind by providing you with precise guidelines on chastity training. Our mistresses will wisely lead you through the challenges of restraining your lust. They will generously bestow the power to master your instincts upon you. By experiencing our erotic chastity trance, you will learn to:


  • Hold up your orgasm. This skill will pleasantly surprise your domme and allow you to stay in the game as long as he or she will wish.


  • Refrain from masturbation. Save all your sexual energy for your mistress or master to serve them with full commitment and passion.


  • Be obedient. Nothing can please a domme more than a dedicated slave that strictly follows his or her commands without hesitation. This is an essential skill for any sub.


  • Satisfy your partner. Our chastity trance session will teach you to guess your top’s wishes before he or she even says them out loud.


Can you imagine how your sexual practices will improve when you enrich it with these techniques? And all you have to do to start learning is to buy an mp3 file with a trance session recorded by one of our mistresses. Not much for a life-changing experience.

How does male chastity trance work?

The procedure is quite simple. Our mistresses, proficient in making various suggestions, record an audio file with a live trance session tailored to your needs. Their alluring voices will be accompanied by low-frequency pure tone music that will take you deeper into the trance. While the chastity trance session will unfold, you will become more and more relaxed and compliant with our mistresses’ commands. Listening to the record several times will increase your suggestibility and, thus, allow you to follow the orders with exceptional accuracy. 

We can provide you with a straight or gay chastity trance session that will unveil your strength and teach you to use it for your domme’s satisfaction. You will become a more experienced and sophisticated sub after learning how to give your master or mistress control over your sexual behavior. With our chastity trance, you will be able to extend the pleasure and play your role as long your top will decide.

Erotic audio books


Pop Piggy POP

This is the LONGEST trance I've done. WARNING it does involve drug use and poppers. It takes you deep and TRANSFORMS you into a mindless BIMBO girl as I take you down into My dungeon and feed you to My special PLANT
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The chastity Files - chastised Mind

You know that all the pleasure and happiness, the joy in your life, comes from being in chastity. You love to  submit to anything as long as you are allowed to wear your chastity device. What a pleasure it must give you, to surrender total control.

And after listening to this file, and when triggered, you will enter a mostly blank state, where while you are able to see and hear you cannot think for yourself, as such you will obey every command from the person that triggered you. Waiting to be told what to do.

Whenever you hear the words "chastised mind time" you'll find that your mind immediately becomes this still and empty. All that's left is this chastised mind, staring out into space and waiting for instructions. Instructions from the person that triggered you. If they hand you an item, perhaps a wig, or perhaps they put makeup on your face, and they tell you right now, you are a complete and utter bimbo, and the makeup makes you look that way, then you'll find that is exactly what you become. You can be changed you into anything. A baby, a hooker, a slave, or may be even a toilet slave. The possibilities are completely and utterly endless. Because your chastised mind just simply carries out instructions until chastised mind turn off is said.

Duration 38:30, including brainwaves, chastity, trigger, femdom and background music

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Chastised Sissy Cum Slut

I am going to make you into the perfect little clitty sissy!

I am going to chastise you in my beautiful cage and shrink your cock and balls to give you what you really desire. You will always feel empty if you do not have a big delicious alpha males cock in your mouth or sissy pussy.

You want to worship cock, you want to please cock and have as many as you possibly can, as you are a sissy whore, my sissy whore!

If you are a good sissy, If you are a loyal sissy, I shall place a collar on you and take you to gay bars and clubs to show you off and I may even allow you to be my fluffer!
42:15 min, sissy trance, chastity, feminization, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.

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Chastised Latex Fuckdoll-Gangbang

I will provide you a very memorable dream tonight. It will be vivid, and very detailed. It will feel very real, and you will be fully convinced that what is happening to you in this dream is real.

You will have a vivid dream, where you are used and abused until you fall asleep, used and abused by my slaves.

You are my cockhungry, chastised latex fuck doll who loves to suck cock, to wear sexy latex an to be fucked up your ass.

Visualize yourself as the sexy latex cocktease, that you want to be.

Imagine yourself in wonderful, sexy latex, imagine yourself as the sexy fuck doll you desire to be, the sexy, chastised fuck doll with the sexy extra between her legs, used and abused the entire night.
Have a nice sleep.

Caution: There is no awakener in this file!!!

Duration 46:25, including brainwaves, anal, latex, deep throat, chastity and background music.

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trance Toy'd

Length: 35 minutes

My sweet obedient plaything, through My erotic trance training I have programmed, conditioned and indoctrinated so many willing subjects that many have truly lost their will to Me, becoming My mindless obedient toys. Playing with My trance slave Toys is always so much fun - wonderfully wicked fun - and your delectable Domina loves nothing more to wind down after working so hard, by playing hard with My toys, really HARD. (giggles)

I particularly enjoy the process of transforming you from a lucid subject to an objectified toy, surrendering to the pleasure of powerlessness, fully accepting that when W/we play I pull all the strings. It really is a turn on to live out My fantasies as that blank vacant expression washes over your face as you slip easily under My control, ready and willing to fulfill My every wish as I explore new delicious and devious ways to tease and deny you, driving you wild with lust until there's nothing left of you but blind unthinking obedience.

Hmmmm, it's such a rush to strip you down, completely naked, physically and mentally, before My eyes, knowing you're completely lost in a sea of desire for Me: the desire to serve, the desire to please, the desire to be whatever I want My toy to be. And here you are again, ready for Me to play with, HARD, HORNY and dripping for Me, mentally bound and helpless, and fully acknowledging your helplessness to resist My unrelenting control and Absolute Authority over you.

So prepare yourself to be erotically tortured, imprisoned in your own mind where pain is replaced with rapturous pleasure, fear with unwavering adoration, and desperation with the knowledge that only I can make You feel this way. This is what awaits you as My trance Toy, so allow Me to fuck with your mind and I'll show you what true submission means to a powerful Dominant Woman, Me, your devastating beautiful Domina. Trust Me, you won't be disappointed... Kisses

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Chastised Latex Fuckdoll-Deep Throat

This file is to train you to deep throat dildo’s and eventually real cocks. You need to either were some feminine clothes or latex. The more latex the better.

You will also need a hood. Latex will be best but any open eye and mouth hood will do.

You should also be wearing a butt plug. Fuck dolls always want their asses full. And if you want, you can use a penis gag and a suction cup dildo. You may also wish to wear nipple clamps.

Once you are dressed for this. You can continue the file.

This file can be used while relaxing and listing to the file and you can also listen to the file while practicing sucking a dildo.

You will need to practice on the dildo daily. I want you to be my faceless, nameless, feminized, chastity slave. I want you to be my latex fuckdoll.

Duration 46:39, including brainwaves, feminization, latex, deep throat, chastity and background music.

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Chastised by your Mistress

I am going to give you what you really really want to be the perfect sissy that you long to be!  
I am going to chastise you in my very own custom made titanium cage, to create a perfect little clitty and cute little ovaries.

You will no longer be able to get hard as you will remain limp and shrink, making you the perfect sissy.

You will no longer be able to have sissygasm, unless I permit it.

You will be the perfect cock worshipper by giving pleasure to huge cocks and balls,of manly male slaves that I order to fuck your sissy pussy and your sissy mouth.

This is the beginning of your chastity training, to become forever limp. I own you and your sissy clitty, along with the key to your cage

35:54 min, sissy trance, chastity, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.

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Welcome to Locktober My good boy! 

Thirty one gloriously difficult days of voluntary chastity to prove your worthiness and obedience to Me. 

No matter if you are in metal or mental chastity makes no difference to Me, I have control of your orgasms.

That cock will be locked and loaded but unable to shoot until November 1st.

I am going to introduce you to your submissive self in this erotic trance file. The true submissive I want you to deeply get acquainted with.

All you submissive side wants to do is listen and obey….a mindless fuck toy for Ms Lisa to play with. I make the rules all you need to do is follow them, My pet.

Listen to this file often if not every day to use a guide and support to get through this daunting challenge. 

I expect you to periodically check in with Me for updates and advice.

While you are Locked and Loaded for Me let Me list some files without a cum command you can listen to without blowing it. 











Good Luck!



Ms Lisa


*Orgasm Denial




*Trance trigger


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