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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Madame Jade Paris
This file is dark and sexy with background textures, 4 layers of sexy dominant guidance and of course cleavage.  
You will surrender your mind and your subconscious.  I am going to tease you in a variety of ways and you will ache to touch your cock.  You will submit and give in to the temptation ONLY when I command you to.  You will be deeply in trance and will surrender for your Mistress.
You may only touch when there is nothing left of your mind.   There’s something beautifully elegant about surrendering your control to your Mistress.  You will go deep, follow and obey Me,  It feels so liberating to be free from all earthly constraints.  
Relax and let everything go.   Listen to My voice as I conquer your mind.   Your body is nothing but a distraction from the beauty of your obedient mind.   
As you go deeper, these distractions diminish.  Your breathing becomes deep and sexy.  You love to go under for a Dominant Alpha love to go under for ME, MADAME JADE PARIS.
As you listen, you will focus on My words while doing your best to resist the urge to touch your hard cock.
When you get aroused, your breathing changes and you desire and crave to go under and touch.
I penetrate the deepest part of your mind.  I have complete control over your subconscious and I can make you aroused and completely obedient.  You will only remember what I allow you to remember as I program your mind.   
I will take you over and over again and leave you to surrender to pleasure.   You will thank Me for it, because your pleasure has NEVER been stronger, SO ALIVE, so intense.  
You just wait until I tell you to explode.  Stroke faster for Mistress…mindlessly, not a thought in your head.
So hard and horny.
Enjoy MY lovely slaves….
Madame Jade Paris.

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