Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris

A very relaxing, erotic, mesmerizing mind melt….

Just breath, and relax as you gaze at My powerful crystals…

This is the mesmerizing escape you need…

You will drop deep as you let your body relax… Your primitive sub mind
Will guide your body to where it truly wants to go…

Your melted mind will take over and guide your body… it may want to edge,
It may want to be denied…and it may even want to drift off to slumber as My
background subliminals program your Mind.

Enjoy and gaze upon My crystals and beautiful, ornate breasts…

Just breath deep and slowly as I pull you down DEEPER AND DEEPER… no
Need to think… let My cleverly planned words sink in as you become My
Mindless TRANCE slave…

As the crystal swings to the right… you will become heavier, sleepier, and you will fall

I am your GODDESS… I will relax you and lead you down a spiral of subliminal LUST…

With each word I say… your mind melts and falls as you float and sink into My soft full

Madame is MindFucking you… and you love it.

Worship Goddess by breathing deep and DROP! Go Down for Me pet… all the way DOWN…
That’s where I want you, because that’s where you belong…

Lie down next to Me… in your bedroom…feel the warmth as it begins to rain outside…

So tired but too aroused to go to slumber just yet… slowing DOWN…slowing DOWN

That crystal is slowing… and stops… then begins to spin the opposite way…

Eyes getting heavy, as you snuggle down under your covers…I am controlling your Mind…

Covertly programming you to take some type of action that only your body will reveal.

The last 3 minutes are Subliminal programming whispers…. Just relax and don’t try to
Hear what I am saying…just let your primitive mind soak it all in.


Madame Jade Paris

File contains:
Covert techniques, serials, pocket watch, various crystals, My beautiful breasts, PVC dress,
3 layers of voice including Covert, subliminal mind control messages, commands to breath for
vagus nerve relaxation, Goddess worship track. Sound effects, colorful imagery, Enjoy before
bed or whenever you like. There is NO WAKEup on this file…you can release (or not), Loop it,
or just drift off to a deep slumber.

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