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You like the idea to have a hot wife? A girl cheating on you with other men? Maybe you fantasy about her making you clean her lovers leftovers. However, you will find what you need so badly.


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*Teeny Weeny Cuckold Hypnosis

Your tiny little dick will never please a woman sexually, so the solution is hypnotic cuckold training to learn your place. 

It is the perfect place for you, on your knees beside My bed… watching Me fuck a real cock… the kind of cock every woman enjoys, a big, fat, long, hard, cock… the kind of cock that actually pleases a woman. No worries pet, after this hypnosis session you will learn to enjoy and get off on the humiliation of your pathetic teeny weeny, and being put in your new place as My personal little cuckold. 

Training is everything! During this intensely relaxing trance session, I use classic hypnosis techniques, a count down, progressive relaxation, NLP, subliminals, humiliation and laughter, sneaky mind control and brainwashing tactics, arousal trigger, and post hypnotic suggestions. This is REAL hypnosis so get ready for a deep intense experience! 

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Absolute Gay Sissy
This file is curse, and it will stay for you for the rest of your life. You will be cursed to change into a gay sissy and you will need to find a dominant master. You will become addicted to worship men in any way they want. You will love to suck cock, and you will become addicted to feel them sliding up their cocks into your sissy pussy. And every time you listen to this file the suggestions become stronger. There will be no way out. When you start this journey you will soon find a man, somone who control, dominate and feminize you completely. The changes will be locked in deeply. Soon you will start to wear panties, pantyhose or stockings and suspenders. You will turn into a real cumslut, a sex addicted gay cumslut.
This erotic hypnosis is 35 minutes long, with brainwaves and soft background music
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Absolute Gay Sissy Part 2
When you have been listening to the first part for a while you will want to go further on the path into your new future. This file is the follow up of "Absolute Gay Sissy" and the curse will become deeper and thighter. When you listen to this file you will start to crossdress every day, and humiliation will become a great turn on. Yes, the more humiliated you feel the more you need sex. Sex with men, and you will need a lot of it. You will start to think about female hormones and breast implants. You will want to attract men and so your pheromones will change to a female scent. This file will turn you into a gangbang slut, addicted to get as much cock as you can. You want to feel them sliding up your arse, flooding your sissy pussy with hot sticky cum, and you will need it every day because this is the new you.
This erotic hypnosis is 39 minutes long, with brainwaves and soft background music
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Afternoon at the beach
An afternoon at the beach

Let me lead you to the beach, it is time for your massage.
While I drain you body from any tension, you will soon get a rock hard
erection. You will be helpless and horny, and i will slowly increase
your arousal. This file ends with an overwhelming orgasm while you
enjoy a wonderful blowjob.
This file is male orientated and it includes cumeating.
More than 49 minutes of total exitement and arousal.
Have fun, and enjoy this sexual adventure
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Always plugged
This file is a curse, a curse that will make you want to wear a butplug all the time. You will feel incomplete without it, and your desire to fill your ass will grow and grow, untill you finally wear it all the time. When you reach this state, you will start to lust for bigger ones, yes bigger and more kinky ones, and you will start to surf the adultshops to find new plugs. And when you see the pictures, you will know exactly how it will feel to wear them, to ride them. And you need to have them, because your hungry ass needs to get feeded.
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Black Cock Cuck
First I'll relax you. You will get relaxed with your pants off, cock resting in hand.
Not stroking yet, but you may find you begin shortly.
Relaxing, taking deep breaths, while I whisper subliminals into your ear.
Taking over your mind and what makes your cock hard.

You will soon begin fantasizing about your woman being fucked by big cocks.
Not any big cocks, but big black cocks.
Filling up all of her holes.
You want her happy and you know your puny white cock can't do it.
So you want her to now have big black cocks.

You picture them fucking her, filling up her holes, knowing that her pussy now belongs to only black cocks - no white cocks allowed.
You find this turns you on, makes you want to explode, just by the thought of her fucking black cocks from here on out - forever.
You want her to be filled up by them, fucked by them, you want them to cum deep inside of her pussy.

You may even find that from here on out whenever you see a black man out in public or even on the tv, you'll automatically think about his big black thick throbbing juicy cock deep inside of her. You may find it immediately gets you rock hard. By the end of this, you may find you cannot help but jerk off to the thought of a big black cock fucking her right now, and you may just find that you make quite the mess....because her pussy now belongs to black cocks and it turns you on more than you could have ever imagined.

MP3 - 20:54 min

Sample includes 3 parts, as usual when you hear a pause it means it is moving on to the next part of the sample.
Sample http://dommehypnosis.com/blackcockcucksample.mp3
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Constant Cum Production. This file will be fun ( or not) for slaves in chastity, as well as for men who would like to turn into heavy cummers. Maybe a cuckoldress will use it to increase the amount of cum their bulls produce, so that the sloppy seconds turn into minutes. ;-) When you listen to this file, your body is going to begin producing more cum, than it ever has before in your life. Your body is going to start with how much it produces now, and it is going to produce a little more each and every day, until you are producing so much cum, that, if you do not orgasm at least once every 8 hours, it will begin leaking from the tip of your penis.
The other effect of this is going to be, that you will discover that you are capable of having multiple orgasms.
Multiple orgasms without running low, without feeling like you are running out, without even loosing energy.
And your sperm will be very sanely and it will have a very high fertility rate.

You will be a real baby maker ;-)
Or a really, really frustrated cucky or sissy.
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Chastity by hypnosis - bundle of 5 files combining it with tease and denial

SAVE 26.00 $ The chastity-bundle is a combination of 5 erotic hypnosis files. The base file is "Virtual Chastity".


The chastity hypnosis - bundle is a combination of 5 erotic hypnosis files. The base file is "Virtual Chastity".  You should listen to this file for a week on a regular daily shedule. When the device is in effect, you may add the Virtual Plug to this device, this file will make you feel a big vibrating butplug all day, until you finally went to sleep. 
To increase the frustration, this bundle comes with "Constant Cum Production" and "Hypnotic Viagra". I guess you can imagine what happens when you start to listen to this files too. BIG BLUE BALLS all day, and you will have no chance to whimp out. you will be totally at the mercy of your Mistress. The last file that comes with this bundle is "Tease and denial one". However, I hope you will enjoy your blue balls and the exquisite frustration. 
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Chastity Limp Stress
I begin by making sure you're nice and confused. The more confused you find yourself, the deeper down into hypnosis you get, confused, and relaxed, letting Me completely take over your mind and subconscious thoughts.

I then remind you about your cock size and your past with it. Reminding you how you've been picked on because of it, shy because of it, anxious and stressed when in sexual situations because of it. All because it's a pathetic and puny worthless little thing. Which we both know makes you a loser. Yes a loser because you don't have a real cock and you aren't a real man, you are nothing but a loser. Something that has never pleased anyone in this life. So if you haven't been able to please anyone with that worthless needle dick, why should you get to sexually please it?

YOU SHOULDN'T! So from here on out you will find that you won't be able to sexually please it, until you've first pleased Me. You will find that from here on out, any time you may be close to orgasm, you find yourself thinking of all those stressful moments I've reminded you about in this recording. You then become so stressed and anxious that your cock becomes limp and you're not able to cum. You are in an invisible chastity device by Me, only able to orgasm when I allow it. Yes I not only own you, but your cock too now.

So how can you fix this problem? Be able to finally orgasm again? Well only I now have the solution, you must obey, or face a limp dick for the rest of your loser life.

Fetishes: Chastity, financial domination, money slavery, orgasm control, extreme humiliation, small cock humiliation, sch, small penis humiliation, sph, laughing at you, verbal abuse, masturbation instruction, joi, findom, findomme, money domination, financial slavery, female domination, spoil goddess, mean girls

MP3- 47:57min

Audio effects & relaxing music in background

Has 3 different random samples from the recording. When you hear a moment of silence, it means it's moving on to the next part of the sample. http://dommehypnosis.com/limpdicksample.mp3
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Closet Secrets-Cuckold

Closet Secret

You have a closet secret of fantasies of other mens cocks.
So, in this file, I am going to take control, so that you can open up and enjoy a cock for me.
I am going to be your cuckoldress and make you play with another man whilst I am.
You will have to lick my juices from his cock and than make him cum.
You have always wondered what another mans cum taste like, so now it is time to find out,
with my permission,
In the end you will lick my pussy clean, whilst you blow your load.
So, open up and enjoy my commands.

Duration 46:16, including brainwaves and background music.

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Controlling your hands - Dildo play

In this file you will experience an extended anal play and your hands will perform my orders without any mercy. I will control your hands and you will obey. It is a good Idea to take an enema before you start this session and when you are a virgin in your backdoor, you should strech your sphincter with a slightly larger toy then the toy you use in this session. Get enough lube and lube up your toy and your anus before you start because you will fuck yourself for nearly 30 minutes and you will not have any chance to whimp out. When I take over control you will be at my mercy, and I will make you moan in bliss and pleasure. We will start slowly and I will lead you into a very deep trance. Touching your cock is not allowed thru the entire session because I want you to experience a mindblowing anal orgasm. You will cum for me in the end and you will orgasm again and again until you are completely exhausted. So take care that you have enough time to recover after this experience. I recommend to use a toy of 7 or 8 inch in length and 1.5 inch in diameter, because 30 minutes can be a very, very long time. 47 minutes of kinky and hard anal play with your favorite dildo, including white noise and brainwaves in the background. 

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Cuck Reprogramming by The Only Theodora

Become my brainwashed cuckold with this powerful clip... Because it's safer to let real men take care of the pleasure of the Only Woman you desire, namely Me! You're not fit for sex, and you know it full well. Pleasing a woman is so much pressure already, not to mention pleasing a Goddess like me...Let my sensuous voice guide you and mold your brain as it should be...

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