Cuckold Therapy - First Session

Cuckold Therapy - First Session

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Stella

(TWO mp3s included: Wife version & Girlfriend version)

Your wife’s been acting a bit strange recently… and I think I know
why ❤. She has a ravenous sexual appetite that you don’t satisfy.
A deep need for bigger, stronger men with cocks long enough to hit
her sweet spot. Give up all control, sweetie. Cum hard and accept
your place as a powerless cuckold in her superior presence.

This file contains 43 minutes of naughty cuckold brainwashing

I’m filling in for your usual therapist today, sweetie. My specialization
is in hypnotherapy, but I assure you it’s 100% effective. Now lie
back and let me drop you into a deep relaxing trance. I want to get
to the root of your relationship issues.

Let’s be honest, sweetheart. You lied to your old therapist about your
penis size. You’re not average at all, in fact, you’re quite inadequate.
Unsuitable for sexually pleasing your wife. She needs more. Bigger.
Thicker. Longer.

Stroke for me sweetie. Stroke your inadequate cock while your wife
cheats. From now on, your wife’s sex life does not include you at all.
You don’t have a say in what she wears, who she flirts with, or how
many cocks she sucks. You’ll simply stay out of her way, and let her
indulge in lust.

Other men want to fuck your wife. Your wife wants to be bred like a
slut. It’s so simple, isn’t it sweetie? It’s natural for her get all dolled up,
call her masculine ex boyfriend, and fuck all night long… in your own
house. Accept your place as her cuckold, and I may just let you cum.

The deeper in trance you go, the more cuckold desires I’ll implant in
your helpless mind. If you listen all the way to the end, these naughty
cuckold fantasies will be forever ingrained in your weak little brain.

Click here for the girlfriend version sample

  • Therapist fantasy
  • Induction into deep trance
  • Small penis humiliation
  • Cuckolding
  • Powerlessness in your wife’s sex life
  • Inferiority to stronger men
  • Jerk off instruction
  • Orgasm instruction

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