cuckold trance

cuckold trance

Experience Cuckold fantasies in our sessions Cuckold fantasy is famous all over the world, as people started knowing about the erotic, they started looking for various ways to drive their fantasies. Watching your hot wife, having sex with any other men, is a fantasy that can drive you crazy at time. You will be quite glad to know that at Sensualmistress we do serve you for the same as well. As we know everyone is not the same, some like having sex in some positions while others beg to differ. And one such kind is cuckold trance. Our crazy methods will drive you mad too, you will love to find yourself in a position which is not compromising but will bring a new chapter of satisfaction in your life. We, at Sensualmistress, Erotic Femdom trance consider it quite normal and also have separate sessions to deal with the same too. We have a full library for Cuckold trance audios available with us, so that you know how the same is conducted and can imagine in your mind once the session starts. Our trancetism techniques are quite simple and have helped many in conquering their thrust of being happy at any age. Our fendom trance expert will take you to a ride full of adventure and sex and make sure that you enjoy each and every second of the same. So, look forward and feel free to speak to our experts about your cuckold fantasies as we have a ready solution for you in our lap.

Erotic audio books


Pushing the Control Button

This trance may leave you with a ruined orgasm, or have you eating your own cum, if you don't complete it toy boy.
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PINK Snow Bunny

I KNOW you will make a perfect little PINK snow bunny for My strap on, as the BIG Bad Wolf fucks Me and I fuck your mind
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Carnival of LOVE House of Mirrors 3

At the end of the LAST Carnival of LOVE you were being taken to the bordello of LOVE to become a whore for Me, this takes you deeper into the new slut you are made to be sissy
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The BBC Marriage Saver

Your wife ordered this and left it for you. She still loves you but she craves BBC. If you dont let her enjoy the BBC she will divorce you. If you mention this file to her she will divorce you. You need to jerk off everyday for a month watching BBC porn. You need to condition yourself that its ok for her to have sex and give head to black dudes. In 1 month she will start her journey. She will start going out once a week after she is done she will go back to being your loving wife.
Become her cuckold or become her Ex-Husband

The choice is yours
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You are My Jerk Off

(VOICE sample and lingerie preview at my SITE know the name)

A story of erotic humiliation...femme fatale... erotic noir

Now this script is intended for those who like a little humiliation...but if that's not you,

perhaps you are a voyeur at the next table who is listening in, to a very taboo conversation.

A conversation between a poor little man and a femme fatale...

so relax, put on your headphones and take some deep breaths.

This story takes place in a coffee shop in a somewhat seedy neighborhood...

I've asked you to meet Me there and you agreed...

You see....It is My firm belief that a hot woman like Me...needs three men in her life,

to be truly and totally fulfilled... I'm talking about three very different types of men here...allow Me to explain...

The first man a smoking hot woman like Me needs, is a sugar step-daddy...

In bed...My sugardaddy is adequate...

But a woman like Me...needs so much more...

She needs a second man...the Stud... the stud is a man who was born to fuck women, as though he was put

on earth just to satisfy women sexual needs...

One time...I got My stud so horny in my little black cocktail dress.... then I told him I had just gotten a headache...

I remember his powerful hands all over Me...shredding My designer dress like tissue paper....I staggered back...clad in nothing but torn stockings and a tiny pair of fuck Me shoes....

Remember, that I said that a woman like Me needs three men in her life to be completely fulfilled... pay attention dear ...because this is where you come in....


Now let's review....

Let me explain the role of the jerk off...

My sugardaddy gets to fuck Me...and My stud fucks Me the way I need to be fucked...

but a Jerk Off...never gets to fuck Me...

And the story goes on to describe what I expect and what I do to My Jerk Off... I go on to humiliate and exploit him in front of My hot friends....

Categories: Mesmerize, smoking fetish, joi, femme fatale, vintage lingerie, voice fetish, femdom, findom,

goddess worship, old Hollywood, starlet

File Includes: Mesmerizng clasic noir visuals and special effects, classic lingerie, pantyhose,

bra, spirals, waist cincher and The sizzling voice of Madame Jade Paris with background light

rain and smoky noir style jazz ... get in bed and listen...My Pet...

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Your New Girlfriend Cheats Loves BBC


Your new Girlfriend Cheats Loves BBC Turns you into a Cuck
She gets off feeling like she is going to get caught
She loves when you buy her new Yoga Pants
She always has her pink panties peeking out the back
You watch her get ready in the bathroom
She goes to her girlfriends house twice a week
She always puts on tons of makeup and smells soooo good
Seems suspicious
Well you will soon find out why
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Cuckold for Patricia

Ever want to be called a pretty name? Like Patricia?.. ever want to be dressed up like a pretty satin whore and be FORCED to watch your lover being fucked by a bull?.... well then.. this is your kinda file.... you want to be trancetized... but more so... you want the choices taken away... the control. you KNOW what cuckolding is... know what it feels like to be excited by having a female dominate you.

#humiliation#dominance #cuckolding

Length 23:00
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Daily Cock Cage Training Cuckold POV pt1

Runtime 1 hour 16 mins 21 seconds

Cuckold POV Interactive audio. You will learn to love Cream Pies. It all starts with you in chastity with my vibrator. I explain the rules and give you a choice but of course you are so horny from the vibrator that it becomes a very tough choice. You can cum but then I leave right away and go get fucked by a real man or you can stop and I will stay home with you.

I think we know what you choose. You are being conditioned to love cream pies. You will learn to clean my pussy after other real men have fucked me. The only way for you to start loving cummies is for you to repeatedly eat your own. Sometimes you will lick the cummies form my hand sometimes from your own hand then finally you will lick cummies from other men from my pussy. Let your training began!
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