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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Enchantress Esmeralda

I admit, I love doing this to you! I love to tease and seduce you with my voice and my words, and ultimately take control of your mind! You have a void to fill .. and I fill your void.

I decided that I wanted to push past the barriers of limitations of not only just owning/controlling/training you, but to also allow you to share your training with another, your girlfriend, your wife, your lover, your partner; and there are also accommodations within this recording if you are currently partnerless, so anyone can listen to Cumnesia! I sneakily embedded those commands within this file, and I instruct you to forget. Will you forget? Maybe? Some of you will forget, and some of you may not, but either way, the suggestions remain the same, your training with Enchantress Esmeralda has now reached an all new level. 

Cumnesia. Cum. And. Forget. Cumnesia is a softer side of Enchantress Esmeralda, no whips, no strap ons, no feminization, no humiliation ..  just you, Me, and my silky suggestions slipping through your open, suggestible mind. Oh, and of course, my signature whispers ..  I think you are really going to love this softer side of Enchantress Esmeralda with this whole new experience of Cumnesia! 

Oh, and cumming .. I can’t forget that .. I  force allow you to cum, to embed my suggestions even deeper into your subconscious mind, I force allow you to jerk off and cum. Who doesn’t love a cum file? 

.. and for the business men who likes to partake in a little jerk off session while on the road, but might feel tinges of guilt commixed with their pleasure. This file will not only bind you tighter to Enchantress Esmeralda, but also .. to your loved one! .. and when you arrive home from your time away, you will arrive with such a submissive look on your face (and a smile), ready and willing to do anything to please your partner!

This file could be considered as a self-help relationship improvement hypnosis, while at the same time, binding you tighter to your hypnotherapist. How many self-help therapy sessions force allow you to cum? Win Win, I say! This is also a great beginner file, if you are new to My hypnosis.

Length: 44 minutes

Contains: Whispers, background music, fingersnaps, hypnotic and post hypnotic suggestions, mind control, brain washing, cum command, JOI, cum command



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          • femdom hypnosis
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Customer Reviews

Bill M

Cumnesia is a relaxing feel-good file like Bound to Me Now, a deep trancer like Secret Weapon, and JOI like I’m Forcing You. And yet Cumnesia is unique with memory tricks, mesmerizing bilateral whispers, and something else I think. Freedom. At least that is what my foggy memory recalls. But do you really want freedom when you are enslaved by the beautiful and brilliant Enchantress Esmeralda? There are some great ideas and good advice in this re-mastered version. Your wife or girlfriend will be very appreciative. The re-mastered audio is superb.

Bill M