Deep Web Programming - Dark Dirty
Welcome to Deep Web darkest H******s to date, so dark that it deeply affected me during the editing process. I'm not sure I've ever created anything quite like it. I'm super excited but also a little fearful of its release, but I know those hardcore H******s fans who love the real thing will revel in disappearing down such an ominous, deviant rabbit hole. This H******s left me in the deepest, darkest daze I have ever experienced during editing so, consider this a warning. This is, without a doubt, is the most potent file I’ve ever created.

This file utilises a vast array of frequencies, imagery, anchors and conditioning alongside my voice to guide you into a completely new way of thinking, a new way of functioning,. The frequency at which you become incredibly aroused in future will grow beyond anything you’ve experienced after partaking in this file. Utilising specific imagery from the deep web the file triggers specific receptors in the brain to cling on to eroticism in favour of any pain or stress creating an ever increasing addiction to the fantasies within your mind alongside an ever growing uncontrollable desire to fulfil them.

This is not a toy, this file will affect you, it’s my darkest most potent work so if you’re expecting a role play file, do not buy this.

Warning: This file contains flashing and is not suitable for those who have epilepsy or suffer from seizures. This file is not suitable for those who suffer from anxiety. This file contains imagery that may be disturbing to some viewers. This file contains frequencies that may cause nausea or other physical effects, discontinue using the file should any negative effects occur. By purchasing this file you agree that you are solely responsible for any outcome either positive, negative or otherwise that may arise from use of this file. By purchasing this file you agree that and it’s associates will not be held responsible for any and all outcomes or events that happen either directly or indirectly through the use of this file.
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A femdom erotic trance by Miss Annabel Grace
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