Domina's Money Management

Domina's Money Management

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 42 minutes

SEXY HOT PROVOCTIVE and extremely DANGEROUS. Combining trance and the POWER of My brainwashing you will find NO way out of this money pit.
If you have ever had a desire to give it all to a sexy, wicked, naughty girl...well, your dreams will come true...all the while you are held in chastity.

Be careful, I am NOT kidding or teasing...This session is EXTREME Financial Domination. So, if you are NOT excited by Manipulation and losing your money...well My advice is...giggles.

Although, you can still just listen and see what it MIGHT feel like...and with the stimulation, it might be a tiny part of your hidden desires...

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Despite the warning in the description I strongly recommend this session to all serious devotees of Domina Shelle. The listener is given some leeway in the interpretation of the strong findom suggestions and, for me at least, this was enough to avoid findom becoming a strong compulsive fetish. The rest of the session is beautifully scripted and again demonstrates the immense creativity and unique talent Domina Shelle has for femdom oriented erotic trance. I could listen to this session for hours, her voice is that sensual and easy on the ear, you quickly forget this is actually a coercive trance session.

If anything the desire to be chaste is as compelling and this is what actually draws me back to this session again and again. Although findom is not a fetish for everyone, myself included, Domina gives even a sceptical listener freedom to enjoy this session without being compelled to tribute blindly. That said there is also enough of a tease in this session to appreciate why findom could become very compelling.

If you love the idea of findom then you've truly hit the jackpot and you are about to lovingly tribute whatever you can to your adorable Domina, because let's face it she is priceless!