DRIVE with Esmeralda and her Friend

DRIVE with Esmeralda and her Friend

DRIVE with Esmeralda and her Friend

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This is a conversation between Enchantress Esmeralda and her friend, Judy, as they discuss your performance evaluation as My submissive slave.
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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

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You have always wanted Me to do a recording with one of My friends, haven't you?  Ever since you met some of My strap-on wielding friends in Broken by Esmeralda, you have been craving for more attention and humiliation, from Enchantress Esmeralda and her Friends.  Well, kneel down and kiss the ground I walk on, because I will be fulfilling one of your wishes today.  

It's that time again … your performance evaluation with Enchantress Esmeralda, as she pops in on your drive in to work, but this time, she brings her friend Judy, to ride along to give you positive, reinforcing feedback on how well you have been doing, as her submissive slave.

You remember Judy, don't you, the strap on wielding dominatrix friend of Esmeralda's, who you intimately acquainted yourself with at Esmeralda's 'Broken' party, as you were her party favor. If you don't remember, perhaps she wiped your mind clean again! No worries, we can always create new, humiliating memories for you.

In this audio, Esmeralda and Judy discuss your strengths and weaknesses, and give suggestions for areas of improvement, never holding back on sarcasm, taunts, and humiliations, all designed for your self-improvement and on-going slave training.

Length: 38 minutes

Contains: Two female voices, background voice tracks, trancetic deepener suggestions, humiliations, feminization, laughter, foot fetish, breath sounds, ambient traffic, background music

Does Not Contain: trancetic induction and Count up

Ethereal by Punch Deck |
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Drive 2 takes me further down the road of no return. There is the same realization of hard reality weighing on me but the ambience is different. I find myself floating in a light trance able to drive only from Your controlling commands. I am a permanently feminized slut ready to whore for my master. And you have brought Your friend, a backseat driving dominatrix and foot model named Judy who is quite adept at humiliation. The two of you hurl cruel barbs and taunts making my mind feel like a pin cushion. Do I hate it? No. I want my whole body to be assaulted in every way. My diminished clitty of a cock is throbbing and my pussy of an ass is pulsing and puckered begging for penetration and pain. The two of you have better things to do. You ridicule my begging and squirming and laugh and laugh and laugh. You know my every weakness Enchantress, my every secret, and I will do your bidding in utter devotion as long as You allow me to.