DRIVE with Esmeralda

DRIVE with Esmeralda

DRIVE with Esmeralda

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This is the first 4 minutes of the file, and I am just getting warmed up!
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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

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Fasten your seat belts … you are about to Drive with Esmeralda … and she does not allow you to drive in the slow lane! Enchantress Esmeralda is putting her boot down, and having a very one sided one-on-one chat with you, so you better listen very carefully!

This file is a bit different than my usual format. I would almost call this Esmeralda Unplugged, as it feels like an acoustic to Me! No bells and no whistles … just you, Me, and a little drive. I did add ambient traffic sound in the background to make it sound more authentic.

So, in this file, Enchantress Esmeralda appears next to you in the passenger seat, and had a drive in to work with you. Make no mistake, however, Esmeralda is always in the driver’s seat! She has a little one sided chat with you, but does ask you some questions, which will require your input, so you better pay attention! I heard she also has a checklist … and is doing one-on-one slave evaluations. I sure hope you pass her inspections!

** This is not intended to be a trancetic file, however, if you are trained to My voice, it may very well be trancetic to you. For that reason, I do not suggest that you actually listen to this while driving your car!

Length: 34 Minutes

Contains: My voice, ambient traffic, plug command, light humiliation, light fin/dom, light feminization, Femdom

Copyright (©) 2012-2019 ESMEROTICA by ENCHANTRESS ESMERALDA All Rights Reserved

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I was expecting soothing music, soft whispers, and a sleepy fantasy of Your sweet domination, but right off my mind switched to the ZZ Top lyric "You better think twice, boy, it's an awful hurt. It's like concrete, concrete and steel." I never got the chance to think twice though. I found my self in a very real scene where you did all the thinking for me. I was helpless, totally dependent on Your mercy in a world of traffic noise and hard choices that I was too weak to make. I could only submit totally to Your will. That is my new reality and I love it! You are the best, Enchantress!