Enchanted Poppy

Enchanted Poppy

Enchanted Poppy

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

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trance is the drug .. and Enchantress Esmeralda is your personal addiction …

Enchanted Poppy brings you more of a seductive, poetically erotic experience as I bombard your senses with triggers of arousal, even bringing in a past trigger for back-to-the basics reinforcement, as I take your training to a whole new level of eroticism. You have asked how you can pleasure your Enchantress.  In Enchanted Poppy, not only will you pleasure me, you will achieve extreme pleasure from the pleasuring.

One of the things you are really going to love about this trancetic experience is just how aroused and controlled you are going to feel. You will really want to let go and surrender to this poppy enchanted erotic experience! I wonder what happens when you really begin to surrender to the experience of this poppy induced hallucinogenic state of trance and you become aware of the hallucinogenic effects of the poppy over your mind, as you fall deeper down in your perfect level of trance.

You will love the feeling of having your face buried between My legs .... ready to worship Me .... addicted to worshiping your Enchantress .... and as you inhale ...  you will begin using that slutty mouth to service My Divine pussy, like a well-trained pussy slave......

It makes sense to dream about the things we’ve lost and the things we hope for, but it is time to dream of new things, and when you do, they will start to come true. Sleep and dream, dream of the new, in your poppy induced state of trance.

Length: 53 minutes

Contains: Erotic Femdom trance, Guided Imagery Induction,  Mind control, Brainwashing, trancetic Triggers, Post trancetic Suggestions, Whispers, Multi-Voice Tracks, Cunnilingus, Sensual Moans, Finger Snaps, Breath Sounds, Background music, Count Up



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Enchantress!!! I have been immersed in Your "sweet sacred nectar" for the entire weekend. I listen to this trancetic masterpiece over and over, and I go deeper each time. There is so much going on with the background tracks, and yet the main narrative shines through in strong poetic language. The whispers and other voices seep through on repeated listens. The audio mix is perfect.Enchanted Poppy is one of Your more trancetic files and is very sexy too. Curious newcomers should give this file a try if they have had trouble going into trance with other trancedommes. There is no escape from You, Enchantress, but who would want to?