Erotic trance for males

Erotic trance for males

Tame yourself by opting for male trance


Sensualmistress with its expert solution can master your body and tame it while making you excited on the other side. We have been looking forward to enrolling males for our sessions to realize their power in meditation and bringing another phase in their life full of erotic excitement and stimulation.


We find males as sensitive as women; getting a liked sense women sometimes becomes difficult for them. Sensualmistress helps them to meditate and to reach the highest level of satisfaction by just listening to our highly skilled erotic tranceist.


Our erotic trance audios consist of stripping, shaking and full of actions that will not only result in orgasm but with a broad sense of satisfaction too. Her calm and seductive voice will make you think about those corners of your body which you have been missing for years. Sex is not about finding others but is about finding yourself too. And we help you to fulfill the quest of your body.


We have exclusively scripted erotic audio stories for you, taking your toe exquisite tour of the sexual journey with the pace of the voice and executing them in your mind. Our male erotic trance preparation, will not only help you in relaxation for your body but will help you in extracting from depression too.


Every time is right when you head to the correct destination, so here we are with the perfect tactics of erotic femdom trance for you. Are you ready to go for an adventurous excitement ride with us?

Erotic audio books


Beyond The Red Door

How about a bare ass spanking coupled with some humiliation to put you in your place? I know you must remember that feeling of dread when Mommy put you over her knee. You must be feeling so many different emotions reading this. Your arousal is no surprise to Me, darling, there are reasons you're a submissive.
Come, come assume the position and get what you deserve.

Ms Lisa

Safe Word
Trigger phrase
Corporal Punishment
Sub Training
Role Play
Mommy like authority figure
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FinDom Bliss

Ready to LEARN how to PAY and OBEY, a trip to My cabin takes your mind deep into FinDom Bliss as you learn to Please, Pleasure, Pamper, Protect and Provide for Me each Friday
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The shemale has a big tasty cock


This is a Dildo Sucking Instructions video | JOI CEI You get on your knees and suck your dildo as you watch the video Best to view if you can suck your dildo in front of your computer screen Will also work if you just hold it and suck it NO DILDO? Thats ok use 2 fingers Follow all my instructions You can jerk off as you suck but do not cum till the end of the cum countdown Includes a super Kinky Cum countdown Then a mesmerize ending There is layers upon layers of voice tracks The mesmerizing ending guides you to eat your own cum My beta testers ate theirs every single time so the chances of you eating your own cum is very very high
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Sissy Deep Throat Practice

Runtime 5:27

You are supposed to play this one in a loop so you can suck and deepthroat for hours! :)

Before you start this clip be naked with your dildo out. Place it in front of your face and jerk yourself while you practice deepthroating it. You can put my clip on repeat till that gag reflex gets nice and loose so you can handle the big cocks!

By the time I am finished with you that mouth will be able to take anything and that sissy throat of yours will be stretched to the max
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Gooning Training Part 1

Curious about gooning? Gooning is a state of your mind and body that occurs after a prolonged edging, teasing and control of arousal.

I guide you as your body and mind focus only on the sensations when you stroke, so exquisitely aroused and fascinated, overwhelming sensual desires that you become completely mesmerized. You find yourself feeling almost transcendent, an elevated, psychedelic, overwhelming experience, becoming one with the sensations, one with your intense arousal.

Stroke for me. Now.
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Latex Oblivion by Mistress Chadford

Worship my beautiful body, encased in shiny, mesmerizing skin-tight latex. Give in to my voice as the red latex increases your focus on my beautiful full breasts. Gaze upon my amazing high arches and delicate toes as you feel yourself slipping into a mesmerizing dream of shiny latex and arousal. Latex Oblivion.
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Repeat after me

I understand how a boy like you can easily become over excited when you're alone with a woman like me. So I know you're going to want to listen to me and do as I say. I'm going to lead you through a series of affirmations where I'll have you speak out some sentences. They're going to feel so true and right to you that you're not going to be able to help yourself from connecting with them emotionally.
You're happy to be a man who can't control his cock? You come to quick?
Just fully admit the truth to yourself.
Affirmation Trance file (13:02)
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Golden Cocoon

A Queen Bee doesn't need to invite you into the colony like a Spider to the Fly, you enter and sink into the role of a new DRONE so easily, for Me
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