Esmeralda Underground

Esmeralda Underground

Esmeralda Underground

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

Welcome to Esmeralda Underground .. where I keep all of my .. broken toys. It’s Enchantress Esmeralda story time! Slip on your headphones and get yourself comfortable, and I will lull you into sleepy slumber while I tell you the tale of Esmeralda Underground. 

There are these haunting whispers, of a woman, that have been taunting you for days, or weeks or longer. You hear them inside of your mind, like a loop, that keeps playing over and over again. Sometimes you are able to decipher the whispered words, other times, they are unintelligible, just out of your reach of understanding.

Feeling restless, you get into your car and drive. You have no destination, but just feel this growing need for change in your life. You drive, mindlessly, almost trancetically around a town you have always known. You pass familiar places. Places where you have memories. Some fond memories, and some, not so fond. This restlessness grows within you, and you keep driving .. with your mind wandering as aimlessly as the spinning wheels under you. You pass through parts of town that you know well, and through parts of town you swear you have never seen before. 

That is when you saw it .. This place that must have been calling you, if that is even possible for a place to summon a person. You are in a part of town you do not recognize. The blinking light over the establishment is trancetic and beckons to you. 

In this erotic femdom experience, I submerge you into a trance like state with a progressive relaxation induction, finger snap count down deepeners, and then I seduce you with My emerald green mist of sexual energy as I lead you into the story of how you were first summoned by Enchantress Esmeralda. Not only is this a wonderful bed time story, but this is also your intro file to Esmeralda Underground, where I will be creating add-on mini dungeon fantasies. You will be able to mix and match your fantasy experience. I have already included 2 add on experiences that you can loop to the end of this file, .

INCLUDES2 FREE BONUS LOOP TRACKS for a total of 25 additional minutes!  This recording was created with the intention of leaviing the ending open-ended.  I will be offering Mix and Match add-on fantasies that you will be able to add on to the end of this recording, for your own personalized fantasy experience.  I am offering the 2 bonus tracks to get you started on your erotic journey.  This download includes 3 files.  If you have a particular fantasy, contact Me and I will see what I can do.

LENGTH: 55 minutes plus 25 additional minutes with Bonus files

CONTAINS:  Erotic, Femdom, Brain Washing, Mind Control, Progressive relaxation induction with count down deepener, Fingersnap deepeners, Multiple tracks, including whisper track, Breath sounds, Background music.

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Beautiful trance! You are the only trancedomme who can totally take my mind away! The starter file works perfectly as an induction to the new Suckulent Slut Puppet as well as with the files that come with it. Thank you, Wicked Enchantress!