Esmeraldas trance Academy pt 1

Esmeraldas trance Academy pt 1

Esmeraldas trance Academy pt 1

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

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So, you want My training, but don’t want to go through the grueling 8 weeks of My boot camp training? So, you want to become more and more trancetized by Me, with a more pliable mind for Me to manipulate? Well, I am going to give you a 4 session crash course on how to become My perfect trancetic subject, as I tease and seduce you with layers of My control.

If you have never listened to My files, this is the perfect place to begin our trancetic journey together, My pet.

LENGTH: 37 minutes

CONTAINS: Main trancetic voice, 2 background voice tracks, plus a whisper track, slave training, brain washing, mind control, finger snap deepeners, breath sounds, and background music.

** Does not contain a count up so this file can be looped.


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There are many dommes who can arouse my cock, but You are the only one who can take my mind. Enchantress Esmeralda You are truly the master trancetist


As always now, Enchantress took control of my mind and body in the first few minutes of listening to this file. With each finger snap, i became weaker, more horny and numb as I could feel my will dissolve into Enchantress Esmeralda's will. I cannot get enough of that feeling and all i want to now is listen to Esmeralda's venomous voice as I obey everything she tells me. So fucking HOT!
i need more training! I need more of Enchantress Esmeralda!