FATHOM by Esmeralda

FATHOM by Esmeralda

FATHOM by Esmeralda

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

You love when I trancetize you and I explain how things really are, don’t you? 

You love when I humiliate and tease you, don’t you?

You love to feel My powerful control over your mind and body, don’t you?

You love when I trancetically paralyze you, and squeeze you tightly, don’t you?

You love when I ensnare you into My sticky web, and use you for My perverse pleasure, don’t you?

Fathom is that, and much, much more!

… this erotic story begins with you slipping on your very tight fitting wet suit, and taking a deep dive into the mystical ocean with My Fathom Induction, where I pull you under, fathom, after fathom.

I am wondering right now, if you can even fathom, just how trancetized, humiliated, controlled, manipulated, milked, and captivated you will be with just one listen of this powerful listening experience?

Fathom … where Beguiled meets Drive and you are Blindsided, over and over again, creating a chain reaction, within your pathetic mind and body.

I was challenged to write a script where I use the duo meaning of ‘fathom’.  Of course, the most logical and methodical way for you to experience the duo meaning of ‘fathom’ was to drop you into the ocean abyss, where you once again encounter the siren of your dreams, the one and only, Enchantress Esmeralda.

I pull out all the stops in this masterfully layered erotic experience, layering My powerful, beautiful voice with appropriate sound effects to create a mesmerizing, trancetic adventure, where I bombard you with truths that are undeniable, because they are happening to you, right now, as I ensnare you in my sticky web, for My own perverse pleasure.

Can you fathom just how powerful Enchantress Esmeralda has become?  Do you dare step into My ocean lair to discover your own truths?

Can you Fathom being humiliated as you are slowly being milked and probed?

With each listen, you will discover more and more, about who you really are, and what My devious plans are, for you, My sticky boy.

LENGTH:  57 minutes

CONTAINS:  trancetic Induction, trancetic Deepener, Multi-layer trancetic voice tracks, Background Whispers, Laughing, Sound Effects, Binaural beats, Breath Sounds, Finger Snaps, trancetic Triggers, Deep Humiliation, Mind Control, Brain Washing, Ocean Wave Background Music, and Count Up, Milking, Anal Play, HFO  DOES NOT CONTAIN Feminization.


All Rights Reserved

You may not post any of My recordings or videos anywhere without My direct approval and knowledge.

You may not use any portion of My recordings or videos for personal or public use.

You may not Sell or Share any of My recordings or videos.

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I think the most powerful enslaving session, the trance was so different straining on every word and trying to decipher every whisper wondering what was to come next, I thought orgasm was certainty as the constriction became so much tighter I could even feel a butt plug as I clenched, moist droppings on my belly getting hot under the latex like warm wax, I was petrified but couldn’t move or think of consequences hadn’t prepared normally have a hand towel or absorbent wipes around but was so helpless. Talk about sex magic all I can think about is going to bed tonight bloody hell my Goddess Dominatrix what inspired this.


Fathom is a real master stroke. All of Your trancetic fantasies are very erotic and humiliating, Enchantress.. What I can’t really fathom is that this time the humiliation was no fantasy. It was real and very physical. I realized that I am totally in Your control and at your mercy as I lay drained and dripping and begging for more. I love it!