Fellatrix University - Suckslut trance

Fellatrix University - Suckslut trance

Fellatrix University - Suckslut trance

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella




Cover art © Fellatrix (HD art and trancetic animated gif included in this purchase)

Two versions included: For Sissies and For Women
This is the first time I've included a version for women! Enjoy :)

Getting trancetized by a college girl in her dorm room... what could go wrong? Once you're deep in my trancetic trance, you'll find out. Your fragile mind will be put on a slow descent into cocksucking depravity where pleasure takes complete control. When I'm done with you, the only words left in your pretty little head will be "suck... suck... suck..."

After seeing a flyer for a trancetherapy experiment on campus, you've arrived at my dorm room as a willing subject. I'm not actually a student at this college, I'm from Fellatrix University, conducting audio therapy experiments. Lie on the bed for me, sweetie... let's begin.

After I guide you deep down into a truly relaxing dream state, the real fun starts. I play relaxing sounds for you... but one particular sound entices you. The sound of suckling. Gentle, soft suckling. It's natural to like that sound, we all instinctively know how to suckle when we're born. There's nothing wrong with it, sweetie.

In fact, you want to suck on something right now. Whenever I say the word "suck", your lips purse and stick out a bit, all on their own. Your tongue slides out and flickers at the air. Needy. Hungry. Desperate for something long, thick, and juicy to suck on. 

You know exactly what it is you crave between your lips, sweetheart. Don't even try and fight it. That face your making... it's the face of a cocksucking whore. And now that your true nature is out in the open, I can really start brainwashing the fuck out of your cock-hungry mind...

36 minutes of blowjob-focused mindfucking

  • Erotic college girl trancetherapy scenario
  • Induction into deep relaxation
  • Obsession with sucking on things
  • Cocksucking desire
  • Cock and ball worship
  • Cum drinking addiction
  • Objectification - your mouth is just a hole
  • Tasting your own precum
  • Trigger - the word "SUCK" will force you to assume a blowjob face, tongue flickering.


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