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Feminization hypnosis

Feminization hypnosis
Feminization hypnosis is a great and working tool to change you body and mind. 
If you feel that you are born in a false gender, feminization hypnosis will help to become a real woman
Some men try surgery to become a woman. Surgical operations are used to change your appearence. There is another aspect the need to be changed if you want to feel, act and behave like a women. If your mind map is still programmed like a male mind map, you will not have the success you desire to have. This is the point where feminization hypnosis helps to break down the psychological barriers that prevent a man to become a truly woman. 
In other word, you can use feminization hypnosis to prepare yourself for the second step, the surgical operation.
You will act and feel like women long before you make the decision to go this final step. And you will be much more confident with your decision to live as a woman in society. 
Feminization hypnosis techniques are useful and hot among transvestites, the transgendered and transsexuals to tap the woman inside their bodies.hat are the main steps to get feminized?
If you desire to get feminized, you need to wake your inner girl, or if it still awake, you need to make her stronger and more dominant against your inner boy. You can reach this goal following some simple steps.
1. Using hypnosis you need to reach a state of total relaxation
Its the same like every hypnosis. The first step is to relax yourself. This is done by following the insturction given in the induction part of my hypnosis files. When you go deep, and reach a state of deep relaxation you will be more receptive to the suggestions and you will improve the results of the process.
2. Removing fears and inhibitions as well as cleaning up your system of beliefs.
It is the most important thing to clean your mind from any negative thoughts, any fears and inhibions. It is the same as if you want to get some new furniture for your livingroom. If you don´t remove the furnitures you will not have enought place to put the new pieces in. Or, if you have enought place, the old furniture didn´t match the new one. It doesn´t work.
So feminization hypnosis need to "clean up the room" before the new you can take place. You need to remove any negative and destructive thoughts in your mind and think completely positive about your future feminization.
3. When this is done we can start to program your mind with the new hypnotic suggestions
There are 2 types of suggestions. 
The first type focus on feminizing your mind. This suggestions will help to walk, act, think and behave like a woman. 
The second type focus on feminization your body. Yes, that´t right, hypnosis can be used to change your appearance. It can be used for breastenlargement as well as forhair removal. You can also use hypnosis to get a more female voice, fuller lips and larger hips.
Someone may find it unethical, but there are really some men who have the desire to get feminized and hypnosis is one way to achieve this goal even if you are not sure that you really want to go the final step of surgery.


Sambas Brainwash - feminized sex Toy

Welcome to my brainwash files. It is time for you to follow my instructions, to accept and repeat what I command. It is time for a change, a change that will be with you for the rest of your life.  Let me inside your deepest self to brainwash your mind, to become a feminized sex toy, to recognize that all the pleasure and happiness, the joy in your life, comes from being female. Anything sexual you are told to do, you will want to do with great pleasure. If you are told to practise sex, hard sex, dirty sex,  then you will do it willingly, and lovingly. Whenever you are demanded to give pleasure, you automatically experience the same sensations yourself. You are a feminized sex toy.

41:49 Minutes including, feminization, brainwaves and soft music.


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Sublimes Ivy - Mimic

This file is dedicated to crossdressers, sissys and to everyone who would like to feel, act, or be a real woman. You will learn automatically to mimic real women so you can behave like a real woman, how they walk, how they talk, how they dress, their mannerisms, everything that a real woman does. Nice music with sublime messages to deepen your desires. There are no brainwaves, so you can listen without the risk of falling asleep. Perfect to listen with headphones, driving your car, or in your office, and no one will know. If you listen to the full session - Mimic - before, you can deepen them even more with the sublime music files.
5:03 min of feminization.

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Such a Good Girl MP3

It truly is rooted in your very core, pretty girl. You desire nothing else on this planet but your perfect Goddess towering over you, controlling your every move. You are a doll, a plaything for me .. so slutty, subservient .. you can't fight it. Might as well give in.

This file contains

  • neuro-linguistic programming
  •  layers of moans, dirty talk, and wet mouth sounds
  •  encouragement of slutty obedient behavior
  •  intensification of feminine submissive role
  •  sensual masturbation encouragement

File is 6 minutes long.

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Subby Hubby Training Continued
A continuation to this one https://www.sensualmistress.com/husband-trainer-wifeys-dildo-to-a-real-mans-cock.html

Now that you are dressed up as a girl

Lets continue your training | Tons more humiliation for you!!!!!



I will now go over the new rules

Runtime 23:45
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Yummy Cummies 5 pack
Contains 5 Audio clips to get you on your way to eating your own yummy cummies

Coffee Cum CEI for Beginners
Wanking & CEI
Dressing Room JOI & CEI
Yummy Cummies Joi & Cei
Eat your own cum like a street corner girl today

Runtime 40 mins
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Hands free Anal Rider RIDE AND SQUIRT

Just hop on your dildo and play my audio file

Use Headphones for best results

Sexual Sounds and Moaning

Runtime 40:26
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Worship Big Juicy Dicks Audio
Are you thinking about the big juicy D again?
If you love the texture of the SKIN
If you like how it glides over your TONGUE?
If you love little Spurts of PRE CUM in your mouth?

YOU will enjoy my clip >>> JOI & CEI INCLUDED

Runtime 15:49
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Kim has a penis and Beta Cumslut jason takes it
This is in the POV of Kim
Meaning Kim aka The Shemale/Tranny listens

This clip is great for single people and couples
This clip is great for straight or gay people

Cock Worship
Anal Sex
Much Much more

Runtime 12:16

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