Feminization hypnosis

Feminization hypnosis

Feminization hypnosis

Become the real You with feminization hypnosis

Not all people are satisfied with the bodies they were born in. Some feel that they should have had a different gender that would have better fit their personality. Luckily, such people can find a way out and live a happy life without experiencing discomfort caused by the discrepancies between their inner and outer selves. For those who feel trapped in their men’s bodies, Sensualmistress.com offers a perfect solution – hypno feminization.


You are probably wondering what it is. In short, it’s a process of feminizing a man by putting him into a trance with hypnosis and making suggestions that will allow him to think and behave like a woman. This practice can help transgender people change their appearance and get a more female voice, walk, wider hips, and fuller lips.


Feminization hypno is an entirely safe technique that can spare you from costly psychological interventions and cosmetic procedures. Let’s figure out how it works.

How can you get hypno-feminized?

We provide our services in a unique way that allows you to get the desired results quickly and effectively. To this end, we use feminization hypnosis audio to tackle your fears and false beliefs about yourself. All the files are recorded by our professional mistresses, who are proficient in making suggestions that actually work. We can also provide you with a custom recording to meet your specific gender needs. 


Here are the three steps of the feminization hypnosis process:

  1. Reaching a relaxation state. This is the foundation of any hypnosis technique used to build the bond between you and your hypnodomme.

  2. Freeing your mind from disruptive thoughts. After completing this stage, you will be able to change your perception of self and pave the way for further personality restructuring.

  3. Creating new suggestions to feminize your body and soul. The final step results in the transformation of your behavior and image.

If you’ve always wanted to be a woman but were born with the wrong gender, don’t fall into despair. This is not a curse that can’t be cured. With our shemale feminization, you will become a confident lady to reveal your inner self.

Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video



I'm the most powerful witch on the world.. you are gere becouse you know i jave big powers.. i am able to read your mind.. i read your little secret.. are you scared?
Don't worry only me and you know your secret.. you want to be a woman.. you want to feel like a woman.. you want to be as beautiful as a woman.. so i have a powerful spell .. this spell could turn you into a woman.. and to start the life like a woman..

16 min
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Unreal BIMBO

This isn't real, I can't MAKE you into a mindless sexy HORNY bimbo sex toy... or can I?
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Welcome to the darkest fears inside you.. you are alone in the darkness.. you are so scared.. Can you survive till i break your mind?
I break your mind.. you are surrounded by the fears.. I force your thoughts to the hell..

12 min
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Chastised Latex Fuckdoll-Deep Throat

This file is to train you to deep throat dildo’s and eventually real cocks. You need to either were some feminine clothes or latex. The more latex the better.

You will also need a hood. Latex will be best but any open eye and mouth hood will do.

You should also be wearing a butt plug. Fuck dolls always want their asses full. And if you want, you can use a penis gag and a suction cup dildo. You may also wish to wear nipple clamps.

Once you are dressed for this. You can continue the file.

This file can be used while relaxing and listing to the file and you can also listen to the file while practicing sucking a dildo.

You will need to practice on the dildo daily. I want you to be my faceless, nameless, feminized, chastity slave. I want you to be my latex fuckdoll.

Duration 46:39, including brainwaves, feminization, latex, deep throat, chastity and background music.

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Chastised by your Mistress

I am going to give you what you really really want to be the perfect sissy that you long to be!  
I am going to chastise you in my very own custom made titanium cage, to create a perfect little clitty and cute little ovaries.

You will no longer be able to get hard as you will remain limp and shrink, making you the perfect sissy.

You will no longer be able to have sissygasm, unless I permit it.

You will be the perfect cock worshipper by giving pleasure to huge cocks and balls,of manly male slaves that I order to fuck your sissy pussy and your sissy mouth.

This is the beginning of your chastity training, to become forever limp. I own you and your sissy clitty, along with the key to your cage

35:54 min, sissy hypno, chastity, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.

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You know how much powerful mistress is.. could you image how much strong could be my power if near me there is the devil? Could you image how stron could be my hypnosis if y power is more and more stronger thanks to the devil.. I and the devil brainwash your mind.. take control of your life and do a spell to be devoted to the devil..

15 min
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You know how much powerful is my voice.. you know that as soon as you listen to my voice yo can't resist to fall down into a deep trance.. today i will be sensual and hypnotic as i never been before.. I enchante you with my power and try to bring you into my world.. this time you have to try to resist to my power.. you have to try to resist not to sleep.. not to go into trance.. Will you be able to win Mistress? Or will you be a loser as usual? I think you will be a slave as usual unable to resit to my power..

13 min
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Crossdressed horny bimbo slut 2

You love to wear women`s clothes, you love to behave like a girl and you love to be a horny bimbo slut.

You love dressing yourself in a way  that people know immediately that  anything you want is sex. And to really be the horny bimbo slut you allways wanted to be, to look, act, and behave  like one, your cock has to stay limp and loose all times.

So, as a good slut you need to be cursed to stay soft. Cursed to stay limp and loose during sex.

You'll have to start finding new ways to orgasm, to feel your arousal shifting from your cock to your ass. To feel the emptiness, and the desire to get filled.

I want you to feel the growing desire to get fucked all the time, and staying limp and loose makes you so pretty.

I want you to be my slut, unable to get hard.

Listen and discover how wonderful it is, to behave like a horny bimbo slut.

The Duration of this File is 37:44 min. It includes soft background Music, bimbo, anal, curse, sound Effects and Brainwaves.

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