Feminization trance

Feminization trance

Feminization trance

Become the real You with feminization trance

Not all people are satisfied with the bodies they were born in. Some feel that they should have had a different gender that would have better fit their personality. Luckily, such people can find a way out and live a happy life without experiencing discomfort caused by the discrepancies between their inner and outer selves. For those who feel trapped in their men’s bodies, Sensualmistress.com offers a perfect solution – trance feminization.


You are probably wondering what it is. In short, it’s a process of feminizing a man by putting him into a trance with trance and making suggestions that will allow him to think and behave like a woman. This practice can help transgender people change their appearance and get a more female voice, walk, wider hips, and fuller lips.


Feminization trance is an entirely safe technique that can spare you from costly psychological interventions and cosmetic procedures. Let’s figure out how it works.

How can you get trance-feminized?

We provide our services in a unique way that allows you to get the desired results quickly and effectively. To this end, we use feminization trance audio to tackle your fears and false beliefs about yourself. All the files are recorded by our professional mistresses, who are proficient in making suggestions that actually work. We can also provide you with a custom recording to meet your specific gender needs. 


Here are the three steps of the feminization trance process:

  1. Reaching a relaxation state. This is the foundation of any trance technique used to build the bond between you and your trancedomme.

  2. Freeing your mind from disruptive thoughts. After completing this stage, you will be able to change your perception of self and pave the way for further personality restructuring.

  3. Creating new suggestions to feminize your body and soul. The final step results in the transformation of your behavior and image.

If you’ve always wanted to be a woman but were born with the wrong gender, don’t fall into despair. This is not a curse that can’t be cured. With our shemale feminization, you will become a confident lady to reveal your inner self.

Erotic audio books



The shemale has a big tasty cock


This is a Dildo Sucking Instructions video | JOI CEI You get on your knees and suck your dildo as you watch the video Best to view if you can suck your dildo in front of your computer screen Will also work if you just hold it and suck it NO DILDO? Thats ok use 2 fingers Follow all my instructions You can jerk off as you suck but do not cum till the end of the cum countdown Includes a super Kinky Cum countdown Then a mesmerize ending There is layers upon layers of voice tracks The mesmerizing ending guides you to eat your own cum My beta testers ate theirs every single time so the chances of you eating your own cum is very very high
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Sissy Deep Throat Practice

Runtime 5:27

You are supposed to play this one in a loop so you can suck and deepthroat for hours! :)

Before you start this clip be naked with your dildo out. Place it in front of your face and jerk yourself while you practice deepthroating it. You can put my clip on repeat till that gag reflex gets nice and loose so you can handle the big cocks!

By the time I am finished with you that mouth will be able to take anything and that sissy throat of yours will be stretched to the max
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Pretty Hott Girl Introduces you to BBC

The Story of The White Boi that met the cute girl that Introduces him to TASTY JUICY BBC

We met at the bar last night.
We Exchanged Numbers
You assumed my Phone Number was fake
You called it

I gave you my real phone number

I invite you over
YOU think I want to have sex with you

I have other plans

You see I do this all the time
I often meet white bois at the bar

My Big Black friends Love little white bois

My Black Friends Love my nice big swimming pool too

So I always invite the white Bois over to go swimming with me

and before they know it

They are sucking off all my black friends

I edge you the whole time I convince you to look and touch and suck the BBC

Then I tease you with my vibrator after I put the chastity on you

I keep you horny and you will end up doing anything for me

All you want to do is cum

You will be in gangbangs all night long

Then finally I might let you cum hahahaha

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Crossing the Line

The loop never ends, as it takes you deeper and deeper, taking away the need to purge your wardrobe of the things that make the girl inside the boy feel more feminine
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The Girlschool Chancellor and The Cruel

The Girlschool Chancellor and The Cruel Petticoat Princess Fighters

Runtime 9:52

You decided to skip school because you are a wimpy loser and everyone pics on you

If you thought they were bad wait till your babysitter gets a hold of you

Your parents paid her to take care of you while they are away

She is a Chancellor and an all girlschool

You are made to strip

She makes you hump her leg

She wants to play all kinds of perverted games with you

If you dont she will parade you around campus naked

Oh and shes nothing compared to The Cruel Petticoat Princess Fighters

You will be humiliated in front of everyone

Dressed as a girl and made to do all kinds of kinky sexual activities

This is a super fun clip with a slight shade of age play
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Sissy Inside the Man

This loop will fraction and take your mind deep into the need to be a good girl, dressing and not purging the girly things you know you want to wear under your male things
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3 Month old Baby Girl

You want to feel like a baby girl. You want to act like a baby girl.

I will install a trigger in your mind an on and off switch, so you will be able to switch into baby mode whenever you want. You will  feel save and protected like a 3 month old girl. Forget all worries, just feel free to behave like a baby.

You can choose to turn on “Baby Mode” whenever you want, whenever it is appropriate for you to do so. You will always know when it is appropriate to do so.

The purpose of “Baby Girl Mode” is take you back through the ages to babyhood and to change gender.

You  will have new experiences as a baby, remembering what a baby feels like. This is the primary goal, to act and feel like a real baby girl.

At the End of this File,  I am going to leave my  handsome, drooling baby. leaving baby to suck her thumb, and wet, and mess her pants or diapers. Stay in baby mode as long as it is safe, until the timer reaches time, until it is time to leave baby mode. Just make your little baby sounds, like a baby, all dressed up in your pants or diapers. Maybe baby is going to drift away, to sleep and dream her little baby girl dreams.

53:02 min. feminization, change gender, soft background Music, Sound effects and Brainwaves.

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PINK Snow Bunny

I KNOW you will make a perfect little PINK snow bunny for My strap on, as the BIG Bad Wolf fucks Me and I fuck your mind
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