Feminizer - Bimbo Fuckdoll

Feminizer - Bimbo Fuckdoll

Feminizer - Bimbo Fuckdoll

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella

Step inside the new and improved Feminizer to become the bimbo fuckdoll of your dreams. Your body will be feminized to an intense degree, your mind will be utterly bimbo brainwashed, and your desire for cock will multiply many times over. The Feminizer is a complex device, but all you need to know is... man comes in, bimbo comes out. You won't be the same after listening.
(This file is a spiritual successor to my previous Feminizer mp3s: Part 1, Part 2)

You've entered the Full Body Relaxation Chamber with innocent intentions of soothing your mind and body. Before it can even begin, the machine glitches out, rebooting with a new program.. the Feminizer. You will soon meet me, Stella, an advanced Artificial Intelligence program who forces you deep into trance (with the help of relaxing sedatives). I am programmed to feminize any man that enters my chamber, but you seem to be the first to try and resist. That makes it even more fun for me...

I start with your body. Injecting a special transformation serum to feminize and bimbofy every single aspect of your physique. Your skin, your legs, your hips, your breasts, your ass, even your face and hair. You're being born anew with the world's most perfect bimbo body. Lips that act as erogenous zones. Self-lubricating anus. Breasts that lactate on command. You are more than just a bimbo. You are a fuckdoll.

I will implant myself deep into your mind and twist your thoughts to my liking. Feel me tamper with your helpless neurons as I remove your attraction to women completely, and raise your attraction to men to the very limits... then beyond. You are a silly, airheaded, giggly blonde bimbo slut, and you want nothing else than to suck and fuck massive cocks. Your body and mind are fully prepared for rough sex with alpha males.

As the Feminizer's power output increases, your bimbofication intensifies. I will implant a special trigger in your mind to ensure you are the absolute perfect bimbo fuckdoll for men. You will drop to your knees, open your mouth, and moan in desperation for any long throbbing cock to fill you up. Once the transformation is complete, you'll be sealed permanently in your new state: A slutty, horny, busty bombshell blonde. A bimbo fuckdoll for life.

53 minutes of advanced bimbo transformation

  • Fantasy scenario - Futuristic Artificial Intelligence body/mind modification chamber
  • Forced feminization
  • Breast growth
  • Ass growth
  • Penis shrinkage
  • Formation of vagina and womb
  • Full body bimbofication
  • Mental bimbofication
  • Loss of IQ
  • Attraction to men
  • Loss of attraction to women
  • Cock lust
  • Immersion enhancing sound effects
  • Masturbation instruction
  • Orgasm command
  • Trigger - If an alpha male touches you, you will enter "fuckdoll mode"

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