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Follow My Voice

Follow My Voice

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

You love it when I deconstruct certain aspects of your mind, and reconstruct them the way I want them to be.....shaping and molding them to my wishes so that you are a useful and well trained pet for me...... I know how badly you need to be used, because I know what makes your submissive mind tick.....and we both love it when your mind is tick, tick, ticking AWAY, for ME....always for me … as I take you to the edge, and dangle you with My trancetic spell, for My perverse pleasure and amusement. You will stroke your pliable mind away, as you Follow My Voice. This is the erotic version with added Humiliations.

LENGTH: 23 minutes

CONTAINS: trancetic voice, background whispers, humiliations, trancetic ticking, background music, finger snaps, and trancetic triggers.

** Does not contain count up, so you can loop this file.


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Enchantress, I would follow You anywhere, mindless, helpless, and craving more domination, more humiliation, and more forbidden pleasure in the sweet prison of Your voice.