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Experience Erotic gay Hypnosis With Us


Are you ashamed of your sexuality to be revealed in public? If yes, then let us know at Sensualmistress, as we are the solution for many issues related to the gay hypnosis. Gay culture is no longer seen in the eyes of society as being a taboo. Love doesn't seem to know any gender, boundaries or listen to anyone and gay hypnosis is one such example for the same.


Sensualmistress has a big following of gays, and have been helping them for many years to know about their sexuality. Finding a male friend at times become difficult and pursuing them for intimacy is another level. Our way for you to get through gay erotic hypnosis will help you in making you excited while meditating with us and experience various degrees of intercourse in your mind.


Our Gay hypnosis audio files will help you in exploring your fantasies. As each of these audio and video files is different from each other, and every time you will feel a different kind of excitement running through your body. Some find gay hypnosis mp3 tickling files beautiful, while others have a strong desire for transformations. Gay audio hypnosis files like forced gay, loss of control, stripping, babyfied, etc. are in high demand and have received quite a good response in the market.


Sensualmistress files are readily available for you to choose online, and get ready for excitement and feel the immobilization in your body with the hypnotic triggers.


Husband Trainer Wifeys Dildo to a real mans cock

Since you cheated on me by jerking to porn its time I turn you into a little perky lipped whore like the ones you watch.

I will dress you up like a little blonde whore.

You will suck my Dildo to practice for sucking real cocks.


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Yummy Cummies 5 pack
Contains 5 Audio clips to get you on your way to eating your own yummy cummies

Coffee Cum CEI for Beginners
Wanking & CEI
Dressing Room JOI & CEI
Yummy Cummies Joi & Cei
Eat your own cum like a street corner girl today

Runtime 40 mins
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Worship Big Juicy Dicks Audio
Are you thinking about the big juicy D again?
If you love the texture of the SKIN
If you like how it glides over your TONGUE?
If you love little Spurts of PRE CUM in your mouth?

YOU will enjoy my clip >>> JOI & CEI INCLUDED

Runtime 15:49
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Sissy Mindbreak

Intense brainwashing for only the nastiest cocksuckers and cumsluts
Succumb to my seductive voice swirling around and around your helpless mind, changing
your sexuality from the inside out. With your manhood erased, clitty shrunken, and lust for
men enhanced tenfold, there's nothing left to do but drop to your knees, open your mouth
wide, and suck cock like a pornstar. Do not listen to this file if you have any desire to hold
onto your masculinity.

30 Minutes

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Become Cumslut Holly
You need to become a hott bimboo slut named cumslut Holly SISSY STYLE OF COURSE ;)

Runtime 10:04
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Mindfucked Cockslut Bitch MP3

( 13:30 minutes ) You just can't help it. No matter where you are .. with the wife, at the store .. you're thinkin' about dick! While the rest of the world goes on around you, inside your head you are transforming into a subservient little bitch because the idea of a beautifully HUGE cock in your face is ... well, it's something you can't avoid anymore. Just give in, debase your mind .. and stroke to your obsession with dick! Includes embedded triggers, neuro-linguistic programming, binaural beats, jerk off instruction, masturbation instruction, and tons of erotic encouragement for even the most slutty cocksuckers. This is mindfucking, entrancing hypnosis that does not included a traditional induction. Feel free to use any other of my audios, or give in headfirst .. a slut like you should do just fine ;)

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Training Ed to love cocks with my Fuck Machine
Ed is tightly bound to a hypno brainwashing machine.

I use it to make him like cock and turn him into your cock slave.

Includes Humiliation and Sexual dirty talk

Runtime 20:36
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Hypnosis Loop 22 - Pure Love

Love is in the air, sissy.

Love for superior women, big strong men, and most importantly,
love for your true sissy self. Let go of all shame, stress, and
anxiety, as I sooth you into a state of feminine bliss. Slip into my
dreamy love spell and let me bless you with feelings of pure love.

26 Minutes

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