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Experience Erotic gay Hypnosis With Us


Are you ashamed of your sexuality to be revealed in public? If yes, then let us know at Sensualmistress, as we are the solution for many issues related to the gay hypnosis. Gay culture is no longer seen in the eyes of society as being a taboo. Love doesn't seem to know any gender, boundaries or listen to anyone and gay hypnosis is one such example for the same.


Sensualmistress has a big following of gays, and have been helping them for many years to know about their sexuality. Finding a male friend at times become difficult and pursuing them for intimacy is another level. Our way for you to get through gay erotic hypnosis will help you in making you excited while meditating with us and experience various degrees of intercourse in your mind.


Our Gay hypnosis audio files will help you in exploring your fantasies. As each of these audio and video files is different from each other, and every time you will feel a different kind of excitement running through your body. Some find gay hypnosis mp3 tickling files beautiful, while others have a strong desire for transformations. Gay audio hypnosis files like forced gay, loss of control, stripping, babyfied, etc. are in high demand and have received quite a good response in the market.


Sensualmistress files are readily available for you to choose online, and get ready for excitement and feel the immobilization in your body with the hypnotic triggers.


You Must Suck one first
Today I am your wife or girlfriend

You dont appreciate my Blowjobs anymore

Now you must suck one to know whats its like

So YOU appreciate me more

Runtime 30:36
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Hands Free Vanity Fair Panty Worship
Are you into panty Worship?
Does the words Vanity Fair mean anything to you?
Are you suddenly tingling all over?

Well sissy panty lover step inside and listen to my free sample.
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Cock on the Brain ! HD
You've always been such a mindless bitch for dick! I can look at your face and see it in your eyes! You're a beta for life, destined to forever serve Alpha cock. It's hilarious that you once thought you were straight. Goddess Angel saw right through your bullshit and knew you were obsessed with cock. Now it's all you can think about. Your mind is flooded with thoughts of cock while you're at work, with your wife, and even at the grocery store (especially at the grocery store)! You're just a fucked up little goon and you need to be put in your place. Your place happens to be on your knees in front of a nice, thick, and girthy cock, with your eager and slutty lips parting to get a taste of alpha precum. That's what you deserve. Now zone out and turn into the mindless gooning cockslut that you really, truly are! You're just a whore for big dick. Better get to work. GOON FOR ANGEL. Beta Humiliation. JOI. Goon. Boy Girl. Cock Worship. Handjobs. Mindfuck. This video is relatively intense, so be warned. Can ya handle it? 18 minutes. 1980p video mp4.
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Sissy School 2

Where do you think you're going, sissy? Class isn't over for you. 
It seems you need more training after our last session. I’ve caught
you being naughty again, and it definitely won’t go unpunished.
Sit down, fall into my deep, sissifying trance, and let me weed out
every last bit of your masculinity. This time, I won’t be so nice.

49 minutes

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Hypnosis Loop 21 - Lifelong Limp

4 inches... 3 inches... 2... 1... bye bye!
Prepare to have your limp clitty shrunk, sissy slave. Fall into
a soothing trance as I cast a permanent spell of limpness
on that itty bitty thing you used to call a penis. No more sex,
no more erections, just female superiority, flirting with hot
guys, intense cock-cravings, and a lifelong limp clitty.

31 Minutes

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Sublimes Ivy- Hard again

This file will make you hard and horny like a young boy. This file will help you to get strong, with hard and long lasting erections, like a young man. No more chemicals. Nice trance funk music with sublime messages to deepen your desires.
There are no brainwaves, so you can listen without the risk of falling asleep. Perfect to listen with headphones, driving your car, or in your office, and no one will know. If you listen to the full session - Hard again - before, you can deepen them even more with the sublime music files.
8:25 min of acustic viagra.

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Eat your own cum like a street corner girl Today
Learn how to eat your cum every time. You need to go through all the steps first.

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Learn to please Dicks ASMR and CEI
Today I am going to turn you into a cock sucking cum sissy whore. I do this through words, binary tones and ASMR sucking sounds.

Runtime 24:05
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