Glazed - Full Service Sissy Spa

Glazed - Full Service Sissy Spa

Glazed - Full Service Sissy Spa

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella


Welcome to Glaze, sweetheart! Come try our special, a full body massage and all natural facial. What's an "all natural" facial, you ask? Follow me inside, and find out. You may realize too late that this spa is not what it seems... Prepare to get cum glazed from head to toe.

You found my back alley parlor on a friend's referral and sign up for the "glaze special". Follow the sound of my click-clacking heels into the back room, and lie down on the massage table with nothing but a towel to cover you.

As I relax your mind and body with a deep tissue massage, I slowly work my way into your subconscious mind, implanting the roots of my trancetic spell. Once you realize what I'm doing it'll be too late... you can't move or speak.

When my masculine studs enter the room, you can do nothing but lie there on your back like a barbie doll. Your clitty twitches in anticipation as they form a tight circle around your slutty face, frantically jerking their 9-inch-minimum monster cocks.

This spa is named Glaze for a reason, sissy slut. One by one the men unload the contents of their pent up balls all over your girly face, coating your features like a face mask, only much stickier. But the fun doesn't end there, sweetie... The sperm facial is only the beginning. Listen now and experience the true meaning of the word cumdump.

46 minutes of cumslut bliss

  • Erotic spa fantasy scenario
  • Masturbation instruction and orgasm command
  • Deep relaxation into trancetic trance
  • Reinforcing your femininity
  • Emasculation
  • Attraction to well hung men
  • Being in the center of a circlejerk
  • Bukkake - cum facial, and whole body glazing
  • Tasting your own precum
  • The word "faggot" is used
  • Immersive sound effects and background music. 
  • Trigger - When men cum on your face, you will smear it in like a face mask


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