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If you’re in search of sexual pleasure and brand-new emotions, traditional porn is a poor match. The Internet is brimming with videos, magazines, and photos with hot naked ladies, but you are no longer excited about them. Nowadays, there is a much more alluring trend gaining momentum for a reason. It is called erotic trance, and you can’t miss out on it! is your in-depth guide to the world of ultimate delight. We can help you immerse yourself in the paradise of one-of-a-kind feelings that you’ve never had before. We are dead set on providing you with the best erotic trance to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies. Not only will men be emotionally and physically satisfied, but also women will love our website as an infinite source of arousal.

To test our products for the first time, you are welcome to play free erotic trance MP3s and see how they work for you. Once you find the file and the mistress that are hot enough for you, go ahead and buy whatever sparks your sexual interest! Depending on your wishes, you can choose:

How will you get sexual excitement by listening to an erotic trance trance?

Although the idea of getting a hands-free orgasm is not new, there are still many who are in the dark about that. So, let us clarify sexual trance and how exactly you can avail yourself of it.

It is common knowledge that orgasm is not all about touching, kissing, and petting. You are on the top of sexual excitement when your brain is turned on and stimulated enough. And this is where erotic trance audios will be of great use!

They work by triggering specific receptors in your brain so that your subconscious mind becomes dominant. Thus, you are put into a mild trance. Your mind gets the commands or, as they’re called, suggestions intended to make you come quickly. 


trancetherapy is not magic or quackery. It is a science-baked method used in medicine, psychology, and many other applications. Check that out yourself!

How can erotic trance MP3s work wonders for your libido?

Low libido seems to be a widespread problem for both men and women. But sex is an essential part of every healthy relationship. If a therapy delivers no effect, you should give erotic audio stories a shot.

Once you are in a trance, sexual scenes are brought to your brain. All those sensations are powerful enough to generate excitement. And when you aren’t under trance, you will still remember the emotions you’ve experienced in a trance. Consequently, this practice will contribute a lot to your intimate life.

There are thousands of trance audios on our website. So, if you are tied up in knots choosing the right one for yourself, contact us to get assistance. We will be happy to consult you about your best fit, as well as prices, payment methods, and our trancedommes. is a one step shopping mall for erotic trance mp3 and erotic audio storys produced by various artists (Providers)


Just Admit you are Gay


Just Admit you are Gay already its not that difficult JOI for New Gay Bois

Jerk or rub yourself as I talk to you

Just loop and edge and goon as I make you admit you are gay

The closer you get to cumming the more gay you will become

If you cum before the clip is over then you must eat your own cum

If you succeed congrats loop it next time so you have to listen twice hahaha ;)

I want to turn you gay so you become a cocksucker and will start thinking of me when you suck cock and slurp the cummies!!!!
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Extra Helpings if BBC for you

Runtime 8:49

I know your dirty secret You like big black cocks I think its time for you to admit it White Boi You think you love watching the girls suck off the big black cocks Its not the pretty girls that you like Its the big black cock You might think you are jerking off to the girls giving head We both know you want that big black cock Thats what gets you off Enjoy your extra helpings of BBC Best to watch some BBC Porn playlists while you listen or wank dreaming of a black cock in you ;) That will really get you going ;)

For best results suck on your Big Black Dildo as you listen!
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Lick the Wiches feet or else

RunTime 8:03

You almost went into the Witches Cauldron for the Witches tasty treat. You begged for your life and said you would do anything to be spared. The Witch has been working all day and her feet are really dirty and sore. So now you can either lick them clean and live in a cage or go to the Cauldron. You accept your new fate. How many days, weeks Years will you you lick her feet every evening and live in that cage before you accept the cauldron? Well only time will tell. Tonight you will go to sleep with the taste of dirty smelly feet in your mouth!!
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Cock and Balls JOI Metronome SLOW MEDIUM


Cock and Balls JOI Metronome SLOW MEDIUM FAST

This is a JOI game concentrating on getting your balls filled up with cum so you can shoot tons of cummies out for me

You can tie them off so none squirts out till the countdown

The metronome has 3 speeds | SLOW MEDIUM AND FAST |


Dont cum till the countdown counts down to 1

Lets get started
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Gooning Training Part 1

Curious about gooning? Gooning is a state of your mind and body that occurs after a prolonged edging, teasing and control of arousal.

I guide you as your body and mind focus only on the sensations when you stroke, so exquisitely aroused and fascinated, overwhelming sensual desires that you become completely mesmerized. You find yourself feeling almost transcendent, an elevated, psychedelic, overwhelming experience, becoming one with the sensations, one with your intense arousal.

Stroke for me. Now.
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Latex Oblivion by Mistress Chadford

Worship my beautiful body, encased in shiny, mesmerizing skin-tight latex. Give in to my voice as the red latex increases your focus on my beautiful full breasts. Gaze upon my amazing high arches and delicate toes as you feel yourself slipping into a mesmerizing dream of shiny latex and arousal. Latex Oblivion.
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Repeat after me

I understand how a boy like you can easily become over excited when you're alone with a woman like me. So I know you're going to want to listen to me and do as I say. I'm going to lead you through a series of affirmations where I'll have you speak out some sentences. They're going to feel so true and right to you that you're not going to be able to help yourself from connecting with them emotionally.
You're happy to be a man who can't control his cock? You come to quick?
Just fully admit the truth to yourself.
Affirmation Trance file (13:02)
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