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Femdom Erotic Hypnosis 

If you’re in search of sexual pleasure and brand-new emotions, traditional porn is a poor match. The Internet is brimming with videos, magazines, and photos with hot naked ladies, but you are no longer excited about them. Nowadays, there is a much more alluring trend gaining momentum for a reason. It is called erotic hypnosis, and you can’t miss out on it! is your in-depth guide to the world of ultimate delight. We can help you immerse yourself in the paradise of one-of-a-kind feelings that you’ve never had before. We are dead set on providing you with the best erotic hypnosis to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies. Not only will men be emotionally and physically satisfied, but also women will love our website as an infinite source of arousal.

To test our products for the first time, you are welcome to play free erotic hypnosis MP3s and see how they work for you. Once you find the file and the mistress that are hot enough for you, go ahead and buy whatever sparks your sexual interest! Depending on your wishes, you can choose:

How will you get sexual excitement by listening to an erotic hypnosis trance?

Although the idea of getting a hands-free orgasm is not new, there are still many who are in the dark about that. So, let us clarify sexual hypnosis and how exactly you can avail yourself of it.

It is common knowledge that orgasm is not all about touching, kissing, and petting. You are on the top of sexual excitement when your brain is turned on and stimulated enough. And this is where erotic hypnosis audios will be of great use!

They work by triggering specific receptors in your brain so that your subconscious mind becomes dominant. Thus, you are put into a mild trance. Your mind gets the commands or, as they’re called, suggestions intended to make you come quickly. 


Hypnotherapy is not magic or quackery. It is a science-baked method used in medicine, psychology, and many other applications. Check that out yourself!

How can erotic hypnosis MP3s work wonders for your libido?

Low libido seems to be a widespread problem for both men and women. But sex is an essential part of every healthy relationship. If a therapy delivers no effect, you should give erotic audio stories a shot.

Once you are in a trance, sexual scenes are brought to your brain. All those sensations are powerful enough to generate excitement. And when you aren’t under hypnosis, you will still remember the emotions you’ve experienced in a trance. Consequently, this practice will contribute a lot to your intimate life.

There are thousands of hypnosis audios on our website. So, if you are tied up in knots choosing the right one for yourself, contact us to get assistance. We will be happy to consult you about your best fit, as well as prices, payment methods, and our hypnodommes.



Pink Bimbo Bimbo

Listen to me guide your mind and make you a pink bimbo bimbo for me.. Let me pink mind fuck you in both ears, making you into my pretty pink bimbo.
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My power.. my magic voice and my multiple snap of fingers will put you into a deep state of trance in a few minutes.. ready to serve me for the rest of your life..

7 min
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Covert Conditioning Loops

My Covert Conditioning Loops are designed to anchor in your susceptible mind the clear notion that you are forever dependent on Me for all your erotic needs. When listened to repetitively thru out the day or as you sleep on a looped playlist, My seductive voice lulls your subconscious mind to become attuned to words, trusting My suggestions and accepting My TRUTHS. This specific set of affirmations will covertly and progressively develop a slave mindset, with you as My willing servant and Me as your all powerful, all knowing Domina. Don't be surprised if you find yourself absentmindedly repeating My words, either quietly aloud or with My voice in your mind, this is just confirmation that My suggestions are working and are becoming a mantra for your conscious mind.

Although these LOOP sessions are not My traditional hypnotic sessions - there is no induction, deepener or wake up sections - they are nonetheless compulsive conditioning files that contain subliminal messages and use neurolinguistics to reformat your desires to align with your reverence and devotion to Me. Such conditioning is designed to leverage off, and be used in conjunction with, My traditional hypnosis enslavement/ erotic brainwashing session files that require a deeper state of trance and, for you horny slaves, privacy. (giggles)

My pet, these loops can be listened to as you work, exercise, sleep or just relax. Perfect for almost anytime helping to reinforce the TRUTH that I am always with you in your mind, and in your heart.

WARNING: Although these sessions may appear benign, repetitive conditioning with these loop sessions may have irreversible effects on you. Listen at your OWN risk because once you are attuned to My words and the cadence of My voice there is no return for you. Also, NEVER listen to My voice when driving or using heavy equipment, especially these loop files. Even without a direct induction or trigger phrase, My prior MIND CONDITIONING is very powerful and can drop you into hypnotic trance. Take care, My puppy, and listen responsibly...

Note- Listen in Numerical order and choose your favorite loops.

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Sissy Conditioning Loops

your Princess/Domina is always in charge.

Sissy Conditioning Loops are designed to be listened to repetitively thru out the day as you work, exercise, relax or as you sleep. This specific set of 4 LOOPS will assist your acceptance of your sissy self, submission in addition to refining your sexual desires. To strengthen the power when possible, repeat My words aloud or in your mind as you hear them (similar to your daily mantra).

The loops are not My traditional hypnotic sessions; there is no induction, deepener or wake-up sections, the session does use neurolinguistic programming to reformat your beliefs and desire. Such conditioning multiplies the effects of My traditional SISSY HYPNO training/ erotic brainwashing sessions.

Now, My pet, go and create a repetitive playlist with these loops and enjoy as I play with your mind, and transform you into My perfect sissy slave.

Warning: Even though these loops are not meant to be hypnotic, NEVER drive or operate heavy equipment while listening to any of My have been conditioned to accept My voice as your triggers to trance.

Listen in numerical order. Choose your favorites and listen often.

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Mommy Domme Audio Pack

Mommy Domme Audio Sensual Joi Cei Class

Mommy catches her son trying to self suck himself

Which makes Mommy Horny

She should have knocked on his bedroom door first but she is glad she didnt

While look at her son with his penis pointed toward his mouth

she explains how she loves the taste of yummy cummies too

Mommy swallows cum from the men at work almost daily

She teaches her Son to self suck and eat his own cum

Then later that night Mommy invites a big black bull over for him to suck "A Hung black Man"

The son is there for a visit for the weekend he has been away at college

He will be eating yummy cummies for Mommy today and eating the big black bulls cum later that evening

Mommy is sick of cummies socks teaches son to eat his cum instead


Honey just got home and thought we should have a little chat.
Look alex, I dont mind doing your laundry even though you just turned 18 which means you should start doing your own, but the thing I dont like is all of the cum soaked socks i have to find when I'm trying to wash clothes.

Like come on, how often do you even jack off. I mean there are SOO many of them needing to be washed not to mention the ones that dont bend. On that same not I might add the fact that I was pretty surprised to see your computers history. I mean really you have all these dirty socks becuase your to big of a bitch to eat your own cum. I saw you clicked on dozens of cei videos many of which were mommy cei videos so I thought of a solution to help us both out. I want to watch you eat your own cum. Now alex. Whip out your little dick and start stroking.

We dont have all day now get to it.

Man figured youd have a bigger dick to be honest but oh well. Grab that lotion over there and do what you do best you little sissy

Man it didnt take you lone to get hard did it.
That's it I want you to keep going
Edge for me.

Are you getting close? Heres a shot glass.
I want you to drop your hands when your about to cum and have it all leak out into the glass on the count of 3.

1 leak that useless little dick.

Now I want you to put your disgusting jizz into your mouth without swallowing.
I want you to savor your flavor you little bitch and get back to stroking.
I know it hurts but do you really think I care go on keep stroking.
Work yourself up to a second load while tasting your own juices.
Man are you ready to cum again already. Yes that's it keep stroking get to the edge for me and on the count of 10 I want you to cum for me again.
10 9 that's it

8 7 6
Wait what number was I on oh that's right 9 8
7 keep stroking for mommy
6 swallow that load in your mouth and get ready for another.
5 4
3 say you want to be mommy's cumslut
2 1 CUM INTO THAT GLASS AND DRINK IT ALL UP FOR MOMMY. That's it take another load in to that cum hole you call a mouth.
Good boy

Man that was really cool to watch gonna have to do this again and again till I stop seeing cum soaked socks in the laundry.

Now that you had a chance to read it buy the audio version
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2 Finger BJ practice for Bois or Girls

Practice sucking cock while I describe what cock in your mouth is like. Today you are sucking a dirty one. Use 2 fingers and masturbate while you pretend you are sucking a real dick. This is mostly for Gay Bois however girls that want to practice cocksucking can use this audio too. JOI Audio very explicit and very detailed. Have fun!
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Joi for straight males Pumping Audio

Femdom Joi for Straight Males I make you pump it to porn

Put some porn on and show of your cock

Show the porn babes your cock

Pump it for them

TITS ASS AND PUSSY Make your cock twitch and pulse

Jack off your Bonner to the pretty porn chicks

Reach down and beat that throbbing dick

Get it wet and get it hard for your porn pumping session

Get that lube all over it

Ready to pump your cock to porn? Lets do it

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