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Relax, meditate and let go. Welcome to Sensual Mistress, the one step shopping mall for erotic hypnosis mp3. We hope you enjoy browsing all the sites, files and hypnodommes. Whatever fetish you are looking for, we bet you will find it here. Feel free to register on this site and contact your favorite fdhypno mistress, or the staff of this store. We are always open for new ideas on erotic hypnosis or requests for special erotic recordings. 



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New Arrivals

Beautiful BrainWash - Femdom Control
Added: 02-19-2018
You are willing to accept that everything I say is the truth. You find it very easy to obey Me. Resisting would be very difficult…it would require concentration and effort. It is so much more pleasing to just relax and let your Goddess take control.

I can, and will take over your mind. I can and will reprogram your mind, if you keep coming back. I will bribe your subconscious to conspire with Me, to change your mind just the way I want it. I will train you so that your obedience is automatic….

Aroused, obedient, controlled, programmed. Instant gratification, sets you FREE.
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Full Access - Mind Manipulation
Added: 02-18-2018

I'm very well qualified to help you My HARD and HORNY baby...I believe I can insert the necessary safeguards to prevent other Dominant women subjugating your will.  All you need to do is LISTEN now and trust Me.

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Added: 02-11-2018

Hello Mistress, Love to have you get into mine if you can create a sexy female alter ego in me? Love to dress and that would be perfect for these times. Maybe a Lindsey Lohan type woman. Look identical to her with one thing i stilll have a dick. Possibe?

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Added: 02-09-2018
I try to hipnotize you and bring you into my spiral of seduction and addiction. But this time you must resist and not fall down into trance. You must be awake and not cum. You must resist My mesmerizing sensual voice and my perfect body seduce you- It is to difficult to resist and not be hipnotize by me. But you must resist. Don't fall down intro trance.

I tease you and try to put you into trance and at the same time i force you to resist . NOt sleep

not be hipnotize not cum. At one point the challenge hipnoisis changes and i force you to stroke and cum. It is so diffuckt to resist to not fall into trace and stroke before my command. You have to suffer a lot to try to resist and if you cum before you lose.

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Added: 01-19-2018
A powerful hipnosis with the eyes to completely destroy your brain. Do you want i tell you a secret slave? By editing this video, I fucked my brain myself from how powerful I did it. At first I bring you into a deep trace state. Then I instruct you to look in the depths of my eyes and with a powerful technique of mental confusion I'll break down your brain piece by piece. I disintegrate it. And in the end, when you will not understand anything, I'll instruct you to stroke and with a countdown your penis will become harder and harder ready to explode. You will obey my eyes forever.

It contains: deepener, confusion vocal effects, confusion technique, spiral effect, cum countdown
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Added: 01-08-2018

I know all about your deepest desires, your most hidden filthy perversions. Can you guess how? Because I have abilities other women do not have. I have mindreading powers. I have invisibility. I can transport myself to multiple places at the same time. I have been observing and investigating you remotely. I always scrutinize my victims most carefully, before turning them into obedient objects of my pleasure. You are bit scared, but you have no reason to. You know to trust me, right? Well, then RELAX and we can start this journey. Sit down in comfortable and solitary place. Turn your phone off and dim the lights. I don't want any outside distractions. Only my voice must be with you. It contains audio effects. This is a only audio version of The magic cube video. Not the same text but the same story.

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Added: 01-04-2018
There is no place to escape, no place to hide from the power of my sexual attraction. Where ever you may roam, you are always within the reach of my magical voice, and paranormal abilities. I have abilities other women do not have. I have mindreading powers. I have invisibility. I can transport myself to multiple places at the same time. All roads lead into my magic cube, where your deepest desires flame the ardent obsession to obey and serve me. You become, what I want. Servant of satisfaction, compliant...You fibrillate, You feel electric current running all over your body.. You have been catapulted into a new world. You are in my magic cube now. you could only obey and cum at command.
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Added: 12-17-2017
In this trance I will guide you to a special place.
Our private, special place where you become relaxed throughout,
by he caressing touch of my magic.
Are you already shivering excited? Yes...
Then don't let Mistress keep waiting, follow me now.

Erotic Femdom, relaxation, slightly effected, background music.
MP3 Duration 13:18
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Added: 11-20-2017
For my pleasure i want to turn you into a perfect sissy. It is a brainwashing, a sequence of sentences, orders that will be implanted into your mind so it can be heard at a cycle continuous for hours. My voice seduces you irresistibly . The central theme of the audio is on wearing 24h 24 forever and without exception underwear for women. And buy often underwear for women. I know you are a bit jelous but aroused too when walking in a street you see a beautiful and sensual woman. The file is a powerful brainwashing to make you feel a beautiful and sensual sissy.

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Added: 11-07-2017
Satan and I need new victims to increase our power and we want to own and to brainwash completely your mind. Satan is now coming. As soon as you hear the ring, your mind will change forever. I am the Goddess of Satan and i hipnotize you to take you deeper and deeper and as soon as i have the total control of you i f orced you to get the pill of the irreversible brainwashing to become totally devoted to me and Satan. I start the ritual and i f orced you to repeat the ritual of initiation.

It includes: satanic ritual music invoking Satan, binaural beats.


For entertainment purposes only.

By purchasing or indulging in this product on or off of this site, you consent fully to the following:

Any physical or mental consequnces that may result from experiencing the content within the product, and expressively waive any claims or complaints that you may have as a result thereof. You fully acknowledge and consent that you will only do things that you desire to do of your own free will and choosing, and that I have no power to force or make you do anything that you do not wish to do.

This product may contain binaural tones which may be unsuitable for some people, such as those who suffer from epileptic seizures. Seek medical advice before indulging and discontinue use if you experience any negative consequences.

Only indulge while in a safe place, and never while operating machinery, driving, or doing anything else besides sitting or laying in an appropriate place.

You listen at your own risk. Mistress Venusiana or it's associates will not be held responsible for any outcome, positive or negative. By continuing to purchase and listen to the file you agree to be bound by these terms.
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Anal pleasure
Added: 12-17-2015

Anal Pleasure.

I am going to make you blow your load from the best anal fuck that you have ever had.
I will get my lubed up dildo out and slowly slide it in to your hungry male pussy.
Feel it going in and out slowly, hitting your prostate.
Finally, you will blow your load for me in an intense orgasm, as it will feel so amazing.
Enjoy my dildo and enjoy being my little bitch.

48:01 min. Brainwaves and background music.


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Addicted to Panties
Added: 01-21-2015

Addicted to Panties

This file will make you hard and horny when you see womens panties.
You will buy, and wear them for your own use, to feel the touch on your skin.
When you see them, you will immediately become hard and horny.

Your new preffered place will be an underwear shop, but you will not be allowed to cum until you are in a save place to do so.

Finally, when you are save, you will rub your cock in your panties, and you will explode.

Enjoy your  hard erections.
Enjoy the kinky, sexual images flashing through your mind.
Enjoy this sexy outfits.  
Enjoy touching women's  panties.  
Enjoy the things that make you the most erect.
Enjoy your penis immediately become  hard.
Enjoy to shoot your load wearing panties.
Duration 42:32 min. It includes soft background Music, sound Effects and Brainwaves.

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Limp Dick Mindfuck
Added: 02-17-2018
Say goodbye to your cock as you know it. For this file is very dangerous, and very irresistible.. Watch Me conjure your cock into full obedience.
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Blue Dominatrix Lips
Added: 01-14-2018

You get so weak, when I wear beautiful blue lipstick.My wet shiny lips call for your cock's attention. It becomes totally obsessed with the idea to climb all the way up, to adore and kiss my lips. Once your hard rock cock kisses my soft lips, it explodes. That's how much you lust after love of my blue lips. At the end i will let you cum on my lipstick. It contains: spiral effects, audio effects

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Added: 11-24-2017

A soft, sensual and mesmerizing induction to transform your dream to feel your body and mind more feminine reality. Following my instructions to feel your body more feminine in every part. At the end i allow you to touch your feminine body, your breast and then your pussy. I instruct you how to touch your pussy and cum as a woman.

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Added: 11-14-2017
Goddess knows how much you need to be a sissy girl. You need to have not only a feminine attitude but you have to be feminine in your DNA too. You knows Devil hates men, so he wants to turn you into a girl and Goddess, who wotk with him want to transform your man hormone into a feminine hormone. So you need to take the magic pill. As soon as you take the pill , you immediately see your breast growing and feeling more woman. At first you must take this pill to start the DNA changement.
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Added: 11-10-2017
You see Satan in my eyes. Looking deep and deeper into my eyes me and Satan want to suck your soul. To completely braiwash you to be devoted to the goddess of satan. I want you cum for me, the Goddess of satan and to give to me your cum in the name of your devotion to me.
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Added: 10-19-2017
At first i slowly hipnotize you and take you deeper and deeper. Every step sleepy and heavy. Looking deep into my eyes and following the movements of my eyes will help you to let yourself go completely under my power. No chance to escape from my powerful eyes. I wear a blue make up, a red lipstick and a shiny darl red nail polish. My soft voice completely fucks your mind. You are my slave and under trance you follow my masturbation instructions. You will experience a jet of plesaure at the end with the cum countdown.

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Added: 10-18-2017
I am a doctor, an evil doctor, i am going to call one of my patient and make him fall under my trap! I said to him the results of the test are ready so he come to my office.
Then i will hipnotize him with my eyes, my fingers going around and my great blue nail polish, so he will become my slave forever. Under trance doctor massage the penis of the slave until he will cum so hard under my commands. I instruct him when he will go back home to don't tell our secret, or i will punish him. He is now my slave and he won't be able to not come to my office every week, and to be completely devoted to the mesmerizing Alien Goddess.

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Added: 09-23-2017
An extreme state of trance make you loss your mind, soul and cock, I have the control of your penis, not you. I have the control of yout mind, not you. I have the control of your soul, not you. An extreme session of hipnosis with my mesmerizing spell and the techninque of the finger goinf around to completely take control of you. You are only a slave, and to be completely deprived of your mind and penis is what you deserve. Blank and empty, you will experience a 20 second hand free orgasm without have control of your penis and your cum.
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