HypnoAss 2

HypnoAss 2

HypnoAss 2

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Enchantress Esmeralda

You hear the sound of My footsteps, once again, echoing within your mind, reverberating within the corridors of your existence. You are unsure if the sound is in your mind, as you have heard countless times before, as if played in a loop over and over again, brainwashing what is left of your hope to be chosen as her play toy.. or if the sound of the clicking heels upon the stone, cold pavement are truly real, and she is headed towards your very cage right now.

In Hypno Ass 2, you find yourself caged and once again wondering when or if, you will be chosen to be used and played with, by Enchantress Esmeralda. The intro begins similar to the original Hypno-ass, and I use the same background music and rhythmic drum beats. In this fantasy, I taunt, tease, and humiliate you, and force you to play with your dirty little cock, turning you into My mindless stroking zombie whore. I hypnotize you using eye closure technique, but first, I force you to stare deeply into My hypnotic emerald green eyes, not allowing you to blink, until I tell you, you can blink. I then drop you deeper with mini count downs with finger snap deepeners. Now I have you right where I want you, mind open and pliable and ready to be played with. I then prepare you to worship My divine ass, by teaching you the proper way to suck, lick, and taste. I then put your skills to test by Queening you, as you continue to stroke your mind away. I reward your obedience by encouraging you to cum on My finger snap command. Are you ready to be played with, My obedient boy? Slip on your headphones, make yourself comfortable, and we will begin, right now.

You may also want to listen to Esmeralda's Hypno-Ass, but it is not needed to enjoy this audio to it's fullest.

LENGTH: 57 minutes

CONTAINS: Eye closure induction with finger snap count down deepener, Erotic content, Femdom, Mind control, Brain washing, Ass Worship, JOI, Finger snap cum command, Humiliation, Laughing, Multi-track voice with whispers, Background music, Drum beats. Does NOT contain feminization.

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HA 2 might be your best file ever! Very hypnotic and very powerful. Your voice is at its best. I think you ran the full mood spectrum of Your voice! Down and dirty and downright delicious! A filthy beggar's feast!