Hypnosis for females

Hypnosis for females


Are you a woman and looking for hypnosis for females?


Why do guys have all the fun?


Females are like males when it comes to sexual desires. We do help the women from various societies who are looking forward to fulfilling their sexual desires through Female Arousal Hypnosis.


Sensualmistress keep their clientele entirely confidential and help them to get out of the depression mode and enjoy your life as it comes. Walking back to our session for Erotic Hypnosis for Women, they are found to be satisfied and have learned various modes to keep themselves happy too.


We have a specific schedule and a different mode for dealing for Female Hypnosis Session, as we understand they are quite sensitive and do require special attention too, at times from us. Knowing your body is essential when you are looking for sensual excitement.


Sensualmistress, offering hypnosis for females, do require a stake from you to help in getting to the top of the world by being physically and emotionally satisfied. Do express your sexual desires and allow us to take you to the journey where you will discover the inner you.

Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video


Sambas Brainwash - Bisexual

Welcome to my brainwash files.
It is time for you to follow my instructions, to let me inside your deepest self, to brainwash your mind.
I want you to love and desire both sexes, men and women. Whatever your current preference is, this file is going to change that permanently. In the end, you are going to discover that you love men and women equally and you find yourself switching back and forth between the two of them.

Trying one and then the other, going back and forth. Experiencing  cocks and pussies, experiencing other men, other women.

You are going to discover, that what you really want, is a little of both, and enjoy them both sexually. You accept that you are  forced to be bisexual. What ever you try, you are attracted by men and women equally.

You can, and will sleep with both, men and women, because you are truly and utterly bisexual. 
I am going to brainwash your mind.

Brainwash your mind to love and want  men and women

37:56 Minutes including, curse, bisexual, brainwaves and soft music.

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Slutty Bimbo Threesome

You and your dirty, slutty, mindless bimbo friend are going to have the night of your lifes and be taken to a red hot, sexy males house that you previously pulled in the evening.

You are going to suck his long, hard gorgeous cock and massage his balls, whilst your bimbo friend gently massages his prostate.

You end up with a mouth full of his warm, juicy, yummy cum, so much that he then releases the rest all over your face.

As it can't be wasted after all of your hard work, your friend then licks it all from your face. Then like the good, slutty, mindless bimbos that
you are, you leave him to sleep, after the most amazing session of his life.

38:12 min, bimbo, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.

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Virus der Geilheit

Ja, Viren sind eine ungute Sache, eigentlich. Was wäre aber, wenn sich ein Virus über die ganze Welt verbreiten würde, der einfach nur zügellose Lust und Geilheit mit sich bringt. Die Welt wäre ein friedlicherer Ort. Weniger Zeit vor der öden Glotze, oder für den öden Alltag, mehr Zeit für Orgasmen und Zärtlichkeiten, Leidenschaft und harten geilen Sex... Moment mal, dieses Virus existiert ja schon. Und in dieser extrem geilen erotischen Hypnose, wird es sich über deinen Gehörgang in dir einnisten und dich zu Patient 0 machen. Du bist der Superspreader, der es über die ganze Welt verteilt. Der Virus ist so ansteckend, dass du nur dicht an jemandem vorbeigehen musst, um es zu verbreiten. 
Du wirst die Wirkung erleben, indem du den anderen dabei zusiehst, wie sie sich plötzlich voller Leidenschaft auf den Straßen befingern, sich aneinander reiben, ihre Löcher stopfen und in allen erdenklichen Zusammenstellungen genussvoll ficken. Große Orgien an allen erdenklichen Orten werden stattfinden und du bist live dabei. Und auch du bist einfach nur noch dauergeil, wirst berührt, gefickt, geleckt und geblasen. Doch bevor du kommst, lass mich, als Erfinderin des Virus einmal deine Zungenfertigkeit unter Beweis stellen. Dann, wenn ich mich voller Geilheit auf dein Gesicht ergieße, darfst auch du deinen Höhepunkt haben. 
Lass uns gemeinsam die Welt zu einem geileren Ort machen. 
Diese erotische Hypnose ist für alle Geschlechter mehr als geeignet und führt zu keiner Nebenwirkung außer extremer Lust ;) 
Soundeffekte, binaurale Beats, Heartbeat, Hintergrundmusik, Flüsterspuren, KEINE posthypnotische Suggestionen, Wichsanleitung, hypnotischer Orgasmus
MP3 Download, 73,4 MB, 41 Minuten​
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Search for Pleasure

I know that you are addicted to erotic hypnosis, and I know this file will JUST addict you MORE
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Chastity is what you really need to IMPROVE your life and your sex life. I am here to HELP you achieve what you truly need. You will find this file will change your life and deepen the TRIGGERS in your MIND. You may even find a DESIRE to be in a Chastity device more.
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Night Bliss - Deep Sleep

I want you to  help to relax, to fall asleep easy in this difficult times, to feel how every time you breathe in, you get more comfortable, more relaxed, more calm and more peaceful.

Each time you breathe in, you breathe in relaxing things. And when you breathe out, you breathe out your tension.

Breathing in relaxation, calmness, peace. Breathing out anger, tension, worries.
Breathing in positivity, breathing out negativity at a slow, calming tempo. In comes the relaxation, out goes the tension.

This file is designed to be listened to when you go to bed at night, there is no awakener in this file. If you prefer to get a full nights sleep, having nice and vivid dreams, staying aroused while you fall asleep please listen to: Night Bliss or if you prefer Night Bliss, sissy abused

Duration 18:05, including brainwaves, and background music.

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2 Finger BJ practice for Bois or Girls


Practice sucking cock while I describe what cock in your mouth is like. Today you are sucking a dirty one. Use 2 fingers and masturbate while you pretend you are sucking a real dick. This is mostly for Gay Bois however girls that want to practice cocksucking can use this audio too. JOI Audio very explicit and very detailed. Have fun!
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BBC crazed Bimbo

I know the kind of Bimbo slut you are, and real bimbo sluts love to serve big black cocks.
Your ditzy little brain loves to satisfy any big dicked black man who loves pretty little pussies like you. 

You are a cocksucking slut. A cocksucking bimbo slut, hungry for cum. A big black cock crazed bimbo slut! 
You will be cursed to want black men, to suck their big hard cocks and you will remain that way, from now on, and forever.
This is a  curse. You are only going to want black men's cocks, that is the  kind of sex you  enjoy the most, the kind of sex that will arouse you, the kind of sex which makes you feel beautiful, sexy, and attractive.
I want you to feel  extremely comfortable with your feminine sexuality, and to be comfortable expressing your feminine sexual desires to the men that you are sexually attracted to. I want you to understand, that you are so much happier being a completely submissive, and eager to please bimbo who loves big black cocks, to understand that being mindless brings immediate happiness.

When my words leave your head, you will find that there are only thoughts that are appropriate for a bimbo. You will be cursed, and your subconscious mind will absorb each and every  message, absorb everything I say to you. 
Be ready to become a a big black cock crazed bimbo!

Duration 49:20, including brainwaves, bimbo, bimbofication, black cock addiction, curse, feminization, and background music.

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