Hypnosis for females

Hypnosis for females


Are you a woman and looking for hypnosis for females?


Why do guys have all the fun?


Females are like males when it comes to sexual desires. We do help the women from various societies who are looking forward to fulfilling their sexual desires through Female Arousal Hypnosis.


Sensualmistress keep their clientele entirely confidential and help them to get out of the depression mode and enjoy your life as it comes. Walking back to our session for Erotic Hypnosis for Women, they are found to be satisfied and have learned various modes to keep themselves happy too.


We have a specific schedule and a different mode for dealing for Female Hypnosis Session, as we understand they are quite sensitive and do require special attention too, at times from us. Knowing your body is essential when you are looking for sensual excitement.


Sensualmistress, offering hypnosis for females, do require a stake from you to help in getting to the top of the world by being physically and emotionally satisfied. Do express your sexual desires and allow us to take you to the journey where you will discover the inner you.

Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video


Misdirection of the Bimbo Mind

You know why you are going to listen to this file you dumb cock craving bimbo. Put the headphones on and let go as my voice moves round and round your mind and I take you on a BIMBO ride.
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Love Potion 69

Falling in LOVE is as easy as (((SNAP))) falling asleep... deep... down... down... you know you need this.
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Breast obsessed

Something so amazing is going to happen to you.

I am going to give you the ability to have magic hands so you can grow you very own beautiful breasts with beautiful perked nipples.

Then I am going to put a spell on you and make you totally addicted to your new amazing breasts and nipples.

It will be as if they are calling you. They will demand constant attention and become so ultimately sensitive that you will eventually be able to cum just from playing with them.
They want you to cum and will not leave you alone until you have.

This is a spell. This is a curse and you will love it!

45:57 min, feminization, curse, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.

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Drool Drop Brain Drain

I am going to make you drool and drop into a deep hypnotic state and DRAIN your Brain... I may even let you ORGASM... but be prepared to lick every drop off your fingers if you do... this Hypnosis file is for any sex and has triggers.
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Tattooed Horny Bimbo Slut

You  love to be dressed, and feel like a woman.
Listen to me and  i will convert this woman into the tattooed, horny bimbo slut you`ve allways wanted to be.

You're going to begin discovering that you have an urge to get a tattoo with a vulgar word, or picture on it. To get a tattoo of a vulgar word or picture, and you're going to find that this urge is getting stronger each an every day. 

It can be a picture of a cock, a pussy, or words like slut, or bimbo, and the urge will eventually get so strong that you do get a tattoo so that everyone can see how dumb you are. 

That is what you are going to do, and you unable to remove this curse because you are the one that triggered it. 

You chose to trigger it, you chose to start it, and as soon as it started you are unable to escape it, or end it.

Eventually, you will become a vulgar, tattooed bimbo, and there is no way out of it. 

The curse will start off simply, it will start off with the desire to get a tattoo. 
In your imagination you will get the tattooes you desire, always when you trigger yourself.

That's what you need now, to think like a tattooed horny bimbo slut, and to fantasize like one.
Completely and utterly dedicated to sex.

A side that you  always had, deep down, but unable to show to anybody.  

From now on,  you will start showing this new side of yourself, you are turning into a total bimbo slut, a tattooed horny bimbo slut

The Duration of this File is 52:08 min. It includes soft background Music, sissy hypno, bimbofication, trigger, feminization, sound Effects and Brainwaves.  

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My Sexy Slut

Your sex may be male, but your gender, your way of thinking and feeling is more female than male.

And many girlies like you are not into guys. Sexy girlies like you prefer to serve and worhship other girls. 
Men just aren't on your menu, but girls with a hot smooth pussy, get you going. 

You want to be a good girl, a sexy girl. Such a good little slut. 
You wish that I would see you as  sexy and you need to make sure that you are my sexy little slut, so you can be good enough for me, to feel how good it feels when you do what you're told. 
Being obedient is kind of sexy. 

You want to please me, so you need to relax, and to listen, and to do what you're told.

Just imagine all the dirty things I might tell you to do, just thinking about being my sexy little slut makes your pussy wet.

You need to do whatever i want, so that i let you play with my pussy. 
You crave the taste of my pussy, you crave the way it feels when you're being a good little slut.
You're such a sexy slut when you do what you're told.

44:52 Minutes including sissy hypno, feminization, brainwaves and soft music.

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Bimbo Mind Fuckery

your mind can’t resist Bimbo Mind Fuckery… so why try… let Me fraction your mind and FUCK it totally with this file as you slowly stroke yourself into deeper bliss, DROPPING into deeper and DEEPER hypnosis.
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Kneel for LOVE

Be prepared to DROP deep and Kneel For LOVE like a good toy
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