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Hypnosis for females

Hypnosis for females


Are you a woman and looking for hypnosis for females?


Why do guys have all the fun?


Females are like males when it comes to sexual desires. We do help the women from various societies who are looking forward to fulfilling their sexual desires through Female Arousal Hypnosis.


Sensualmistress keep their clientele entirely confidential and help them to get out of the depression mode and enjoy your life as it comes. Walking back to our session for Erotic Hypnosis for Women, they are found to be satisfied and have learned various modes to keep themselves happy too.


We have a specific schedule and a different mode for dealing for Female Hypnosis Session, as we understand they are quite sensitive and do require special attention too, at times from us. Knowing your body is essential when you are looking for sensual excitement.


Sensualmistress, offering hypnosis for females, do require a stake from you to help in getting to the top of the world by being physically and emotionally satisfied. Do express your sexual desires and allow us to take you to the journey where you will discover the inner you.


Evening Relaxation VIDEO
Most of my videos are femdom-focused, because those are a huge fan favorite, but sometimes, you just want something to help you unwind that's nice and gentle... while still being super-sexy, of course! This one is designed for my fans who are insomniacs, or are just plain stressed out. Let Miss Emily guide you to a peaceful night, leaving you feeling awesome in the morning!
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Tease and Denial Spiral VIDEO
It's so much fun to just watch little clips about being teased relentlessly and denied... but it's MORE fun to bring those games into real life. You're in for a very fun, or perhaps tormenting, day. Pleasure and pain can sometimes be one, don't you agree?
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Villainess 10: Malleable VIDEO
You're already in so deep, deep, DEEP- at this point, you truly are my willing servant, with no escape in sight. So let's enjoy this, shall we, my loyal slave? Today... we're going to talk about all the ways in which my villainous self can warp your mind. You'd be astounded, really, at how malleable you can be- you're putty in my hands, wrapped around my finger.
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This Isn't Going To Work
There is NO WAY you are going to fall deeply into trance listening to this
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Such a Good Girl MP3

It truly is rooted in your very core, pretty girl. You desire nothing else on this planet but your perfect Goddess towering over you, controlling your every move. You are a doll, a plaything for me .. so slutty, subservient .. you can't fight it. Might as well give in.

This file contains

  • neuro-linguistic programming
  •  layers of moans, dirty talk, and wet mouth sounds
  •  encouragement of slutty obedient behavior
  •  intensification of feminine submissive role
  •  sensual masturbation encouragement

File is 6 minutes long.

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Soothing Comfort Mesmerize VIDEO
Sometimes, you're not up for hardcore femdom and just want to be gently held, instead... perhaps you need a loving female figure to make you feel protected and safe on a hard day. That's what this video is for! For use after one of my induction files, this will soothe you and chase your troubles away, both with my famous brainwashing talents AND my equally famous insane curves, teasing you playfully and relentlessly!
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Loving Induction VIDEO
A special induction tailored just for my Soothing Comfort brainfuck (but works for all others, too!)- designed to help you let go of sexual guilt and allow you to fully give yourself over to the pleasures I have to offer. Let go... and give in to pleasure.
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Fractionation Brainfuck VIDEO
One of my favorite types of induction, the fractionation brainfuck!! I'll put you under and wake you up over and over... little do you know that each time you fall under, you fall DEEPER until your mind is totally mine! A truly insidious method for total takeover of your mind. Not to mention... it feels absolutely amazing.
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