trance Loop 21 - Lifelong Limp

trance Loop 21 - Lifelong Limp

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella

4 inches.. 3 inches.. 2…1.. bye bye! Prepare to have your limp
clitty shrunk, sissy slave. Fall into a soothing trance as I cast a
permanent spell of limpness on that itty bitty thing you used to
call a penis. No more sex, no more erections, just female
superiority, flirting with hot guys, intense cock-cravings, and a
lifelong limp clitty.

This file contains 31 minutes of clitty-shrinking bliss

You were born different, sissy. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.
Being born a limp-dick sissy simply means you’ll never have a
chance with gorgeous women. Your clitty is far too small to
penetrate our perfectly wet goddess pussies.

In fact, our pussies frighten you, sweetheart. That’s right, your
clitty is so scared of pretty girls that it shrivels up in our presence.
The closer you get to a stunning goddess, the tinier and more
flaccid your minuscule bitchclit becomes. How pathetic.

Around men, you shrink even more. Being around manly guys
oozing with testosterone causes your clitty to shy away, ovaries
shriveling up and receding into your groin. As your manhood
disappears, theirs only grow bigger. Thick cocks engorging, fertile
balls bloating with load after load of hot, fresh semen.

Listen as I train your body to stay limp at all times, even when
diddling. This file is both a curse and a blessing for your pathetically
small excuse for a dick. Just hearing my sweet, sultry voice is
enough to drain the life out of your itty bitty clitty.

By the end of this file, your microscopic, baby soft, laughable
embarrassment of a penis will learn its true purpose… as a
pathetically limp little toy for women to laugh at and men to dominate. 

  • Clitty shrinking
  • Ovaries (sissy balls) shrinking
  • Small clit humiliation
  • Comparison to real men
  • Fear of beautiful women
  • Impotence with women
  • Weak sissy sperm infertility
  • Cock and ball worship
  • Female supremacy
  • Attraction to big strong men
  • Hearing giggles makes your clitty shrink
  • Trigger - hearing my voice causes your clitty to shrink even more

31 Minutes

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