trance Loop 22 - Pure Love

trance Loop 22 - Pure Love

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella

Love is in the air, sissy. Love for superior women, big strong
men, and most importantly, love for your true sissy self. Let go
of all shame, stress, and anxiety, as I sooth you into a state of
feminine bliss. Slip into my dreamy love spell and let me bless
you with feelings of pure love.

26 minutes of lovey-dovey trance.

Lie back and listen to my entrancing voice, sweetheart. Feel
warmth spread throughout your entire body, filling you with
feelings of utter bliss and happiness. Breathe in pure love, and
breathe out every last bit of stress. That warm tingling sensation
soon turns to sparkling femininity, coursing through your body.
The happier you feel, the girlier you become.

Let go of all shame, sweetheart. It's okay to have sissy thoughts
and girly desires. It's not wrong to want to giggle and flirt instead
of acting like a real man. The first step to pure bliss is being able
to love yourself. Don't be afraid to tell your inner sissy "I love you".

Love comes in many forms. Romantic love, sexual love, and
when it comes to superior women, platonic love. That's right,
sweetie. You don't have sexual or romantic feelings for pretty girls
anymore. You love them as friends, and look up to them as
superior goddesses.

Men on the other hand are very deserving of your sexual and
romantic love. You can't help but act like a flirty cheerleader when
around masculine men, desperate for words of praise or a
passionate makeout session. You'll find yourself daydreaming
about falling in love with a handsome man, yearning to become
his obedient sissy wife for life.

After listening to this file, you'll be overflowing with pure love, to the
point where you just can't help but share your love with all the
gorgeous ladies and masculine men around you.

  • Relaxation into deep trance
  • Feeling of happiness and bliss
  • Attraction to men
  • Aversion to sex with women
  • Female superiority
  • Feminization
  • Desire to be a girlfriend or wife

26 Minutes

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