trancetic CBT bY Annabel Fatale
Welcome to my pain fuelled tingle fest!

A true Voodo-esque masterpiece, you'll be taken to an extremely relaxing space using powerful meditative techniques, guided by my soothing voice an induction will lead you into t****e and gradually I begin to instils sensations within you. You suddenly notice that your penis is linked directly to the penis on the screen and that is where the fun really begins!

I allow you to experience my soft hand glide gently up and down your shaft as the tingling and sensation increase but, then things change as I being out the tools of punishment.

This is a full video file! Contains ASMR, anchors, triggers, special effects and a very sharp pinwheel!

WARNING: This file contains FLASHING and will also cause drowsiness so should not be listened to whilst driving or operating machinery.
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A femdom erotic trance by Miss Annabel Grace
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