Lights Out
You fantasize about a trancetist so powerful that when she says one little trigger phrase she can drop you right into trance and under her control? don’t you? Of course you do! It makes you twitch deep down just thinking about it. It’s time to turn the LIGHTS OUT now, and than maybe flip that switch and turn them right back on so you can feel how powerless you really are for Me, Mistress Leslie… such a good horny little mind puppet. It’s time to get that mind melted… enjoy being pulled in and out of trance while I keep conditioning your brain.


This intense trancetic trance features classic trance techniques such as NLP, trigger words, fractionation, covert conditioning, amnesia, love addiction, arousal triggers, sub training and real brainwashing/mind control techniques like overdubbing, subliminals, mind conditioning, deep post trancetic suggestions and triggers, delta brain waves, and so much more.
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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Leslie
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