Limp Clitty Bundle Vol. 1

Limp Clitty Bundle Vol. 1

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella

Smaller… Tinier… More limp… More docile… itty bitty clitty. You
weren’t born with a penis, sissy. That thing between your legs
that constantly leaks sissy precum is nothing close to a cock. It’s
a babysoft bitchclit, and no woman would ever think of touching
it. Start diddling your clitty and fall deep into these five unique
trancetic sessions, designed to seal you as a limp-clit sissy slave.

This bundle contains FIVE clitty-shriveling
trance sessions. 33 minutes combined


1 - Useless Clitty

Diddle for me, sissy slut. Oh my… is that as long and hard as it
gets? How pathetic. With a thing like that, you’re only worthy of
worshipping at a woman’s feet. Compared to real men, your
babysized dicklet is an absolute embarrassment. Keep diddling ❤

2 - Sissy Ovaries

Real men have weighty, voluminous balls that swell with thick,
sticky sperm. You have little pea-sized ovaries, barely filled with
weak sissy cream that has no chance of impregnating any woman.
Feel them shrink and shrivel as I warp your feeble mind.

3 - Itty Bitty Clitty Trigger Deepener

This special file compounds on the trigger from my classic file 
Whenever you hear pretty girls giggling, your clitty
and ovaries will shrink, becoming completely limp and tiny. *giggle*

4 - Shrink for Pussy

Your pathetic excuse for a penis doesn’t deserve to be within 10 feet
of a woman, let alone her pretty little pussy. You don’t deserve to
have sex with women every again, so listen as I cause permanent
shrinkage around pussy. Whenever you see a pussy, your clitty will
recede inside you, scared, and useless.

5 - Eternally Limp

This file is for limp-committed sissies only. Simply put, the more you
listen to this mp3, the more you’ll lose you ability to become erect.
Even slight hardness will cause immense shame, with a loss of
sexual pleasure. Only when your clitty is limp and tiny will you feel
any ounce of arousal.

33 Minutes combined

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