Limp Clitty Bundle Vol. 2

Limp Clitty Bundle Vol. 2

Limp Clitty Bundle Vol. 2

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Stella

Look down at your crotch, sissy. See a big bulge? I didn't think so. You were born with a small sissy penis, and it'll never measure up to a real man's throbbing cock. Women will scorn you, men will fuck you, and you'll take it all like a good girl. Celebrate your lack of size down there with this special bundle of itty bitty clitty hypnosis sessions. Size matters, princess.

Five separate clitty-shrinking mp3s. 35 minutes combined


Broken Bitch Clit
Stroke your clitty for me while I tell you exactly what your place is in this world. You're nothing close to a man and the nub of flesh between your thighs proves that. I'm going to break your clit beyond repair, and if you're a good girl I may even let you squirt.

Locked, Limp, and Lost
The longer you lock up your little clitty, the more broken and useless it becomes. Your clitty deserves permanent shrinkage and relentless punishment from a beautiful goddess. The longer you listen to my voice, the deeper I constrict my control around you, never letting you escape. You're locked, limp, and completely lost in my spell.

Clitty Shrinking Curse
Sleep tight and slip into my hypnotic, magical dream. Listen helplessly as I expose your babysoft clitty and cast my powerful shrinking curse. Once the spell is recited, your pathetic excuse for a penis will shrink more with each passing day. There’s no escape, princess.

Clitty Pleasure Trigger
Around women your clitty shrinks, becoming lifeless and devoid of any feeling, be it pleasure or pain. Around men your clitty drips, becoming horny, hypersensitive, and eager to be touched. This is the way your clitty behaves from now on, obedient to my powerful, irreversible clitty pleasure trigger.

The Curse of the Clitty Ring
“If you’re sissy to the core, wear this ring forever more” is what the letter in your mailbox reads. There’s a single golden ring inside the envelope… be careful, sissy. There’s no knowing what it’ll do to you. It might just cause your clitty to shrivel up and stay forever tiny. Put it on if you dare.


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