Mistress Samba Alex

Mistress Samba Alex

The addictive one.

I am your Mistress. I am a Supreme Goddess. I am specialized in hypnotic mind control as well as in sublime slave training. My erotic suggestions, my mind control, will help you in feminization. My femdom hypnosis, will make you feel like adult babies and you will crave my voice. I am an amazing seductive Mistress for femdom mp3 and sissy training.You will be completely mesmerized by my hypnotic training.

Outstanding femdom hypnosis by a sensual hypnodomme. Enjoy my feminization hypnosis and my mind control.

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Mistress Love

Mistress Love

  • About MeLooking for a STRONG Dominant that will melt your mind... that would be Me. I started out here on Sensual Mistress with Samba and have over 300 files to choose from. From Bimbos to Himbos, Sissy to Straight, even some for My Female listeners to wash away your minds.
  • Here is the link to My Amazon Wish List... it should be under Mistress Love:
  • What started my hypnosis interestControl of your mind of course... I am a strong believer that the strongest muscle in the human body is the MIND... I love the total surrender a submissive gives under hypnosis... the fact that they give everything when deeply surrendering.
  • I would describe my induction style as
  • Very very erotic and very... subliminal in nature... you might not eve know you are being hypnotized until you wake up.
  • What type of hypnosis services do I specialze inCuckold Hypnosis, Fantasy Roleplay Hypnosis, Femdom BDSM Hypnosis, Feminization Hypnosis, Love and Addiction Hypnosis, Mind Control/Brainwashing, Sensual & Romantic hypnosis, Relaxation Hypnosis, Self-Help Hypnosis, General Erotic Hypnosis, Financial Domination, General Fun Hypnosis
  • What type of hypnosis media do I offerAudio Files, Online Chatrooms
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FemDom Hypnosis Mistress


Professional Bio for Amethyst

Amethyst studied Psychology in college, then received Her Advanced Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a certified specialist in Cell Command Therapy (TM), Addictions Recovery, Grief Recovery, Past Life Regression Therapy, and Forensic Hypnosis. She worked as a Supervisor and Head Hypnotist in a clinic, where She performed well over 4,000 hypnosis sessions. With all this clinical use of hypnotherapy, the sexual Hypnodomme was bound to break free..... and She has!

Amethyst shares how the FemDom Mistress emerged

I have always been a very naughty, sexual person, but when I stepped into the role of Mistress, quite by accident, that's when sparks really started to fly. I was working with a friend who enjoyed testing the boundaries of what he would do during a deep hypnotic state. We had done this many times, but it was always the typical stuff.... forgetting numbers, regressions, spiritual exploration etc. He surprised me one day when he asked if I would use the power of my voice to guide his body into complete submission and orgasm upon command. Something ignited in Me. We started the session, and I naturally shifted into his FemDom Mistress. I loved using the power of My feminine charms to make a man sexually weak, where he was pleading for mercy. He was under My spell, and before he knew it, he was having a glorious hypnotic orgasm. The Mistress emerged that day, and has never retreated. Oh, how I love to bring Her out to play! Would you like to come play with Me?

Erotic FemDom Hypno MP3's

I take a great deal of care and pride to deliver superior quality downloadable MP3's I use a recording software, specifically designed for hypnosis, a professional microphone, and ambient music that I find soothing. I write my own scripts and complete the editing process myself. It's been a learning process, but I'm very proud of the work that I offer. Make sure you browse through all of the title, read the descriptions, and listen to the sample. Enjoy!


Recent Testimonial by Tized

"There's something about my voice..." Yes, there is, Mistress Amethyst.

I heard this 'something' for the first time a little over 100 days ago and it's exactly a hundred days today that I've considered myself Mistress Amethyst's devoted servant. Not a very long time, some might say, but not a day has passed that I haven't listened to Her voice or thought about something I could do for Her in return for the indescribable pleasure She offers me.

I don't think any testimonial could do justice to the way I feel about Her, but I have to have a try at one. Everyone with a hypnofetish has their own particular fantasies about the thing. Mine is to be totally enslaved and controlled by one magnificent and powerful woman. I'd like to believe I'm a 'good guy' with a healthy self-esteem who has strong submissive cravings. I am not into stuff like humiliation or findom, I want to feel a real connection with my Mistress. I guess I want to feel wanted, too.

I'd been listening to works by various different hypnodommes before Mistress Amethyst, a lot of which are incredibly talented and alluring, and on a couple of occasions I even thought I'd found 'the one'. The charm didn't last, however, for reasons not ever entirely clear. I think it's a fragile and a very sensitive thing at least for me, letting - or learning to let - someone take over and turn the knobs in your mind, even when you think you are willingly inviting them to. It really has to be done in just the right way by the right kind of person, and trancing hasn't been easy for me to learn. You can't push yourself to let go and relax. Mistress Amethyst got to me instantly.

First it obviously was Her voice that caught me - the sexiest color of sound I'd ever heard, a very exceptional combination of enchanting sensuality, soothing sweetness and steamy seduction. I was just blown away and then, well, I was under. It was a session called Insatiable Trance Junkie that you could (and still can) listen to for free on Her site. It's a beautiful, blissful and effective file - Her script writing skills match Her disarming and expressive output. I learned that She's got years of experience in clinical hypnotherapy, so it makes sense that She knows how to win the trust of Her subject.

I had to get more of Her. I purchased the Amethyst Countdown session from Her site sale and remember getting initally pretty startled with how naughty and commanding She can actually be. She demands a sort of slavery vow in the file among other things of the same nature, and this is something that had often made me 'snap out of it' (even though I'd always fantasized about exactly this kind of stuff). Not this time. This time it felt perfectly right and turned me on like nothing before. Naturally more files were in order.

Soon I contacted Mistress wanting to let Her know how She'd made me feel and was extremely happily surprised to find out that She loves to be in touch with Her listeners (as long you're respectful and courteous, I'm assuming). So far I've had numerous lovely exchanges of messages with Her about all kinds of matters. She is very real and true to Her nature - She is just as loving, sweet, intelligent, funny, playful, dominant and kinky as She is in Her recordings.

This is why Her sessions are so great - She is always absolutely being Herself and really gets into the enormously erotic fantasies She presents as well as Her profoundly effective and addictive conditioning files. She truly loves hypnotizing and playing with a submissive man and also respects Her subject greatly. She makes everything so magically easy that it's hard to understand why in the past it used to be so difficult to just let go and fall deep. The special personalized versions that She makes of Her sessions are hotter than any porn could ever be. She does love tributes and expressions of adoration but She doesn't force you into anything. She's very appreciative of even a smallest gesture of gratitude. Her standards are high and She's very ethical. All these things make Her the sexiest and most lovable woman on the planet in my eyes.

I feel so lucky to have found Mistress Amethyst and all I want to do now is serve, worship and please Her. She's made all of my dreams come true and helped me open up to truly embrace my submissiveness and be expressive about it. It's priceless. I just love Her. She deserves all the best in the world.

You will see a variety of topics from Me:  FemDom, Hands Free Orgasm Triggers, Panties, Obedience Training, Tease and Denial, Erotic Dream Programming, Sissy, Feminization, Self Help, Whispers, Personalized files etc.  Check them out and see which ignites your fancy.   

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Mistress Poison Ivy

Mistress Poison Ivy

  • About MeI believe in a good home, in sane and sound living, in good food, good times, faith and hope. I have always believed in these things. And it was with some amazement that I realized I was one of the few people in the world who really believed in these things without going around making a dull middle class philosophy out of it. 

    But there is also another side in my personality and nobody would expect what kinky Ideas are on my mind.

    I guess I am the type of girl your mother warned you about ;-)

    What shall I say? I`ve manipulated men since I was 13. Its so easy ;-)
  • What started my hypnosis interestA friend introduced me to it years ago. I was eager to get a deeper insight into it, and soon I stumbled upon the sexual aspects.
    Well, what shall I say:
    A kinky mind meets erotic hypnosis LOL
  • Who are some hypnotist I admireSamba Alex, she helps me a lot
  • I would describe my induction style assoft and sensual, just check out my free file and you will know
  • What type of hypnosis services do I specialze inCuckold Hypnosis, Fantasy Roleplay Hypnosis, Femdom BDSM Hypnosis, Feminization Hypnosis, Love and Addiction Hypnosis, Mind Control/Brainwashing, Sensual & Romantic hypnosis
  • What type of hypnosis media do I offerAudio Files

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Princess Angel

Princess Angel

sexual relaxation, crossdressing, gender switch, panty fetish, 


panties, pantyhose fetish, nylons, stockings, fishnets, bra fetish, bras, sissy humiliation, chastity, cum eating, foot and leg worship, forced anal, cock and ball torture, giantess, giantess fetish, hypnotic breasts, makeup, makeup fetish, hair fetish, hair, controlled by goddess, controlled, empty mind, foreplay, guided masturbation, orgasm denial, orgasm control, seduction, domme seduction, mind seduction, female devotion,


mistress devotion, goddess trance, lucid, lucid dreaming, boots, confusion techniques, discipline training, female supremacy, female superiority, subliminals, hidden subliminals, manipulation, mind spell, objectification, robot slave, slave puppet, sensual domination, servant, slave, sub, submissive, subspace, strict domination, brat princess, snob princess, female entitlement, gift domination, money pig, money slave, money sub,

I have been a Domme for almost 10 years now.

I started dabbling in hypnosis about five years ago.

I have received advice from the best, read many books, and have perfected My creations.

I enjoy the power and control that comes with hypnosis. A power that seems to be an innate feature of Mine.

I enjoy MANY fetishes, such as: humiliation, sissy, forced bi, foot fetish, chastity, humiliation, forced fem, cuckolding, findom, and much more!

 Are you ready to have your body, mind, soul, & wallet controlled and raped by Me?

If you think so, think again. It may be too overwhelming for the weak minded (but then again that's what makes it so much fun).

What started my hypnosis interest: I am a naturally Dominant Woman. I have been a FemDomme for quite awhile. Hypnosis is just another way to show My power and control I have over the minds of thousands. I truly LOVE the mind control I can have over others through My mind blowing hypnosis creations. Especially when blending hypnosis with My love of Female Domination. It allows My power and control over My boys to only be enhanced. Even subs that never thought they were into Hypnosis, have become addicted to it after hearing My addicting recordings.


Sensual Sharon

Sensual Sharon

My name is Sharon, and I have been soothing men for several years with the my relaxing voice. Are you seeking to get lost in a voice? I think my dulcet tones will beguile and calm you. It can be a wonderful thing to get lost in a voice, totally captivated at how in envelops you and comforts you. Let my sensual nature take you to another place when you play an audio of mine, a place that you will want to return to again and again. You may even find you have little say in the matter, as my voice will haunt your dreams and bring you back for more and more enchantment... 
Now I have a few clients that write my audios, although I have done paid writing for adult websites for many years, the hypno genre is one I do not have a talent for, so I voice these audios only, I do not write them. I will list the name they wish to go by in the description of their audios, so ones may be a fan of one author, but not another, and this way you will see who did which one. Some clients and myself have an arrangement where I will record an audio they wrote the script of for free if I am able to post it for others to buy, that has worked out well a few times, so feel free to contact me if you'd be interested in such an arrangement.
Contact me at:
I am pleased to do custom recordings of your scripts or stories. You provide the written material.
I do enjoy being pampered by admirers, if you are feeling generous towards me, 


email to

Comtesse Christine

Comtesse Christine

Lass Dich von mir verführen und Du wirst mir verfallen. Als Deine Hypnose Domina wird meine sanfte, erotische Stimme dich in eine tiefe erotische Hypnose leiten, Und wenn Du dann bereit bist werden wir Deine erotischen Fantasien gemeinsam erleben. Du must mir vertrauen und dich mir ganz hingeben, nur so kannst du eine erotische Hypnose richtig erleben. 

Wenn Du meine Aufnahmen anhörst solltest Du dafür sorgen, dass Du in der Zeit ungestört bist. Außerdem empfehle ich Dir die erotischen Hypnosen mit Stereo Kopfhörern zu genießen. 

Erotische Hypnosen erlebst du hauptsächlich in Deinem Kopf, aber wenn Du dich ganz fallen lässt, werden meine erotischen Flüstereien und Deien Sinne eins und du fühlst, schmeckst, riechst und siehst was immer ich Dir in der erotischen Trance suggeriere.

Hypnose selbst ist keine Zauberei und jeder war schon mal in einem solchen Zustand. Vielleicht hast Du mal einen Film gesehen und warst so gefangen, dass Du alles um Dich herum vergessen hast oder Du hast ein Buch gelesen dass Du gar nicht mehr aus der Hand legen wolltest. Simpel ausgedrückt ist Hypnose nichts anderes als dass Du Dich auf eine Sache konzentrierst. In einer erotischen Hypnose helfe ich Dir Dich auf Deine erotischen Fantasien zu konzentrieren und Deine Vorstellungskraft zu verbessern, sodaß Du meine erotische Stimme und meine erotischen Flüstereien regelrecht spüren kannst.



erotic hypnosis by comtesse christine


Hypnotic Domina





Welcome to Your Hypnodomme, the place to submit to Me.  you will love surrendering to my Erotic Hypnosis.  I discovered My desire and ability to control those around Me in my early teens.  Erotic Hypnosis has allowed Me to take My Control to the next level.
you will be Mine, and I will guide you wherever I choose.


Female Domination by a young Princess.  New submissives are always surprised by the power of My sweet and gentle Voice, and how quickly they become addicted to My MP3 recordings and live phone sessions.
I will slip in under your radar, softly and subtly replacing your thoughts with My words and My programming.


I am a certified hypnotist.  I am sweet, sassy and sexy.
My area of erotic hypnosis is known as "soft domme", which means that I want to enjoy the experience with you, not at your expense-well of course it is partly at your expense!


You will quickly find out how much I enjoy what I do---from My laughter (sometimes giggles), to My willingness to spend time getting to know you and your desires.  Erotic hypnosis must be fun for Me, or I will simply go and do something that is.
I hope you will join Me on this ride.  I will hypnotically own you and your mind, but we will both enjoy the experience and the journey-I promise.
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Anu Morrigan / Goddess Kali

Anu Morrigan / Goddess Kali

Ich bin Anu Morrigan. 
Hypnotrix, Seele, Herz und Stimme von 
Mein Verstand ist ebenso scharf, wie meine Empathie tief ist und diese Kombination ist einmalig. So entstehen in meinem Gehirn die geilsten und besten Hypnosen im deutschsprachigen Raum. 
Destilliert durch meine sinnliche Stimme und ein Mikrofon finden diese erotischen Hypnosen ihren Weg durch deinen Gehörgang in dein Unterbewusstsein und werden dein Leben für immer verändern. 
Ich bin DIE Stimme, ich bin DIE Hypnotrix, ich bin ALLES was du je gebraucht und dir je gefehlt hat. 
Dein Fetisch ist bei mir in ebenso guten Händen, wie deine geheimste Leidenschaft. Zarte Sinnlichkeit lenke ich in ebenso erregende Bahnen, wie harten SM. 
Dank meiner Fähigkeit alle Gedanken und Gefühle perfekt in Worte zu kleiden, sogar, wenn du Vieles unausgesprochen lässt, werden meine Hypnosen dich und deine Lust komplettieren. Erotik ist mein Lebenselixier und es ist mir die größte Freude, genau dich in meine Welt zu entführen.

Ob du auf sanfte oder härtere Töne stehst, ob du Eigentum werden möchtest, oder ein freier Mensch - was immer du bist, sein willst, oder sein wirst:  
Ich bin deine Geliebte, deine Herrin, deine Sehnsucht, dein Traum, dein Abgrund, dein Teufel, dein Engel, dein Sehnen. Ich bin schon immer Teil deines Selbst.


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Enchantress Esmeralda

Enchantress Esmeralda


10/23/20  DRIVE with Esmeralda and her Friend  8/14/20  FATHOM  6/18/20  THE SUBMISSIVE LAMENT  5/13/20  SCARED STRAIGHT  3/22/20  ENCHANTED POPPY  1/5/20  THE HYPNOTHERAPIST - The Satin Librarian  11/23/19  HYPNOSIS ACADEMY PT 4  11/6/19  CUMNESIA ReMastered  10/14/19  HYPNOSIS ACADEMY PT 3  9/14/19  DRIVE with Esmeralda  
Enchantress Esmeralda is an Erotic Fem/Domme Certified Hypnotist specializing in Mind Control, Submission and Fantasies. Her trademark recordings are surrounded by erotic, mind controlling whispers that will seep deeply into your subconscious mind, wrapping you up irresistibly into her hypnotic spell and web of seduction.  Warning:  I WILL hypnotize you.

Enchantress Esmeralda.  Hypnotic.  Erotic.  Mind Control.  Whispers.  I will make you My Bitch.  I will make you weak in the knees, begging for more, on your knees before me, eyes downcast, hands clasped behind you, naked, vulnerable, humiliated, and exposed. I now am who I have spent a lifetime becoming … your Domme.  I’ve walked in your shoes, I’ve been the sub.  I know what you are capable of and I know how to push you further to become even more submissive.  I will earn your trust and you will give me your unwavering submission, loyalty and devotion. I will come to you in your dreams.  I can be your most erotic fantasy .. or your worst nightmare.  I will come to you in the form most suited for you .. whether that be a Siren, calling your name and enchanting you for my perverse pleasure, or a towering, muscular, wicked Amazonian Warrior .. or something else completely as I shape shift into the perfect Domme, just for you.  I can be sweet, sensual, erotically enticing .. or I can be demanding, and perversely wicked.  Which side of Me will you bring out, My sleepy, hypnotized pet?  Either way, you will forever be Bound To Me Now .. and you wouldn’t have it any other way, would you?   


Mistress Stella

Mistress Stella

You know exactly why you've come to me...


If you're a sissy, I'm going to...

Make you wear panties

Train you to suck huge cocks

Force you to swallow cum

Humiliate your little clitty

Lock you up in chastity


If you're a man, I'm going to...

Enslave you to my seductive voice

Cock-tease you to the brink of orgasm

Turn you into a whimpering cuckold

Drop you into your wildest fantasy

Allow you to worship my perfection


My name is Mistress Stella. 
I create erotic hypnosis at a professional
level, putting love and care into every recording.
My audio files are specifically designed to turn
you into a mindless, horny, submissive slave.


I cover a variety of topics:

for little sissy sluts:

sissy sluts

or my good boys:

good boy


...and much, much more.




Lady Radiance

Lady Radiance

Welcome to My realm of
pleasurable and so enjoyable
erotic hypnosis.

I suppose you can say that I have two sides to My hypnotic and playful personality -
The first one is Lady Radiance and “the other” is Dark Goddess.
I’m sure that, if you stick around, you’ll get to know both of them :)

I also suppose that you can say that every person has a light and a dark side,
and I'd agree with that. I found My darker side through My erotic hypnosis work
a few years ago, and I quite like not being so "nice" all the time.

Lady Radiance tends to be the more caring and gentle and softer side,
whereas the Dark Gddess takes first and asks questions later, and if you don't like it,
that's just too damn bad :) became a reality in 2004. I wasn't sure if this was just a fase I was going through,
where I believed I was really good at this and could pull it off and go onto getting paid for My work,
or if it was something that deserved ALL My love and attention. The answer came, I think,
in the form of a gift: My spiritual mentor gave Me money for My domain and said: "Fly and Believe".

And I have flown and I have believed ever since :) I enjoy the subtle in hypnosis more than the explicit.
Rarely do I ever mention those truly sexual body parts by name in very many of My sessions,
I don't feel the need. You know where you throb for Me, and you know which part of your
body becomes tense and hard for Me, I don't need to pain a picture for you. I do like to say
FUCK YEAH, tho and I mean it when I say it.

I am dominant, yes - but not the kind of dominant who is totally unapproachable.
I sincerely hope you enjoy My work and should you have any comments or compliments,
pass them along to Me via

Important Info:

Keep in mind, as you go through My archive, that all files in the "Dark Goddess Loop" collection
are anywhere from 5-7 minutes and they were meant to be looped, either during the day or night,
some can even be used at any time of the day or night, really.

Keep this in mind also: If you should notice the word “Archive” printed out under some of the
file content, this means that A) Either the session is split into sections or B) The session is offered in
more than one version, including brainwave technology. Each session is appearing as
a .zip format which makes it easy for you to access all versions / all sections.

Should you have any issues with or questions regarding My store and/or My files, make sure to
contact Me, even if you want to rant and rave about how wonderful, seductive and absolutely
I am (*lol*), feel free to e-mail Me at


Goddess Lady Radiance



Tessa Fields

Tessa Fields


Hello and welcome. I am Tessa Fields, erotic hypnotist and certified hypnotherapist. I know that for some of you, choosing someone to let inside your mind is a serious choice and I hope this provides a telling insight into the kind of person that I am.

The Person:

If I was asked to use a simple word to describe me, it would be eclectic. I read most anything I can get my hands on, listen to most genres of music, and I have more hobbies and interests than I have time to indulge in. Dancing is and has always been a prime passion. Those with a keen ear may be able to pick up on my love of rhythm in all of my work. Even sensuality moves to a tempo for me. Seduction and erotic manipulation all seem to dance delicately under a maestro’s wand in my mind.

I like for all things in my life to have order and purpose. I am a self-professed neat freak with a place for everything and everything in its place. This does not, although, mean that I am a black and white thinker. I think life is one big, grey area and I often find myself frustrated dealing with people that cannot be open-minded and accept others just as they are or who they hope to be.

If I am being completely honest, I am little bitchy, a lot bossy, and I have a pretty nasty temper. I am also a bit like you. I am a devoted friend, an animal lover, sexual and intense, and if you get to know me, you will discover that I’m even a bit funny.

The Dominant:

As some of you already know, I grew up in a very female dominant household. Women made the world go round and men seemed to be willing participants.

As a dominant woman in the realm of erotic hypnosis online, there are a few things to be understood. Just as a submissive should choose to serve a woman that understands his or her desires, I do not accept just anyone into my life to serve. Those that wish to serve in the realm of fantasy and role-play are welcome to do so, but to be collared by me is a privilege earned. I cannot be bought and demands on my time will probably merit absolutely nothing. Manners mean a great deal to me.

The Erotic Hypnotist:

I am an adventurer at heart and I’d hope that my subjects would be just as willing to try anything once. I do not consider myself a “catchall” hypnotist as of course I prefer some content over others, but I love that hypnosis can take one anywhere, even experiencing things with great realism under the safety of the controlled environment of trance. I use my acquired hypnotherapy skills to create effective trances and I am always toying with different styles of induction. I am not a follower. I am an artist. Like all art, I’m not for everybody. My approach tends to be subtle, but make no mistake in assuming it is any less effective. I’m like a slow poison, infecting you beyond the point of help before you can become aware that an antidote is needed. My favorite scenes in erotic hypnosis are cuckolding, tease & denial, love & addiction, body worship, and feminization. I do love the sissy boys!

The Hypnotherapist:

I completed the last of my clinical hours for my certification in hypnotherapy in 2010. I take my work in hypnotherapy very seriously and do not like to blur the lines between erotic hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

My style of Hypnosis:

I have studied and practiced many models of hypnosis including, but not limited to Ericksonian, Kappasinian, NLP, ETF, etc. I tend to be drawn more towards Kappasinian hypnosis with elements of NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to enhance the process. When one asks the eternal question “What is hypnosis?”, it begs a different answer from almost anyone in the field. Based on my studies, I subscribe to the theory that when the hypnotist creates an overload of thought for her subject and then offers an escape into the subconscious, the subject takes the opportunity and open their mind up to the hypnotist.
I also believe that hypnosis is a mutually motivated event. Achieving a hypnotic state is easier for those subjects that are truly open to the experience and want to be hypnotized. If one takes on hypnosis as a challenge rather than a desire, they are typically much less suggestible to the process. It is important for the subject to trust in the hypnotist so that they may truly open up and lower the barriers into their subconscious mind.

The Geek:

I love math. I love code. I love photoshop. I love books. I am even a band geek. I’m quite happy to live in an era where geek is chic. After all, isn’t it hot to be dominated by sexy AND smart? *wink

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Mistress Leslie

Mistress Leslie

I am asked how I got started with hypnosis and I have to say it was a natural progression from vanilla phone sex, then to domination, and then a side step to hypnosis. I had practiced guided meditation, occultism, and other new age practices from a very early age and so that hypnosis was a very organic fit for me. I took formal classes, read books, and simply practiced hypnosis until one day while doing domination sessions hypnosis just seemed to kind of take over. Now I am pleased to be able to create, and produce hypnosis mp3 sessions. My hypnosis has a traditional approach to it, and has a heavy emphasis on depth of trance and relaxation. I am a dominant  in my real life, and so that these qualities fit together well and made this a great career choice for me. I am dedicated to my work as a HypnoDom and my mp3s and services reflect that dedication. When you look through my mp3s you will find they are diverse in subject, and style. What you will find as a common link is that they all are superior production quality, and truly hypnotic. Enjoy your trance with Me and be sure to check back often for new releases. Pick your poison pets, and continue to serve Me!

I love to get Amazon gifts so click this link and please Me! 

Email Me comments & questions 


Madame Solair

Madame Solair

Kaum jemand kennt sich mit den geheimsten erotischen Sehnsüchten von Mann und Frau so genau aus, wie Madame Solair. In ihrem ereignisreichen Leben hat sie schon Vieles gemacht: Nach einem Medizinstudium in Chicago, arbeitete sie als Sexualtherapeutin in Los Angeles, als Telefonseelsorgerin in New York, als Domina in London. Eine Weltenbummlerin, dem Ruf der Liebe folgend und nie aus ökonomischen Beweggründen. Dabei hatte sie schon immer eine Schwäche für den „schwachen“ Mann. Die Kunst der Hypnose erlernte sie 1998 bei einem Heiltherapeuten in Zürich. Seitdem konnte sie diese Kunst nach und nach am menschlichen Objekt verfeinern. Heute lebt sie zurückgezogen mit ihrem Mann und Sklaven am Genfer See und arbeitet als Ghostwriterin für renommierte Wissenschaftler. Auf Fetischaudio wurde sie durch eine befreundete Domina aus München während der Erotic Convention in L.A. aufmerksam. Sie war sofort begeistert von der Idee, Menschen auf diesem Wege mit Ihren Hypnosen zu verzaubern und mit ihren bizarren Fantasien zu beschenken.



Enjoy the erotic hypnosis of KIismet Video, HQ productionis of femdom hypnosis.



  • About MeMi nombre es Mariluz. 
    Naci en Venezuela pero vivo en Espana. Soy psicóloga sexóloga.
    No soy delgada pero no estoy gorda tampoco.
    Me encanta vestirme sexy. 
    Mis tetas y mi trasero me dan una figura curvilínea que a los chicos les encanta y estoy segura que a ti también:
    Quiero que me conozcas. 
    Si estás buscando algo diferente, pero agradable, 
    Dominante y lujurioso, entonces has venido al lugar correcto! 

    Conmigo vas a vivir y experimentar cosas que siempre has soñado, en tus más profundos sueños. 

    Vas a permitir que cada palabra penetre en
    tu mente subconsciente. 

    Tu cuerpo se sentirá caliente por todas partes. 
    Quedarás simplemente asombrado por 
    los resultados que puedes, y vas a lograr. 
    Te prometo una nueva sensación de deseo, pasión, relax y 
    Te cambiará para siempre tu forma de pensar sobre el
    Me encanta jugar y me gustan los servicios que ofrezco. 
    Sabes que hay más explorar, más para sentir.

    Mi única preocupación es asegurarme que quedes feliz y satisfecho, después de pasar algún tiempo conmigo. 
    Déjate seducir por mí, 
    por mi voz erótica y suave. 
    Ríndete y confía en mi. 
    Serás mío. 
    Déjate llevar a mi Mundo erótico.
    Mi voz suave te llevará a un Estado de profundo de relax, te ayudaré a vivir tus Fantasías eróticas

    Voy a arrullarte suavemente. 
    Yo te daré mucho placer y tú disfrutarás.
    Ven y escúchame.

    Thanks for visiting me. 
    My Name is Mariluz.
    I am sorry but my english is not very good.
    I was born in Venezuela but I live in Spain now.

    If you are looking for something different but friendly,
    Dominating and lustful, then you have come to the right place!
    You will experience things you always dreamt of, in your deep and darkest dreams.

    You will allow every word to penetrate
    your subconscious mind . 
    That’s right.
    Your body will feel warm all over. 
    You will be simply amazed by the
    results you can and will achieve.

    I love to play and I enjoy the services I provide.

    My only concern is ensuring that you leave happy after spending some time with me.
    Let yourself be seduced by me. 
    my nice, gentle and erotic voice will guide you into a deep trance. 
    Trust me and surrender. Be mine.
    I help you to focus on your erotic fantasies. 
    To improve your imagination, to feel my voice. 
    If you speak spanish,
    Come on and listen.
  • What started my hypnosis interestUna Amiga mia. A friend of mine.
  • I would describe my induction style asRelajante. Relaxing.
  • What type of hypnosis services do I specialze inCuckold Hypnosis, Femdom BDSM Hypnosis, Feminization Hypnosis, Mind Control/Brainwashing, General Erotic Hypnosis
  • What type of hypnosis media do I offerAudio Files

Contact Information

  • Email Address


Goddess Zenova

Goddess Zenova

Are you ready to let Me DEEP inside your mind? To SURRENDER yourself to Me?
Or maybe you are asking yourself
" how did I ended up here?
How did I happen upon this page?"
There are no accidents,
if you are here something inside
yourself is longing to SURRENDER, to feel that amazing feeling of just letting go.
Letting go of all your thoughts and ALLOWING Me to do all the thinking for you.
It feels so GOOD to just let go and let Me penetrate so DEEP inside your mind.
You won't believe how EASY it is to just




Giulia arbeitet unter ihrem bürgerlichen Namen als Heilpraktikerin und Hypnosetherapeutin in ihrer eigenen Praxis in Berlin. Als Hypnosetherapeutin hat sie bereits viele Berliner erfolgreich u.a. von der Nikotinsucht befreit, sodass man davon ausgehen kann, dass sie ihr Handwerk versteht und sehr gewissenhaft einsetzt. Selbst mit vielerlei erotischen Spielarten beider Geschlechter vertraut, bereitet es ihr viel Vergnügen, Menschen mit Hilfe ihrer erotischen Hypnosen in Welten zu entführen, zu denen sie normalerweise keinen Zugang haben.

Mistress Joanne

Mistress Joanne


About Me

  • About MeI'm a HypnoDomme, writer, musician/percussionist and agent of rhythm...My life's passions are hypnosis and music, and everything I do drips of either one or both...My style is always seductive, always commanding and always intense...I take exquisite delight in subtly manipulating and influencing your perceptions of reality...a deep believer in karma, I think it is My responsibility to have the wisdom to know the difference between what you want and what you need as a hypnotic subject and to engage accordingly so that I never lead you into or promote self-destructive behavior while still being as wickedly kinky as I want to be...
  • What started my hypnosis interestI've been interested since My pre-teens...cartoons...movies...TV shows...then hypnosis books...reading in the back of the library at 11 yrs. old trying to make My arms and legs tingle...
  • Who are some hypnotist I admireGoddess Marquesa
  • I would describe my induction style asHighly intuitive; a constantly morphing orb of Ericksonian, Confusion/Overload, NLP, Elman & Guided Visualization
  • What type of hypnosis services do I specialze inFemdom BDSM Hypnosis, Feminization Hypnosis, Mind Control/Brainwashing, Sensual & Romantic hypnosis, General Erotic Hypnosis
  • What type of hypnosis media do I offerAudio Files, Online Chatrooms, Niteflirt/Telephone, Instant Messenger

Contact Information

  • Yahoo Messenger Screennamejoannepip
  • Email

Hypnotic Scarlet

Hypnotic Scarlet

Hypnotic Scarlet - beguiling mistress
Erotic hypnosis, mp3 downloads,
seductive video inductions
The most powerful sex organ is the mind, and one of the most powerful sexual
enhancements is the intense sensation of erotic hypnosis. Be led 
into exquisite, powerful sensations of pleasure in the privacy of your
home. Experience your fantasies. Explore all the myriad dimensions of sexuality and push
the limits of your own imagination.
Listen to my voice, sultry, beguiling, seductive as you feel your breathing becoming
slow and deep. Feel yourself sinking down into your chair. Feel it support your
body as your muscles relax and your resistance melts away. Background noise
fades into the distance as your reality becomes only the sound of my voice, with the
world around you as illusory as a dream. Your reality is now, and now is deep
inside your mind, carried away by the sound of my voice. Deeply entranced, you
explore a hidden world of sensation, sounds and incredible arousal. 
Custom hypnotic mp3 inductions are $5 per minute, 10 minute minimum
Custom hypnotic video inductions are $10 per minute, 10 minute minimum
You may contact me at



I'm a different style of Domme.

A little softer.

A little sweeter.

Deceptively seductive outside, harder than diamonds inside, an iron fist in a velvet glove.


Trance with Me.


Custom videos:
$10 per minute with a ten minute minimum.

Custom audios:

$5 per minute with a ten minute minimum.

Contact Me at with your custom request.

($300 additonal charge for exclusive custom video or audio that will not be resold)

Celeste die Seelenhueterin

Celeste die Seelenhueterin

Du hast Sehnsüchte?
Sehnsüchte die du erleben möchtest und für dich zu deiner eigenen Realität werden lassen möchtest?
Dann darfst du mir folgen, folgen in tiefste erotisch Träume – die dich den Alltag vergessen lassen und du dich selbst erleben kannst ganz ohne Ängste oder Gesellschaftliche Zwänge.
Einfach frei und ungezwungen fühlen
Hier bei mir darfst  Du – Du  ganz selbst sein.
Einfach in wundervollen  Händen.
Durch meine liebe Freundin Anu Morrigan bin ich zur Hypnose gekommen.
Dieses Thema hat mich so gefesselt das ich mich intensiv damit beschäftigt habe und meine Hypnose Coach Ausbildung absolvierte.
Zudem habe ich bei meiner Freundin  Anu  Morrigan eine 3 tätige Weiterbildung für die erotische Hypnose genossen und da mein Wissensdurst noch lange nicht gestillt ist werde ich mich natürlich laufend weiterbilden, denn mein persönliches  Ziel in den nächsten 3 bis 5 Jahren ist es meinen kleinen Heilpraktiker zu machen um Hypnose auch in der Therapie nutzen zu können besonders interessiert mich die Schmerztherapie und alles was mit der heutigen Überbelastung des Menschen sprich „ Burn Out“ zu tun hat.
Ich bin in der Welt des BDSM viel unterwegs und lebe es als dominante Lady komplett aus ich liebe diese Welt und will diese nicht mehr missen – sie macht mich aus.
Devotion des Sklaven ist ein wundervolles Machtgefälle das mich persönlich stark erregt und mich glücklich macht.

Goddess Hilary Blaze

Goddess Hilary Blaze

I believe in mental power, charisma as innate given gift. The ability to seduce and mesmerize compliant men, transform em to happy minions. Here you will find explosive selection of sensuality, mental domination and charismatic guidance. Be quick, explore and click! Twitter: @GoddessHilaryy